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An exam was postponed
The Prevention & Care exam set for next week was postponed until (need "ON"?) Tuesday after next. (Can I say "an exam was to have taken place next week, but it was postponed until on Tuesday after next")? I got lucky! Actually, if it wasn't postponed, I would be supposed to take two exams next week, one of two was postponed.

Either way(In any case), I will be up all night preparing for the exams (蛇足when exams are coming up.....) But studying Anatomy and Physiology is getting interesting. Maybe, that's because I have gotten some progress in the last semester and got used to listened to professor's English.


Ok, let's get back to study!!
Well, I am gonna start with Kinesiology (Good?).

Oh, before studying, I gotta clean up my room a little bit. My room have been really messy since,,,, since when???. Since when my room got mess up like that???(is good??)

のむ(NOMU)to drink something
NOMIMASU is formal expression.
So, IF you say "I am gonna drink orange juice",
you can say "orange juice wo nomimasu"

New expression

His mission was to have taken place last year, but was delayed
I was up all night preparing for today's exams.
in preparation for next week's test
Would it be possible to postpone the meeting until next week?
Would you mind if I postpone our meeting to May?
on the Thursday after next
the week after next
we can save a manpower
slip it on(自分ではける感じのスポっていれて履くやつ)
they can put themselves.
but make sure to put it on properly
over the year
could be ATC, could be equipment person, could be coach...
compare to
in addition to~

I have to study German in addition to economics. に加えて
Wages and materials have risen considerably these days in addition to the increase of taxes
In addition to answering the phone, our new secretary keeps fresh coffee on hand
In addition to selling traditional books, Livedoor will create publications based on Web contents such as blog entries or live commentary.

in forms of
Regardless of what you may think, I am a hard worker
regardless of one's professions or places of employment 職種や職場の枠を超えて
regardless of position
regardless of age, sex, race, or experience

take into account
take into account both economic and environmental effects
take into account the characteristics of
take into account the fact that (that 以下)ということ[事実]を考慮に入れる

They study the correlation between significant life events and the onset of illness. 彼らは人生の重要事と病気の始まりとの間の相関関係を研究する
onset of diabetes

in form(s) of ~~

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start keeping another journal about FOI
I've just been starting to keep a daily journal about my FOI activities. In this journals, I am gonna put details of activities that I experienced(past? present?) in each day.(??)
For example, I am gonna put (about いらん。about ならwrite about) patient's degree of injuries(単数), how we are gonna take care of them, our estimation of how long it will take for patients to heal their injuries completely, which exercises we offered(did?) on patients, and how much patients have gotton better since last time.

I also put my personal comments on each patient. It's gonna be a good experience for me to record the course of injuries. When I became an Athletic Trainer, I will need to do this task anyway, so I try to start this challenge.

Even though I know the name of the exercises, injuries, and details of Anatomy stuff, I could not describe to Mike when he asked me. What I need to be able be is to describe patient's condition, injuries, and the way of exercises orally...(??)

That's one of the reasons why I started to keep logs. By doing so, I think that I will be able to review at home and study over and over.

So, now, I am concentrating on listening carefully what (which) terms Mike used when he talks to patients and me.

But, Mike and other ATCs use tons of Abbreviations, so I got confused many times today. I seem to need to get used to these words. It should take time but I will acquire this skill as soon as possible!!

Watashi ha(subject marker) Pizza wo(object marker) tabemasu!!
You were close!! But it's almost perfect!!

開ける(akeru)to open
Watashi ha doa(door) wo(object marker) Akemasu.
it means I will open a door.
when I knock on your room's door, you can say "Akema-su"
Remember, you should hold out between words MA and SU so that your pronounces can be heard natural, and we usually doesn't say subject.

Please check my blogs. Actually I had many problems when I wrote this blog, because I got confused many times whether my expression is natural or not. So I didn't put insert statement like "(Is that OK)". If you see something unnatural or weired expression, please collect.(there should be many wrong expression...)

Of course, you don't have to comment when you are busy, please help me just when you have a spare time.or please go through with me, when I am in your room.

Good night!

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I went to the Target yesterday to get papers for printing and a cushion to put on my chair. Plus, I got batteries for my recorder. Actually, my recorder uses battery power so quickly and the batteries run out their power so fast(I run out of battery so fast?). So it's gonna require large doses of batteries to keep using it in the semester.
I should have bought another kind of recorders that use battery power more efficiently. I know it's too late.

