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I got ready for all documents listed in application requirement and just drop all stuff in the mailbox(is this sentence OK. I got kinds confused..)
Mike, my supervisor, wrote recommendation letter and certification letter of observation hours for me this morning. It made my application done.

So, All that is left is just waiting result. To be honest with you, I feel kinda nervous, but I know there is no use concerning whether I am gonna be accepted or not. That's because, as for the rest, it's all up to them. (is this paragragh is OK? I feel kinds wired about these sentences)I guess I should be just relax and wait patiently to accept with easy.(Is this sentence OK???)(to say "without haste" is natural to say instead of patiently?)

I am busy(Watashi wa isogashii desu)
I am not busy today(Kyou(today) ha isogashiku nai)
try this!

new expression
without haste 気長に
at easy.

put someone's heart at ease
・ Put your mind at ease. 安心してください。
・ Counseling helped put [set] her mind at ease [rest]
with one's mind at ease
I feel more at ease with you than with him.

The best thing about David is the way he makes everyone feel at ease. デビッドの一番いい点は、みんなを和ませてくれるところです。
・ I feel more at ease with you than with him

If you watch every bite he takes, he'll feel uncomfortable

recognize the symptoms of butterflies in the stomach
I don't feel comfortable being here
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I did it!
I just finished online exam on Nutrition and I got perfect score on it! 50 out of 50. I couldn't be better!! Actually, it was so easy and everyone should get perfect score.

Another good thing is that I got e-mail from admission office of the grad school and it said my application status got ready for evaluation. I worries whether I will be accepted or not, but I know there is no use thinking what depends on them.(is it OK?)
The bad thing is that I still have a lot of stuff to do today..
I will take a little nap and start with Clinic staff. I am studying about shoulder anatomy and function.
they are really fun. The more I have a interest about it, I could memolized more than other stuff.(Is this sentence OK?)

Actually, I am the one who need the rehabilitaiton in shoulder. I got hurt long time ago and it still sometimes hurt me. It even bothers me in daily living when lift up something heavy over the head or keep my arms raised.

I am thinking to use myself as a patint to see how my rehabilitaion plan is gonna work out. I hope my shoulder get back to pre-injury level so that I can play a catch without any reserve(Is ok to say "without any reserve"?). To do so, I have to think about my rehab plan carefully so that even I can apply for other future patients.(OK?)

It's a been while since I started to feel pain when I throw the ball at full power.
I hope that day comes!!! I will!

みる(watch something) MIRU
look at something MIRU

We don't have any difference between to look at and watch something . We treat them as almost same terms. try this!

And please check my writing. if you see any problems with my writing other than where I put question mark. thanks always.

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No time!!
I have no time to write today's blog.

So, I will put just a small thing I did on Sunday.
Korian friends, Suu and Rim made a dinner for me.(for some Japanese friends). It was really good. It's much better than I thought. ha-ha. Actually, I had not expected because I am not good at spicy food; I knew most Korian guys like spicy favor and I had though they are also one of them.

Anyway, we had really good time with surrounded by delicous dishes.(is "surronded by "OK?)
I hope we can make some Japanese-style dishes for them next time in return for today.

I have another exam tomorrow and gotta start right now!!
I am gonna stick in the library all night!!



glasses (MEGANE)
MEGANE WO KAKERU(I am gonna put my glasses on)
※kakeru means kinda "wear something" but we have some different pattern of saying "wearing" like put on and wear in United States.
Ask me anytime!!
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Not so bad
I had an exam on Statistics today. I felt it was easy and I should get more than 95 out of 100. Is this because simply the exam was easy or I did well?? Nobady knows. But most classmates should get higher than ninty percent.
Anyway, I was relieved that my biggest concern in this week was done with good feeling(how to express here. Is there another good expression?).

But I still have a lot of things to do...But, now, I am feeling good and, if other things go on at this rate, I will get some progress both in English and knowledge of Athletic Training.

I am goona take a little nap and restart studying.
I am thinking to stuck in the library tonight until it close.
Besides, Mike gave me tons of Homeworks for tomorrow's clinical training.
I guess there are no room for me to sleep(time is better??) tonight....

I hope so!


today, I put noun! you can use those stuff with other verbs which you've already got. Try it!!

New expression

unless you take care of you in proper way.
give you back to pre-injury level in quick amount of time.

you gotta take an extra time to get back in shape again?
hte chance to get hurt is higher because you got out shape and you waste more time.

There are a lot of different things you can do to stay in shape.

Just a wild guess.
I thought everything is going pretty well.
I believe in you
you're half way there already.

