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practicing my golf swing!
Today, I met Taka-san who is younger bro of Masahiro. Actually, he is about being professional golf player in Japan. He is gonna challenge a pro-test to be a pro officially in a month.

I told him that I got an used golf set and asked him to show me how to swing properly. You know, I used to play baseball, so I had some confidence in golf swing because the way of swing was much like the way in baseball. But, right after he started coaching me, I realized that was absolutely wrong. Even though, there were some similar points, the way of golf swing was totally different from baseball's, and much more difficult.

And it is said that people who start playing golf without any instruction of proper person would develop the wrong swing and it would prevent people from improving the skill in many ways(is this sentence OK?). On the other hand, people who are taught properly are said to make faster progress. And I've heard that people tend to be the former.

This morning, I felt sore somehow. How come?? I just did less than 50 swings and, when I swing a baseball bat, I've never experienced such type of sore after only 50 swings. I guess that's because I used totally different muscle groups to make proper swings.

Anyway, I was glad that Taka-san showed me a proper golf swing.
By the way, even though he is not a pro yet, his attitude toward keeping his own physical conditions and inquisitive minds for his improving skills are exactly like professional.(OK?) He is just one year older than me, but has got the attitude down pat.(is this natural?) I admire that kind of person like him. I hope he will succeed in the near future! I advised some tips about nutrition stuff and how to keep his body shape in. I hope that advice helps him.

By the way,
I just can't wait playing in the course!!!!

wait a second!
give me a break!
in this case, you can just say "MATTE!"

this word is useful and you can use it in many situations.

Being inquisitive is a good thing.
inquisitive mind

attitude toward

flexible attitude in talks
His confrontational attitude made him unpopular at work.

What kind of attitude is that?

What attitude do you have toward your children?

change one's attitude altogether

take(show or have) a negative attitude about
There is always the question about what is young people's attitude about the future.

attitude toward child-raising
attitude toward gambling activities
attitude toward helping and taking care of the customer
attitude toward one's work

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Red Sox's spring training!
I went to Fort Myers to see Red Sox's Spring Training with Katsu.
We spent a great time. Unfortunantely, I don't have enough time to write details because another exam is coming soon!!
Actually, it's tomorrow...

I would like to write about many details like what I saw and what I felt about that spring training later.

One thing I want to mention on this posting is Fort Myers was not so far. I mean the place where Red Sox are doing the practice was much close to Tampa than I thought. My friend told me it was(is??) supposed to take more than three hours at least to go there, but in reality, it took only 2 hours from our apartment by his car.

I just thought living in Tampa has great opportunities to see many teams which are taking place spring trainig othre than Red Sox in Florida state. I will take advantage of living here and will go to see many famous players!!

Oh, before doing that, I gotta start preparing for an exam right now!!



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can't wait
I am going to Fort Myers to see Red Sox's spring training. This year, more than five Japanese professional players have come to play in MLB.
One of them is DAISUKE, the best player in Japan. He and another Japanese player are taking part in spring training at Fort Myers this year. I am sure they are all world-class baseball players and are gonna do well even in MLB, the best baseball league in the world. Their skills and sprits are evident in the fact that Japan got the first prize in WBC (world baseball classic)(Is this sentence natural?)
So, me and Katsu are going there to see them.

I just can't wait!!
I guess I should take my gloves just in case I can get his autograph.

I guess so.
you can use anytime, it's very natural to say when you kinda agree with something.

【名】 実践本
【形】 実践の、実地に参加しての、参加型の

hands-on expertise
hands-on learning opportunities
hands-on mobile-phone
hands-on training

on-the-job training は、「働きながら仕事のやり方を学ぶ」ということで似た意味だが、ニュアンスが違う。
get a hands-on experience
in a hands-on form

get hands-on practice

hands-on exam実技試験


The cowboy pulled the rope taut around the cow's feet. カウボーイはロープを引っ張って、牛の足の周りにぴんと巻き付けた
pull the rope taut

Put your hands on one knee. No, both hands on just one knee. Either one is fine
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Super bowl!!
I played tennis with some Japanese friends at Masashi's apartment. Since I have been out of shape for a while, it was great time to get my muscle to stimulate (OK?) and I felt really good during playing tennis! But, I am sure I will get sore tomorrow.... I can feel it! My legs seem like crying. Ha-ha. Plus, I got a tan a lot because I didn't put sunscreen on my body before stepping out of my apartment. My face started tingling (burning is better??) with sunburn (OK?).

