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Keep doing!
I stayed in my room all the day today doing nothing. Nothing means studying but without any concentration. What the hell I have been doing... I was supposed to prepare for an exam coming up on the day after tomorrow.

Anyway, I still have time to study. I should be ready for all three exams so that I can enjoy on the spring break without any reserve. I swear!

I am learning a lot at clinic. Today, I tried for the first time taking treatment notes which Mike is always making for each patient so that we can go over patient's changes in their conditions. Some get better so fast, but other recovers from injury very slowly. We have to find out what factors are preventing them from recovering fast and vice versa. By doing this, we can gain new experience about patient's injuries which we have never seen or never understood, and will be able to apply these experience to the future patients who are suffering from same symptoms. I guess, as my experience enlarges, I will be able to understand more about patient’s detailed conditions. I hope that day comes to me soon!!

At the same time, however, working at clinic involved some boring stuff such as laundry, cleaning and bunch of paper works, and sometimes we have hard time to communicate with patients because of their unusual personalities. And I know studying from books or other sources are definitely important to get the knowledge. But spending much time at practical place which sometimes seems to be kind of waste of time are also really important to be a great clinician.

I will study hard to get used to taking SOAP notes and treatment note as well so I can help Mike without other's helps! I know it's gonna take a while.... Keep doing!!

OK I will back to work. See ya!

to wash something.

you can use when saying "I am washing my hands, so wait a sec.. "

or you can just say "te wo arau"
I wrote about "wait a sec" on the last blog, so you can say "ima(now) te wo aratte imasu. sukosi (or chotto) matte!!" when I knock on your door.

try this!!

new expression
give __ knocks on the door
break a door open // force a door open
I knocked on the door, but no one answered.

His purpose in working there is primarily to gain experience
acquire experience
accumulate [acquire, gain] experience in
get practical experience
as one's experience enlarges
before gaining sufficient [enough] experience
develop a strong background in

accumulate considerable experience

apply for a scholarship
apply for a student visa

apply to
apply to a broad range of
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Anatomy and Kinesiology
I felt some helplessness in my knowledge of Anatomy and kinesiology. I had thought I knew more than I actually knew.(???) However, every time Mike gave me questions about human body and kinesiology (human movement), I got stuck for an answer (natural?)and couldn't answer him right away.

I should be able to organize the information which I had in my mind and to output them more quickly than I am doing now. This skill is absolutely critical for an athletic trainer when athletes fell down with injuries.
Because, in a sense, it is not too much to say that whether athletes is gonna live or die depends on whether athletic trainer does right judgment or not. Because when athletes got severe injuries such as head trauma, they might die even they appear fine at that time.

I will study anatomy so that I can answer everything which Mike asks me!

Dear katie
(I got confused in many points on this blog. Plese check and tell me where you feel weired and doesn't make sense.)


I am in hurry

try this!
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FOI reaport 2
I just came back from FOI.
I learned about cranial nerves which are related to brain in the human brain.
When an athlete got head trauma, athletic trainers have to check appearance of the trauma and do (put?) many kinds of physical tests on athletes such as an eye movement or smelling or hearing ability so that we can figure out which nerves actually might be hurt.

There are tons of other stuff to memorize, but it was fun!!
I will put copy of the text about cranial nerves on the wall of my room so as to check many times whenever I have spare time. Mike said that he is gonna give me short quiz on(for) these nerves on Thursday.
By the way, I touched patients today to put ice on his knee. This is the first time for me to touch on real patients in the hospital. So I got excited secretly and I thought that first touch must be my first step as an athletic trainer.

By the way, as I wrote yesterday, Statistics exam is coming up. I've got to study.

Since I don't think that I have enough time to study equally for all of the subjects, I guess I have to set priorities of which tasks that lying ahead of me(natural?) should be prioritized (Is this sentence OK?).

Ok, I will be stuck in the library all night today. (OK?)
I am afraid of sleeping on the desk(in the chiar?)...
I hope not!!

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FOI report 1 & I got dissapointed in an class
I got up 5am in the morning and watched an online Anatomy-lecture in (onは駄目) my computer. Actually, I took that class last semester, and I downloaded and saved some files which had seemed to be important for me so that I can review them over and over now and in the future (OK?).
And after watching them, I went to the FOI as usual. That was fourth time for me to go there and felt some improvement. I think this is just because I am getting used to that environment.. Anyway, I could barely give some questions about complicated functions of body to Mike. He not only showed me some basic method of treatments, but he also politely(kindly is better)(?) answered my every single, simple question which seemed to be boring for him. Thanks Mike.

Once I was told from my close friends that I have some sort of special luck which not many people don't have. That might be true. Whenever I get into a new environment, I am always being surrounded by nice friends for some reason.