When I paid the money to cashier, she charged me $36. What??? I had briefly estimated I would pay $25 before I bought them. So I checked my receipt out right after she gave me.
And I found out that the price of batteries and cushion was wrong. It showed the price of items was much higher than them which I have checked on each aisle (Is this sentence OK??).

It was good that I had estimated before I bought it. If I didn't, I would have paid much more than I was supposed to pay.

By the way, I will start a clinical training start in full swing (is natural?). I will need to prepare for them, gotta memorize all names of body parts, the types of injuries, and every single word that my boss used during conversation the last time.
Let's start studying!!!

開ける(akeru)→to OPEN
please open the fridge and take some drinks for me??
AKETE-KUDASAI(formal expression)
閉じる(Tojiru)→to close.
(pleaes close something)

Do I by any chance smell??
by any chance ひょっとして。。
you let me win on purpose??

That's sounds odd.
that's odd
stop picking on Zack
don't pick on your brother
the point is it doesn't matter if you win,
orland blue insidence(~事件)
he is just a regular guy just lke you and me
you need to follow your heart
Is she on a hot date?
I am not as smart as you
your teacher invited me to observe
I'M cured!(治った!)
Is there something you wanna tell me??
You're just lazy
It doesn't make any sence
next to the sampoo
what a boob
try to flip me
it looks goofy
I've just tried to bulit his confidence
not as my date
All's fair in love and war
enough said
I don't mean to insult you. あなたのことをばかにするつもりは、ありません
Don't insult me. ばかにするな
He insulted him by saying bad things about his mother

in the long run
It'S better to suffer in a little while
keep making right decision
but too often, you ~~~
I end up doing
Need to practice forgiveness
do you really need a fancy car?
It's never late to start
You can control your temper
take action
I am not uptight
Don't get so uptight. そうむきになるな
uptight about little things
《be ~》ささいなことを気にする
Why are you so uptight

self-control is in you
you need to get under control
you'll be free from ===
Just a wild guessthere is nothing worse than ~~

I thought everthing is going pretty well
inside to outside
over time I have to do

There's nothing worse than unrequited love [passion].
There is nothing worse for A than to do B.
Nothing worse than a familiar enemy.

eagerly absorb cultures from around the globe
We eagerly await the results of the test
await the result of
I can't aim
drop it into a post box
put it in the post box
My vision is getting from bad to worse
my eyssight(OK)
I should go, I am late
Don't look eager
your advice actually worked. thanks!!
I don't think it goes with your shoes.
I need a time to get used to call that way
afraid of what!
look at you go
I did everything I could possibly think of
you beat my record! by 18
you beat the cash registar
the same as your IQ
I am a huge fan!

I'm very eager to meet your friends
I'm so eager to have grandchildren
Children are eager to know everything

as substitute for A

OK. I hate to spend 30 minutes just to get some garlic. I'll use onions instead 代わりに~かおっと。
substitute A for B
I highly recommend that you use XX instead of YY
Is it possible for us to substitute X for Y?
There is no substitute for hard work. 勤勉に代わるものなし
serve as a substitute for

serve to substitute for
Use this dressing as a substitute for mayonnaise in potato salad

try to fix the things
You astound me
I believe you
you're halfway there already
I doubt, but give it a shot ためしてみな。やってみな
we are on the air
No worries
I gotta more gradually
there is more to this
once you find it, you ~~
The magician's job is to amaze and astound his audience
hey, you astound me!!
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have tons of stuff to do..
I have tons of things to do this weekend...

I need to use a(is "a" needed?) time efficiently to finish all stuff. It probably takes the whole two days though.... There is no time to waste.
Hey, isn't the weekend supposed to be made so that we can take a rest or relax, is it?(is natural?)
I seem to keep losing out on the words "relax" or "rest" (OK?)
Just do it?

I know, there are many people who works in a much difficult environment(extreme environment)and get less sleep than I am.

