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To my important person
Thank you for everything you have done and are doing to me.
I really appreciate that you are waiting at least 3 years for me. I am still a student and I can't give you expensive presents, or even cannot treat her to dinners. She, what is more, took me out for dinner to many places. It seems to be natural that normal couples are gonna break up when either of two decided to go study abroad for 3 years. But you gave me a chance. I am sure that you are the person whom I really care, and I believe we can be together even all the way to when we get older. I know that there are a lot of barriers between you and me and many problems are expected to be happened to us, but I promise I will keep to make a best effort not to break up with you and to make you happy as much as possible.

I am certain that I will study hard and make a progress in both the academic and personal strengths so that you are gonna see me as a great boyfriend.
Again thank you for your dedicated help and understanding.

Best regards
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