By the way, we have four patients today.
One of them was struggling against "total knee". This means he doesn't have his own left knee anymore(it had been taken away in surgery) and instead of that, he put artificial knee joint into his knee. So, ever since he had a surgery, he have suffered from pains and come in FOI to calm these pain down.
Another one was TOM who once played in NFL. He was big and, even though they had got hurt and retired from (need from?) NFL 9 yeas ago, his body looked pretty strong. Rather (OK?), I impressed his personality. He was so friendly and we talked a lot. He lives in New Tampa, and he added that place is best environment to raise their children. He will come in FOI twice a week. I am looking forward to seeing him again.
I hope that, someday in the near future, I will direcltytreat injured people who are suffered from their own problems. I wish I already have enough skills and experiment to do so for them. I need a certified license first though... Ha-ha...

Anyway, I DID study from Mike and his patients a lot today. Every single word they were using in their conversation would is definitely my living texts. I will absorb as much as possible from FOI by the end of semester!!

I am really glad to choose FOI as my place of observation hours.
To study more efficiently, I need to keep reviewing every time after going there. I swear!!

By the way, I got disappointed in Prevention and Care class (I felt down or got down は depressの時に使う。がっかりしたのにはつかわない). The teacher was really easy-going man and didn't teach us seriously. For students who wanna get A without any study, that sort of teacher was great maybe, but not for me (OK?) He finished in only 15 minutes without any detailed instructions (OK?). Since I had had no choice, I took a lot of tapes from the class. I am going to practice on my own!

Tottekudasai(とってください)→could you pass me (something)?
For example, if you wanna get something to drink, you can say,
"milk wo(object marker) totte-kudasai" (kudasai makes sentence more formal, but you can say just "totte" to me. you don't have to pronounce "me". just ignore it. if you hold out the last word,te, it's gonna be more natural, friendly expression. try this!)

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start keeping another journal about FOI
I've just been starting to keep a daily journal about my FOI activities. In this journals, I am gonna put details of activities that I experienced(past? present?) in each day.(??)
For example, I am gonna put (about いらん。about ならwrite about) patient's degree of injuries(単数), how we are gonna take care of them, our estimation of how long it will take for patients to heal their injuries completely, which exercises we offered(did?) on patients, and how much patients have gotton better since last time.

I also put my personal comments on each patient. It's gonna be a good experience for me to record the course of injuries. When I became an Athletic Trainer, I will need to do this task anyway, so I try to start this challenge.

Even though I know the name of the exercises, injuries, and details of Anatomy stuff, I could not describe to Mike when he asked me. What I need to be able be is to describe patient's condition, injuries, and the way of exercises orally...(??)

That's one of the reasons why I started to keep logs. By doing so, I think that I will be able to review at home and study over and over.

So, now, I am concentrating on listening carefully what (which) terms Mike used when he talks to patients and me.

But, Mike and other ATCs use tons of Abbreviations, so I got confused many times today. I seem to need to get used to these words. It should take time but I will acquire this skill as soon as possible!!

Watashi ha(subject marker) Pizza wo(object marker) tabemasu!!
You were close!! But it's almost perfect!!

開ける(akeru)to open
Watashi ha doa(door) wo(object marker) Akemasu.
it means I will open a door.
when I knock on your room's door, you can say "Akema-su"
Remember, you should hold out between words MA and SU so that your pronounces can be heard natural, and we usually doesn't say subject.

Please check my blogs. Actually I had many problems when I wrote this blog, because I got confused many times whether my expression is natural or not. So I didn't put insert statement like "(Is that OK)". If you see something unnatural or weired expression, please collect.(there should be many wrong expression...)

Of course, you don't have to comment when you are busy, please help me just when you have a spare time.or please go through with me, when I am in your room.

Good night!

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Clinical training at FOI
This may be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.....

I had an interview at FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute), and after the interview, I worked under the Certified Athletic Trainer, Mike, for the first time. As I expected, he was nice guy.

After he introduced me to his co-workers, he started to explain how that clinic goes (runs? or any better expression??) But actually, I could hardly understand what he was saying. He used a lot of technical terms, and spoke so first. So actually I got so tired now since I had to concentrate on what he was talking.

But it was a great time for me. I studied a lot. He showed me how to take care of the patients and how to read the medical record. He said they are severely short-handed (OK? or they don't get enough hands???) and need more stuff. I really wanted to help them but I couldn't. I am not certified yet...

Anyway, I realized that working here will be a great experience for me. But, at the same time, I got much more stuff to do....I mean I have to learn not only movement of human body and anatomical stuff, but I also absorb how to read medical records and how to do tons of exercise... I am getting nervous because I am not sure that I could make it through this semester... As I posted yesterday, striking a good balance between school-work and clinical training seems to be a key to succeed in the semester. (OK?) I am sure that, once I get through this challenge, some improvement will appear on me though(Is OK?).