New Japanese
ぬぎます→Nugimasu→to take off
I am gonna take my shoes off
食べます→Tabemasu→to eat

you can ask me if you wanna know when you can use these words!!

nothing but
~しか ~にすぎない. 以外はしない
That's nothing but a distant memory now.
His announcement sounded like nothing but complaints.
I do nothing but compose music.
wear nothing but a bath towel
Nothing but my memory
I've got a zit on my left cheek
Don't pick at your zits

Shall I go?
should I go?
I've kind of last my way
Unn. sort of
go to the very last page.
go to the very bottom of the page
Japanese people get more sleep compare to this statistics
I spoke slowly on purpose so that all you guys could understand what I said
I wish I could take the test again
I didn't take your points off点数ひいてないよ?
hey, look. they are making out there.
It is useful for only women, not to men.
Man, this place is kind of creepy.
She felt creepy after she saw a spider in her bed
he is kind of creepy.
they are sitting bac to back.

top left corner
top right corner
bottom right
top left
tenderness in the left lower quadrant
pain in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen
It's something about
for here, to go
can you make it bigger
the same thing I had
zit にきび
for some reason
they get money goes up
put it down
you ready? hold this part, lift it up, move slowly to the left, good, get it down
I am really nervous about a date
If she knew,
I am a huge fan..
Did you shove a pie on your face?

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Clinical training at FOI
This may be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.....

I had an interview at FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute), and after the interview, I worked under the Certified Athletic Trainer, Mike, for the first time. As I expected, he was nice guy.

After he introduced me to his co-workers, he started to explain how that clinic goes (runs? or any better expression??) But actually, I could hardly understand what he was saying. He used a lot of technical terms, and spoke so first. So actually I got so tired now since I had to concentrate on what he was talking.

But it was a great time for me. I studied a lot. He showed me how to take care of the patients and how to read the medical record. He said they are severely short-handed (OK? or they don't get enough hands???) and need more stuff. I really wanted to help them but I couldn't. I am not certified yet...

Anyway, I realized that working here will be a great experience for me. But, at the same time, I got much more stuff to do....I mean I have to learn not only movement of human body and anatomical stuff, but I also absorb how to read medical records and how to do tons of exercise... I am getting nervous because I am not sure that I could make it through this semester... As I posted yesterday, striking a good balance between school-work and clinical training seems to be a key to succeed in the semester. (OK?) I am sure that, once I get through this challenge, some improvement will appear on me though(Is OK?).

I will work there three days a week and each day has 3-4 hour(OK??)
It's gonna be hard to adapt in new environment, but I will be fine because they all were nice.
Oh, I have to memorize their names though....I am not good at this at all. To tell the truth, I have a fucking short time memory....

New Japanese
分かったー(わかったー)→wakatta-(you have to hold out the very last work"ta").→OK. or I Understand
履く(はく)→haku→ to put on something.
EX) I will put on my shoes.

New expression

Pinch it and pull apart
Pull away

All the way down to the end of carpet
Try not do like that.
Do I have to do one of each leg??
On the unstable surfaces
Lock out your left knee.
Put on the table right there
stick around with me(私について回りな)
Start from 10 and see how you feel
Another 10?
roll on right side.
go around your ankles
keep knee soft
push equal
kind of bend your knee
keep contact to my patient
back and forth
star training
I have short time memory
Is it close enough for you?
3 minute forth, and 3 minutes backward
Kind of relax
Just pushing
Start with 5
Push back
Make sure your posture is correct
Keep eyes on you
Pushing out
Make sure your body is straight
Squeeze and push out
Like that?
Don't push hard
lean forward
hold 5 seconds
back and forth(前後に)
lean your body in
Don't force it
Hold up 4 seconds
grab and pull straight back
make sure your shoulder stay down and relax
No more no less
make sure you ice afterward

I must be dreaming. Could somebody please pinch me? 私は夢を見ているのに違いない。誰か私をつねってくれない?
I pinched my nose with my fingers to avoid the stench.

She leaned out of the window to get a better view
lean against a wall
lean against the back of a chair
lean forward
lean backward

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Observation hours
Finally, I got a call from Mike who is ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer) and works for the Florida Orthopedic Institute. I have been looking for the person who could take care of me as a supervisor at the clinical setting. Actually, to complete an observation hours under the Certified Athletic Trainer is one of the important requirements for the grad school. And I have to complete this by the end of this semester. So I was really glad to get a call from him. Thanks Mike. I am counting you! Ha-ha

We talked a little bit on the phone and we are gonna meet up at 3pm tomorrow at FOI. He seems to be nice guy, because his voice on the phone was so kindly. Normally, observation hours is supposed to be held on an ATC to many students basis(????), but he told me that he could show me this work with one-to-one basis during the clinical training (I am no idea how to express what I want to say here...) I mean I will be an only student of him. How great chance it is! Not only I could study the Sport medicine at the clinical setting for free, but I also don't have to care about other students, I really got lucky