I should have put sunscreen... Damn! My face, especially around my eyes is still hurting even after taking shower...

By the way, we threw the Super Bowl party at Lou’s friend’s house. It was great time. But, before the game was over, we could guess which team was gonna win because Cicago Bears was behind by more than ten points in the last quater(is good? I am no idea how to express here...), so we didn't really get excited as I expected. Anyway, this super bowl was the first time for me.
Oh, speaking of super bowl, many CMs were made just for this super bowl, and they were so funny!! I’ve heard that many companies spent their tons of money in just 15 seconds CMs. (OK?) It probably was around 200~300 million dollars just for 15 seconds. Can you believe it?? I just don’t get it why they spend that money just for a short time. I guess they probably know super bowl has that value to spend over a million dollar in its commercials. (Super bowl is worth spending over a million dollars in its commercials?? Which is better??)

I hope I can see it next year with friends.

OK, I am gonna study until the sun rises in the tomorrow morning to make up for today's absence of study (OK?) I know it's hard but actually I am really used to staying up late all night. I probably can do so as long as my best friend, Mr. Coffee keeps waking me up.
I am counting on you, lovely black coffee!!

Let's start with Statistics. It's coming up.

Have Fun!→Tanosindene!
tanosimu means to enjoy. it is natural to say tanosindene to your friends like me. Try next time!! and thanks for your comment on my last blogs. I always thank to you.

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Wanna play catch
I just noticed that I've not played any sports since I came back to the United States....and my body is getting out of shape...
Oh, even though I just got up from my bed, I can't think of anything but playing catch with friends. (My brain seems to be saying he want me to go outside and playing some sports). Actually I had been in my room all the day yesterday for preparing the classes next week.
I almost forgot, but I love playing sports (including working out), watching them on TV, talking about sports topics, and anything related sports rather than anything else.

I neeeeeeeeeeed to exercise to refresh my mind and hopefully wanna get more muscles. I guess my small brain almost reaches its maximum capacity with English words and technical terms for Anatomy...Ha-ha.

To tell the truth, it is hard to find friends who play catch with me, because I have just one glove for left handed players. I guess it seems to be hard to play catch without gloves...

I came all the way to this country which is famous as sports power; there is no way to miss an opportunity to be exposed to many kinds of sports, especially playing on my own.

I will find friends who play catch with me!!
Before that,,I know I have to study,,OK, I will!

New expression

He never thinks of me when he's on a business trip
I hadn't thought of that. それは考えてもみませんでした。
I can't think of anything but ~のことしか考えられない
Think of the devil and, he is looking over your shoulder. 《諺》うわさをすれば影
The first thing I can think of when thinking of Disney is Disneyland
think of A as B
A を B と考える[見なす]
Clara thinks of Cary as the one who saved her life.
think of marriage as a lifestyle choice
think of the consequences
think of someone as one's best friend
think of the team first
Think of all the things you could be doing with that time
The smell of a burning mosquito coil makes me think of a hot Summer night.
What do you think of a guy who gives you a poem every day?
Tell me everything you can think of about where Lucy might be.
What do you think of his idea?
I didn't think of it as that at the time.
only thing I can think of is that
I can't think of anything to do about it.
Don't say that! Now I can't think of anything other than cold, cold beer!

増加、 増大、 増加分、、

Temperature is measured in increments called dgree.

in increments of

Gift certificates are available in increments of 10 dollars.
in increments of $__
increase ~ by small increments

It will be redeemable in increments of $20 only.

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