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Why you, Mr Rain!!
I got wet today. Until I step out my apartment, I didn't know of raining(OK?)
Anyway, I rode my lovely bicycle all the way to FOI with umbrella (got wet a lot again! umbrella didn't work at all....). I hate you, Mr. Rain!! But I spent meaningful time there. After all, I was glad to go there even I got wet.

By the way, Statistics first exam is coming up on next Wednesday.
It covers chapter 1 to 9. It's not bad, but still big deal for me... I need to read all captures. To tell the truth, I haven't started reading as for yet (as for now?)

I am gonna start studying for (with?) review of what I studied at FOI. I think that reviewing is the best way to keep things in my mind.

Plus, I have a party on Sunday. It is called Super ball party.
In the United States, Super ball (NFL's final game) is one of the important events. My friends invited me but I seem to be unable to hang out with them unless I finish all assignments and preparation for exams. So I will study using today and tomorrow so that I can make it. I swear!!

※today, I stopped by the post office before class to put(drop?) my application stuff into (in?) the mailbox. I hope everything is gonna work smoothly(?).

I have another exiting thing tonight♪

thank you(ありがとう)→Arigatou.
Thank you very much(arigatougozaimasu)
as you can see, gozaimasu makes sentence more polite.
if you have questions, just let me know!!

make one's life more meaningful
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I went to the friend's house yesterday, and played poker first time.(played poker for the first time←correct expression)
It was much harder and more complicated than I had thought.
I learned a lot of new technical words such as Call, Check, Raise, and so on... It was really new for me.
Moreover, in the game, I have to be sensitive in many things. First, needless to say, I have to remember all rules.
Secondly, I have to look at all opponents at the same time and to read what they think and what they are trying to do. The hardest thing is to conceal what I think in my face. As a matter of fact, I am really not good at these stuffs.(this stuff) I could not keep the poker face even just a few seconds. (I tried to pretend to have good cards even when I didn't, but I failed.) One of my friends who were sitting on the other side of table and who won the game told me that he could tell exactly what I had thought so easily. Ha-ha. I don't know why, but it's true.

The last thing I have to do is to win. This is all the matter actually in the games. Yes, of course, I lost....
All in all, it was fun and good experience for me. I could have really enjoyed more only if I had won. Ha-ha, that’s not gonna happen.

I am not sure if I have an enough time to hang out with these guys for the rest of this semester because of many college stuff, but I want to do so as much as possible. (I will start Observation hours which is one of the admission requirements for the glad school in a week. I go to the hopstital and work with no salary...I also concern that all classes might be getting much harder than it is now. They all are just introductory portion yet...)

I'll beat the pants off you guys in poker next time!!
Oh, my eyes are getting heavy.... I am just going to take a 1 hour nap, and call my girlfriends after napping. I will wake her up!!!! Hey, Get Up!!!

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