I am sure it's gonna be a great chance to me. I hope I can absorb a lot of new knowledge and techniques from him. Oh, I almost forgot, but I have to communicate with him using my pooooooor English... That’s the biggest problem with me...
It's gonna be tough for me, but, at the same time, I am really excited that I would acquire new technical terms which are used in the clinical setting and would figure out how the clinic goes (Is OK?).
I am gonna start working there as a student apprentice from next week. So, I need to fix up my bicycle by then. FOI is kind of far from my apartment. Fortunately, I could barely manage to get there by bicycle. (I need a car.....)
There are no means of transportation other than my lovely bicycle. It got flat tire now though…

The only thing I am worrying about is about school works.
Actually, I really want to spend my time at clinical places as much as possible because it is exactly what I wanted to study. Talking to and helping patients,,, But at the same time, I have to make it through this semester with high grades. So I am concerning that if I can juggle the clinical training and school works ("strike a good balance between the clinical training with school works, or "balance the clinical training and school works?" Go together? Which sounds most natural???)

Anyway, I am gonna take advantage of this opportunity!

Oh, I spent much time just for typing this. I need to review of Nutrition class. I have exam in 2 weeks. Let's start!!

How can you work full-time and raise a kid at the same time? Can you make time for yourself? (OK?? Does this sound natural??)

New Japanese

ありがとう(arigatou) Thank you.
どういたしまして(dou-itashimashite) you're welcom. or No problem
じゃあねー(”zya-ne-”※you have to extend each of those)→see you later or bye.

I spoke with Micki and I would enjoy having you as an observation student
if anyone can clarify、 that would be great- thanks!
Can you clarify that a bit? もう少し具体的に説明してもらえますか?
There's something I'd like to clarify
Would you mind clarifying what you meant by that?
clarify its own role
自らの役割を明確にする (はっきりさせる)

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria
They like to qualify for federal funding.
automatically qualify for free health care
It took me a lot of time and effort to qualify as a doctor but I got there in the end.

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The value of the time
Recently, I have been thinking of the importance of the time.
I mean that whether or not the person will achieve own goals or even whether they can spend more valuable life depend on how they use their time in a day.

Just an hour. I know one hour is no more than just sixteen minutes, and it doesn’t seem to have much value to do something big.
But in reality, I am sure many people would miss the chance of achieving something important for them by underestimating the time.

There are some ancient proverbs here.

“Many a mickle makes a muckle” or “The early bird catches the worm”
As they said, if we concentrate more on something for an hour and if they keep doing that way for a long time, I would see the big difference will appear in us(is correct?). For instance, when it come to think about when I practice to read aloud the textbook or to imitate what TV or radio are saying. If I did this practice only for two or three weeks, I am certain that my pronunciation won't be improved. It's waste of the time.
But on the other hand, if I keep this practice for a year, there should be big differences.

I often hear someone is saying "I would have started something earlier". I know the past doesn't come back to us, but that's why I would like to put weight on my "an hour" study.

It's kind of philosophy stuff, but since we all born, the count down for our death have kept doing (OK??), and it never stops. Just most people do not realize the fact, but it is true.
I know it may be exaggerating a little when I talk about the death, but anyway I am going to bear that in my mind at any time (I will keep that)

哲学を勉強します(べんきょうします)Benkyoushimasu. I study philosophy
起きます(おきます)Okimasu. To get up
寝ます Nemasu to go to bed

New expression

Outfit (is this word natural?)
I need to get some outfits for my business trip. 出張用にもっと服買わないといけない。
She decided to buy a new summer outfit for the vacation
Nowadays a lot of old people are wearing fashionable outfits
wear an outfit that would suit one's age

When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than my father
When it comes to computer programming, nobody can beat him
When it comes to get things done, he is totally dependable.

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Anatomy & physiology exam
I took an exam for Anatomy and Physiology II today. I've been working hard on this exam for 3 days and I stayed up late to prepare for the exam (I stayed up until 3am in this morning...) I was almost getting crazy... ha-ha. This exam was multiple-choice questions, so we could check own score right after we finished it.
I have two exams today, and I got 29 out of 30 and 10 out of 10! (Perfect score!). I made it!

I believe good score this time was due to the hard work. Actually those scores motivate me to study even harder for the next goal. I will!