I doubt it.
give it a shot!
It's like you are bubbli-head
two dancer in the 60th

I'm one of those people
That's not I meant
(What if)
I don't wanna feel left out
This is brand-new
Let me see
Don't they know I am busy
No but I'll keep looking
This song reminds me of childhood
I was out all night looking for him
Any problem can be solved with a little hard work
just taking these flyers(ちらし)
feel thing empty
I know you are back here
I blew it. I really blew it!
on that very spot(まさにあそこで!)
did you raise the praice again??
I will glad to lend some money at 300% interest
Why do I have to carry the heavy end??
I have to refold(たたみ直す)
fold up tatamu

How could you??
Not as funny as that
I don't even want to know
I think getting my appatite back

why don't we thorw the party for her?
how many days you guys lived apart?
Since you started dating?
you're not afraid of anything. I am scared

in every way
with dipping source
you grounded me
somehthing favorite food
I hope it's cold enough for you.
that was close
this is best thing you'd done ever for him
not so fast
you never will unless you give her a chance
let's start with being friend
that pants used to be very tight
I got my waist down 6 inches
I lost 5 inches off my hip
just set on it & twist your body.
low-impact training
I could not ever fit in this pant
I can feel it in abdominal
this is perfect way to slim down
Iam stuking in the house?
I am glod to be accepted in your program
I'd look after you!
I came all the way from Japan
It was sucha horner that you came
keep it down, please
Iam praying for you
I am very dissapointed in you two
if you convince her!
are you with me?
you ruined my life
I am in charge of

you don't want to be hit by car!
you don't wanna mess with him
if someone could tell me, I would really appreciate it
did he tell us anything specific to know??
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Anatomy & physiology exam
I took an exam for Anatomy and Physiology II today. I've been working hard on this exam for 3 days and I stayed up late to prepare for the exam (I stayed up until 3am in this morning...) I was almost getting crazy... ha-ha. This exam was multiple-choice questions, so we could check own score right after we finished it.
I have two exams today, and I got 29 out of 30 and 10 out of 10! (Perfect score!). I made it!

I believe good score this time was due to the hard work. Actually those scores motivate me to study even harder for the next goal. I will!

I was relieved when figured out that I got those scores because it would not be too much to say that whether or not I can get into the grad school depends on the total grade of this semester. I must need to get all A's. I hope I hope I can keep this motivation like this recent (is OK?) 3 days in the whole semester. (Maybe not....)

By the way, it was rain for the first time in at least 20 days. Also, it was kind of windy day. It was lucky for me, because I'd taken the umbrella with me. Some of my friends got soaked (are there more proper expression?) when they were rushing all the way up to their cars.
I hope any of them is not gonna catch a cold.

After my class, I met my friend, Veronica for the first time in 3 months. I gave her souvenir form Japan and had a small talk. She told me she is trying to go the glad school in Japan and now she is looking for it. Then I understood why she looked so tired. She added she has been studying so hard to make her grade greater and to meet the criteria for the admission of Japan's glad school.
I hope there is something I can help her.
Anyway, I was glad that she liked my present.

Even I finished the first exam, I have a lot of things to do..I know all I can do is working little by little. I wish I could memorize all new words and calculate in an instant like the hard disc of my laptop. Give me your brain!
Well, it seems I need some naps; hopefully I will do some more studies.
Tomorrow, I have a taping class which I've been waiting for. I am gonna read the text beforehand so that I can follow professor's high speed talking. He speaks really fast. Don' be rush sir!!!

Oh, I have to fill out my application. It's pain in the ass!

Japanese!元気(げんき)→(genki?) How are you?
疲れています(つかれています)→(tukarete-imasu) I am tired.
寒い(さむいです)→samuidesu. I feel cold or I am cold..

New expression

Do you have a class after this
don't let me decide 私に決めさせないでよ
throw up 吐く
big player 大事な役割を果たす物、人に使う
I felt like I've been left behind..
without hesitating.
small talk 世間話
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Got an extension on the tuition payment
Finally, I was relieved to hear Financial Aid office gave me an extension on the payment due day. Today was due day for the tuition payment for spring semester. Although I got the tuition exemption from Japan-Florida Institute, they didn’t give me any detailed explanations. That's why I got confused. I went to the Financial Aid office yesterday and one of the officers promised me to e-mail me. But he didn't. So, I had to go talk with him again.
Actually, I did not remember his name, so I explained my situation and his appearance to the officer.

He showed up with weird smile and told me he already sent me an E-mail. Liar!!! You never sent me e-mail!