I will work there three days a week and each day has 3-4 hour(OK??)
It's gonna be hard to adapt in new environment, but I will be fine because they all were nice.
Oh, I have to memorize their names though....I am not good at this at all. To tell the truth, I have a fucking short time memory....

New Japanese
分かったー(わかったー)→wakatta-(you have to hold out the very last work"ta").→OK. or I Understand
履く(はく)→haku→ to put on something.
EX) I will put on my shoes.

New expression

Pinch it and pull apart
Pull away

All the way down to the end of carpet
Try not do like that.
Do I have to do one of each leg??
On the unstable surfaces
Lock out your left knee.
Put on the table right there
stick around with me(私について回りな)
Start from 10 and see how you feel
Another 10?
roll on right side.
go around your ankles
keep knee soft
push equal
kind of bend your knee
keep contact to my patient
back and forth
star training
I have short time memory
Is it close enough for you?
3 minute forth, and 3 minutes backward
Kind of relax
Just pushing
Start with 5
Push back
Make sure your posture is correct
Keep eyes on you
Pushing out
Make sure your body is straight
Squeeze and push out
Like that?
Don't push hard
lean forward
hold 5 seconds
back and forth(前後に)
lean your body in
Don't force it
Hold up 4 seconds
grab and pull straight back
make sure your shoulder stay down and relax
No more no less
make sure you ice afterward

I must be dreaming. Could somebody please pinch me? 私は夢を見ているのに違いない。誰か私をつねってくれない?
I pinched my nose with my fingers to avoid the stench.

She leaned out of the window to get a better view
lean against a wall
lean against the back of a chair
lean forward
lean backward

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Observation hours
Finally, I got a call from Mike who is ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer) and works for the Florida Orthopedic Institute. I have been looking for the person who could take care of me as a supervisor at the clinical setting. Actually, to complete an observation hours under the Certified Athletic Trainer is one of the important requirements for the grad school. And I have to complete this by the end of this semester. So I was really glad to get a call from him. Thanks Mike. I am counting you! Ha-ha

We talked a little bit on the phone and we are gonna meet up at 3pm tomorrow at FOI. He seems to be nice guy, because his voice on the phone was so kindly. Normally, observation hours is supposed to be held on an ATC to many students basis(????), but he told me that he could show me this work with one-to-one basis during the clinical training (I am no idea how to express what I want to say here...) I mean I will be an only student of him. How great chance it is! Not only I could study the Sport medicine at the clinical setting for free, but I also don't have to care about other students, I really got lucky

I am sure it's gonna be a great chance to me. I hope I can absorb a lot of new knowledge and techniques from him. Oh, I almost forgot, but I have to communicate with him using my pooooooor English... That’s the biggest problem with me...
It's gonna be tough for me, but, at the same time, I am really excited that I would acquire new technical terms which are used in the clinical setting and would figure out how the clinic goes (Is OK?).
I am gonna start working there as a student apprentice from next week. So, I need to fix up my bicycle by then. FOI is kind of far from my apartment. Fortunately, I could barely manage to get there by bicycle. (I need a car.....)
There are no means of transportation other than my lovely bicycle. It got flat tire now though…

The only thing I am worrying about is about school works.
Actually, I really want to spend my time at clinical places as much as possible because it is exactly what I wanted to study. Talking to and helping patients,,, But at the same time, I have to make it through this semester with high grades. So I am concerning that if I can juggle the clinical training and school works ("strike a good balance between the clinical training with school works, or "balance the clinical training and school works?" Go together? Which sounds most natural???)

Anyway, I am gonna take advantage of this opportunity!

Oh, I spent much time just for typing this. I need to review of Nutrition class. I have exam in 2 weeks. Let's start!!

How can you work full-time and raise a kid at the same time? Can you make time for yourself? (OK?? Does this sound natural??)

New Japanese

ありがとう(arigatou) Thank you.
どういたしまして(dou-itashimashite) you're welcom. or No problem
じゃあねー(”zya-ne-”※you have to extend each of those)→see you later or bye.

I spoke with Micki and I would enjoy having you as an observation student
if anyone can clarify、 that would be great- thanks!
Can you clarify that a bit? もう少し具体的に説明してもらえますか?
There's something I'd like to clarify
Would you mind clarifying what you meant by that?
clarify its own role
自らの役割を明確にする (はっきりさせる)

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria
They like to qualify for federal funding.
automatically qualify for free health care
It took me a lot of time and effort to qualify as a doctor but I got there in the end.

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