I was relieved when figured out that I got those scores because it would not be too much to say that whether or not I can get into the grad school depends on the total grade of this semester. I must need to get all A's. I hope I hope I can keep this motivation like this recent (is OK?) 3 days in the whole semester. (Maybe not....)

By the way, it was rain for the first time in at least 20 days. Also, it was kind of windy day. It was lucky for me, because I'd taken the umbrella with me. Some of my friends got soaked (are there more proper expression?) when they were rushing all the way up to their cars.
I hope any of them is not gonna catch a cold.

After my class, I met my friend, Veronica for the first time in 3 months. I gave her souvenir form Japan and had a small talk. She told me she is trying to go the glad school in Japan and now she is looking for it. Then I understood why she looked so tired. She added she has been studying so hard to make her grade greater and to meet the criteria for the admission of Japan's glad school.
I hope there is something I can help her.
Anyway, I was glad that she liked my present.

Even I finished the first exam, I have a lot of things to do..I know all I can do is working little by little. I wish I could memorize all new words and calculate in an instant like the hard disc of my laptop. Give me your brain!
Well, it seems I need some naps; hopefully I will do some more studies.
Tomorrow, I have a taping class which I've been waiting for. I am gonna read the text beforehand so that I can follow professor's high speed talking. He speaks really fast. Don' be rush sir!!!

Oh, I have to fill out my application. It's pain in the ass!

Japanese!元気(げんき)→(genki?) How are you?
疲れています(つかれています)→(tukarete-imasu) I am tired.
寒い(さむいです)→samuidesu. I feel cold or I am cold..

New expression

Do you have a class after this
don't let me decide 私に決めさせないでよ
throw up 吐く
big player 大事な役割を果たす物、人に使う
I felt like I've been left behind..
without hesitating.
small talk 世間話
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Wanna play catch
I just noticed that I've not played any sports since I came back to the United States....and my body is getting out of shape...
Oh, even though I just got up from my bed, I can't think of anything but playing catch with friends. (My brain seems to be saying he want me to go outside and playing some sports). Actually I had been in my room all the day yesterday for preparing the classes next week.
I almost forgot, but I love playing sports (including working out), watching them on TV, talking about sports topics, and anything related sports rather than anything else.

I neeeeeeeeeeed to exercise to refresh my mind and hopefully wanna get more muscles. I guess my small brain almost reaches its maximum capacity with English words and technical terms for Anatomy...Ha-ha.

To tell the truth, it is hard to find friends who play catch with me, because I have just one glove for left handed players. I guess it seems to be hard to play catch without gloves...

I came all the way to this country which is famous as sports power; there is no way to miss an opportunity to be exposed to many kinds of sports, especially playing on my own.

I will find friends who play catch with me!!
Before that,,I know I have to study,,OK, I will!

New expression

He never thinks of me when he's on a business trip
I hadn't thought of that. それは考えてもみませんでした。
I can't think of anything but ~のことしか考えられない
Think of the devil and, he is looking over your shoulder. 《諺》うわさをすれば影
The first thing I can think of when thinking of Disney is Disneyland
think of A as B
A を B と考える[見なす]
Clara thinks of Cary as the one who saved her life.
think of marriage as a lifestyle choice
think of the consequences
think of someone as one's best friend
think of the team first
Think of all the things you could be doing with that time
The smell of a burning mosquito coil makes me think of a hot Summer night.
What do you think of a guy who gives you a poem every day?
Tell me everything you can think of about where Lucy might be.
What do you think of his idea?
I didn't think of it as that at the time.
only thing I can think of is that
I can't think of anything to do about it.
Don't say that! Now I can't think of anything other than cold, cold beer!

増加、 増大、 増加分、、

Temperature is measured in increments called dgree.

in increments of

Gift certificates are available in increments of 10 dollars.
in increments of $__
increase ~ by small increments

It will be redeemable in increments of $20 only.

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Past essays #4 & the reason why・・・・
I am gonna post my essay which I worked on in Biomechanics class in the last semester.

I have played baseball for 13 years and broke my left shoulder when I was a college student in Japan. I couldn’t throw balls for long distance anymore. (I can play catch just for fun, but only in short distance). When I look back now, my shoulder injury seemed to be predestined to happen(was destined to happen) and I am sure that injury came from the lack of my awareness of warm-up. Although I had been anatomically inflexible and supposed to be more awareness about my body, I somehow failed to care about my body, especially around shoulders.