Anyway, he gave an extension on the payment due day. This means I do not have to pay my fee until March 16th. Lucky me

So I am gonna request the certification of the enrollment to the Register and send it to Japan-Florida Institute on next Tuesday. I guess this is all I have to do at this time. I got relieved because my biggest concern turned out to be OK so far.

All right, the first week was over! I realized I will be busier than last semester for sure. Besides, I feel strong helpless against my speaking skills... It's gonna be almost 9 months since I came to the United States. Maybe, I should have studied more to improve it. I need to be more strict about my daily life and English study in this semester.

I have three days off in a row in this weekend, so I should make better use of my time to prepare for next week's classes and plan a daily menu. It must help me get off to a good start. I realized again that my English ability, especially writing and speaking skills are not strong enough to communicate with American. I felt kind of being depressed because I could never say anything in classes.

From today on, I am gonna put my review of composition class which I took last semester on this blog little by little. I guess doing this takes so much of the time and energy, but it is not only worth while spending so much time on this, but I also believe that time must be good investments for my future.

Ok, gonna take a nap and start studying again! I will do everything to improve my English in this semester, I swear!!!.

Oh, I wanna go pee!! bye!

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The bad feeling proved.....
My bad feeling proved right.

As I mentioned previous dairy, I met the professor who teaches us Statistics. He is Saudi Arabian and is not native speaker. He has a thick accent (He speaks with wired, distinctive accent) and it was hard for me to listen to his English perfectly. I tried to hear carefully, but I missed his word many times.
I probably need to use recorder in order to keep up with the class and get high score on the exam. Using this device is first challenge for me, but I think it is good for me. I got it at Bookstore yesterday, so I am going to study hard with the help of this device. I hope this device is going to work out for me. (I have never used it yet....)

There are 5 exams during the semester, and the lowest one will be dropped. So if I am going to be well on first four exams, I do not have to take final. I am gonna make effort to achieve that so that I can be with Michiko during the final week.
I talked to Michi on the internet today and I made her crying. What I am supposed to do... I know it's all my faults, but I could not do anything for her. What the horrible person I am.

Ok, I am gonna take a nap for a while, and then restart to review of today's classes and prepare for the tomorrow's classes. Tomorrow's class is the most difficult for me.

It is a Care and Prevention for athletic injuries. It includes verbal communication with other students and professor. I know this skill is needed to success in the United States for any jobs, but it sounds hard for me. Is it still too early for me to take these types of course? No I don't think so, I can get over this high wall if I do the best. On the exams, I even have to describe orally how to prevent a certain types of injuries or have to evaluate the injuries of classmates.
I am afraid that classmates are gonna avoid making the team with me because my English is not strong. Oh I am getting nervous....I wish everyone is kind to me. haha.
Anyway I believe this challenge will bring me some progress in English and knowledge needed for Athletic trainer.

Good night!

Oh, I forgot to attend today's Anatomy class....I was supposed to attend this time. What the hell am I doing in front of PC... It completely slipped my mind that I had another class today after Statistics... But it's too late. It is already 3:25... I was supposed to be in the class room at 2pm. I will never do such a fool thing again!! Damn it!

New Expression
(expressions related the cooking)

I can do plain cooking.
microwave oven is useful for cooking.
Do you cook? Yes, I do the cooking.
fatty food.
I's like to eat meat dishes
The food there is bad.

How do you cook this trout? Can you fry it?
simmer until the sauce has thickened.
boil up () at high heat.at low heat(=gently) 煮る
boil until it gets soft(dissolved).
boil over medium heat

grill a fish(網などで焼く)
toast a bread(パンを焼く)
grill meat(steak)肉を焼く
grilled fish (meat)焼き魚
grilled chiken 焼き鳥

FRY (up)
fry until it starts to soften and brown 柔らかくなり焦げ目がつくまで~を炒める
fry on both sides until lightly colored
We fry the beef first. Fry it until it becomes golden(brown)
cook chopped onions over a low flame

steam 蒸す
steam meat
steam clams

fry up some chicken 揚げる
fry () in oil until it get soft (golden)

cut one's finger with a kitchen knife
chopped onion // minced onion タマネギのみじん切り
shredded carrot にんじんのみじん切り
chop ~with a knife でみじん切りにする

cut in cubes 角切りにする
Cut carrots into 2-inch-long julienne strips. 千切りにする
cut [slice] ~ into julienne←千切り(strips)←how to pronounce it?
I'll cut this into thin strips

Asian flavor
flavor of wine  ワインの風味
distinct flavor 独特の風味 it has a distinct flavor

This tastes terrible.
Heat it in microwave
add seasoning 調味料 (what is the difference between seasoning and spice??)adjust seasoning to taste
I think the seasoning is a little different from usual 続きを読む
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