I regret about my absence of awareness,(I regret that I wasn't aware←more proper) and don't want an athlete to make (repeat) the same mistake as mine.
And that own mistake(my own mistake or that mistakes), in a sense, inspired me to become an athletic trainer and and I decided to pursue my career in the sporting world. Now I am studying Sport Medicine so that I can get enough knowledge and experience as to prevent athletes from getting injury even though there are just few possibilities to get hurt.

Here is my essay. I focus specifically on shoulder mechanisms and the difference between full-can exercise and empty-can exercise. My friend, Katie, helped me check my grammar stuff and taught me many new expressions. Special thanks to Katie!!

New expression

I aspired to be an athletic trainer

My own mistakes inspired me to be an athletic trainer.

起こるべくして起こる ;《be ~》
predestined to happen

be destined to happenを使うといい。

pursue a career in
pursue a career as
pursue a career goal

pursue a career in the private sector
He came to Japan in 2002 to pursue a career as a sumo wrestler.
AS←~としてのの意。pursue arms control proposals designed to
pursue beauty
pursue an object
pursue an artistic career

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What's a relief!!
What's a big relief!!

I was relieved that we finally fixed the Skype (phone service application). It had been broken for two or three months and we tried to fix many times. But we could not. In the first place, we did not know why it was broken. It had worked quite well until broken, and she had never done anything unusual before she found out it was broken.
So, we thought this trouble was due to the lack of the hard-disk capacity on her PC Her PC's disk capacity had been approaching its maximum and every operation needed to take much more time than when she got that PC as a new.

We tried everything we could do, and we finally found out that trouble did not have something to do with hard disk capacity but with Skype application itself; I sent e-mail to the customer center, and told them major symptoms and asked how to fix it.

I for some reason (somehowよりbetter)got a garbled e-mail from them, so I replied them in English and got a new one. It said we needed to refresh Skype program itself by completing a manual process. We manipulated as they said, and tried to talk again.

Completing that process took a lot of time and we both were really annoyed during working on the operation. However, after operating as they advised us, we finally could talk on the internet. We fixed it up!! What's a relief ! We don't have to worry about the Skype any more...

Yeah, we really did well!!

There might be another trouble sometime in the future, but human beings always have to be superior to stuff like computer because we made them! There is no way to lose them.... (In reality, we often are confounded by them. I gotta study more about PC...) Ha-ha.

BYYYYY the way, I have a first exam in Anatomy & Physiology sometime next week. The professor said it's gonna be easy, but I don't trust him. Because every time he said 'easy', it WAS hard. An exam is gonna cover pretty much everything which we studied in his lecture. It's tooooo much. I wish I could memorize all new words and understand all the contents....and I hope I have enough time to prepare for an exam. I will manage to make it!

Well, I'm disgusted with myself for my short memory...

Good night!!

New expression


she is kidnapping me for the party.
The girl fled the man who had tried to kidnap her
They returned the kidnapped child for one million dollars
I am gonna kidnap you!

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suggestion about two different stuff
I am gonna post some new English expressions which I learned from Japanese comic books, One Piece. And I would like to make a suggestion on (about?) studying English.


If you have any time to read something, to read stuff like comic books written in English, which include conversational English and natural expressions, are very useful for studying practical English. This can apply all Language, maybe. With animations or facial expressions, you can guess what exactly the character intend to say, or you can see which phrases we can use in every situation(is OK?).
In light of the experience I have had, I strongly recommend to read comic books to get a conversational language. Let's try.
But, remember, the most important thing to obtain new knowledge smoothly is to read many times. I mean that studying just one time or twice doesn't mean we get new knowledge. Human being is who forgets things little by little without knowing(Is natural). The key point to gain a new language and to stay in our brain is just repeating the process from studying first time to reviewing many times(OK?). I believe so, and always keep this in my mind. People who somehow forget many things in a short time(who have a shor-term memory?) like me are specifically have to keep reviewing on your own.

I have some comic books and I read them many times again and again whenever I have a time to read them. (Most case it's before going to bed.) This is a good medicine for sleeping also. Ha-ha.
And I am gonna post some important expressions which I learned from the book on this blog so that I can recall these expressions or get the well-established knowledge.

Ok, I am gonna change the subject.
The other thing I want to suggest is about a rest room for male!! (It has totally different contents from comic book's story)
I know the bathrooms in the United States are made for American people. But I want to complain about its size. I mean the size of toilet bowls doesn't suit me! (fit me?? Which is better??)

The height of toilet bowls is kind of high. They should be lower!! Whenever I sit on the toilet bowl, I always have to keep my heels raised all the time during my business. (Is another expression? I did not come up with any other expressions...). I always get tired instead of relaxing! You know, the rest room is supposed to be a relaxing space for everyone. I know I am short, but I am sure there are many American people who are shorter than me. Why? Haven't they tried to complain about that?? If not, I willI am gonna change American culture! Oh, I just heard someone is saying that whether or not we get a more comfortable bathroom rests on my shoulder!
Yes, but in real, I know that is not gonna happen. I know I never complain actually. I guess I just have to sit there with uncomfortable feelings. I am chicken boy

Well,,, other things I want to mention today is here.
I picked up a letter of recommendation from Laura who taught me one class, Personal Wellness, in the last semester. She is so kind and has lovely smile. Actually, I was looking forward to going her class every week. Though she is very busy on her work in this semester, but she accepted my request with pleasure.→(is there more proper expression?)Anyway, I really have to appreciate her concern for my request. Thank you Laura! I am sure I will do my best in order to be accepted from the grad school which I want to get in.
Actually I had been torn between applying for University of Arkansas and for Texas tech University(I had been between two things?? more proper expression?), but I finally made up my mind to apply just for University of Arkansas. I hope everything is goona be all right. I know here I might run into many unexpected problems,,, but I just have to get over all problems so that I can achieve my final goals. It's just two years half to go(OK).

All right, I am gonna back to study.

Oh, before that, I am gonna see Chris and pass some souvenirs from Japan to her. I got some snacks and a small wallet for her, and I hope she likes them. By the way, she told Masami that she might go to Korea in a month because she found a new job there. She also told Masami that she is torn between going there and staying here. (→??which is better? She is in two minds where or not going to there). I am certain that going to Korea is gonna be a great experience for her. I didn't know that she got a new job, but it's very gladsome stuff as long as going and living in Japan or Korea is her dream and I am crossing finger for you! Anyway, congratulation Chris!! we will be behind you all the way.

taberu means to eat
I am gonna eat→ tabemasu
I want to eat Tabetaidesu
"tabemashita" means "I ate"
IF you would say "I am going to eat an apple from now" you can say" Watashiha(I) korekara(from now) ringo(apple) wo(object maker) Tabemasu. You always have to flip subject and object. It'S kind of confusing isn't is?? ha-ha. 続きを読む
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The class was cancelled!!
I went to today's class, but it cancelled without any notice. Actually, I had looked forward to taking this class because today was supposed to have a taping lecture.(study about how to tape on our leg when we get injured) Hey, I DIDNOT hear anything! So I got an unexpected spare time, and am typing on my desk.
I am gonna use this time for study!! How nice student I am!! ha-ha.
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Running behind the classes
I got tired...
I didn't know but, I have an exam for Anatomy & Physiology on next Monday. It's unexpected....Besides, I am already behind my classes. Especially for today, I understood nothing in Anatomy classes. Even though he used a lot of technical terms, I should have red at least two times before the class. I know it takes several hours(a long time) for me to read the captures(texts) which the lecture is gonna cover beforehand, but somehow I didn't. If I don't the result is clear. I need to catch up with classes not only to get good score on the exam but to get(→gain) deep knowledge about each subject.

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I went to the friend's house yesterday, and played poker first time.(played poker for the first time←correct expression)
It was much harder and more complicated than I had thought.
I learned a lot of new technical words such as Call, Check, Raise, and so on... It was really new for me.
Moreover, in the game, I have to be sensitive in many things. First, needless to say, I have to remember all rules.
Secondly, I have to look at all opponents at the same time and to read what they think and what they are trying to do. The hardest thing is to conceal what I think in my face. As a matter of fact, I am really not good at these stuffs.(this stuff) I could not keep the poker face even just a few seconds. (I tried to pretend to have good cards even when I didn't, but I failed.) One of my friends who were sitting on the other side of table and who won the game told me that he could tell exactly what I had thought so easily. Ha-ha. I don't know why, but it's true.

The last thing I have to do is to win. This is all the matter actually in the games. Yes, of course, I lost....
All in all, it was fun and good experience for me. I could have really enjoyed more only if I had won. Ha-ha, that’s not gonna happen.

I am not sure if I have an enough time to hang out with these guys for the rest of this semester because of many college stuff, but I want to do so as much as possible. (I will start Observation hours which is one of the admission requirements for the glad school in a week. I go to the hopstital and work with no salary...I also concern that all classes might be getting much harder than it is now. They all are just introductory portion yet...)

I'll beat the pants off you guys in poker next time!!
Oh, my eyes are getting heavy.... I am just going to take a 1 hour nap, and call my girlfriends after napping. I will wake her up!!!! Hey, Get Up!!!

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the necessity of the fluorescent
I think my eyesight is getting from bad to worse....
I know the reason-the cause must be the light in my room. You know in the United States, there are few fluorescent lights and, instead of that types of lights, they have much darker lights in most houses. (I do not know how to say in English, but they are kinds of yellowish one...) And I had got accustomed to the fluorescent lights when I was in Japan. I had had good eyesight just before I came to the United States. I should've cared about my eyes more.... Do I have to get along with this bad eyesight and the weired glasses(It does not suit me) for the rest of my life?? No~(T_T)

I hate wearing glasses because I get tired soon after I wear my glasses. I put the glasses only in classes, but it's still a big deal for me. I always feel something tired in my eyes after classes, which I have never had before.

When I had been in Tokyo, I made my glasses for about $40
This was the first time I made own glasses, but I was amazed when I entered the glass shop that many kinds of glasses.
I really wanted to buy stylish one but, they were expensive... So I had no choice but to buy the cheapest one since I didn't have enough money with me to get the stylish one.

Ok, I am going to have breakfast. I am starving!

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About Gaba
I am staying at home and realxing. I got up 5:30 and I already feel sleepy.Zzzz I am gonna take nap and start study from 4pm.(I am going to stay at home all the day today. maybe)

By the way,I would like to introduce one of the famous websites, which I always use for my English Study.
This study material is made by Marvin, who speaks both English and Japanese perfectly. and we can study English as it's really spoken in this material. This material focus more on a daily conversation rather than writing or reading practice.
this must be beneficial for us(including me). Check this!!

Here is URL and I am gonna put some of them on my blog everyday.


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Mottox took first place in the ranking of blue-chip wine importers!!
I got up 6 o'clock this morning and talked with Michiko on the internet. It is difficult for us to talk on weekdays(the いらない) because of a time difference. There is a 14-hours time difference, so it was already night in Japan when I called her after the breakfast.

It is great that, thanks to advance in communication technology, we can talk each other so easily for free, but the time difference seems to be still big difficulty for us.

Anyway, she had a good news about her work. As a matter of fact, her company, Mottox, took first place in the ranking of blue-chip wine importers(importer of wine?). How greatt her company is! She is one of workers who work for No.1 firm. I am glad to hear that.
Good for you Michi and Mottox!

I think her sales is gonna be easier and better thanks to that ranking.(Orders should be pouring in becase most people who work in the wine industry know the news and are gonna read the magazine for next month that includes the ranking)

By the way, we also talked about 10-year's diary. I am gonna write about 10 year's diary later. We each keep writing a diary on the 10-year's diary book. All right, I am gonna take a break and go study at the library. Masami called me and seems to want me to help her PC issues.

I came back from the library. She wanted to connect her laptop to the internet at the USF. As you know, if has the laptop has wireless LAN in it, you can connect your laptop to the internet so easily. I tried to connect it to the internet because I know her laptop has the wireless LAN and connecting to the internet is possible. But I could solve nothing somehow. ha-ha. So, we went asked (OK?) Katsu.(He is the specialist in Computer)
He manipulated something and connected to the internet within a few minutes. Hunn?? What did he do???? That's amazing.

Oh, about 10-years dairy.
In this book, each page has 10 rows so that we can put the same day's dairy each year in just one page. It mean we can review what we did on the same day from 10 years ago to that year. Isn't it incredible? I am gonna keep writing everyday (hopefully) so that we can remember our past memories together.
Actually, however I have not written in for a while, so there are many blanks. So she told me on the phone what we did in the past and I wrote down now. ha-ha.

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Got an extension on the tuition payment
Finally, I was relieved to hear Financial Aid office gave me an extension on the payment due day. Today was due day for the tuition payment for spring semester. Although I got the tuition exemption from Japan-Florida Institute, they didn’t give me any detailed explanations. That's why I got confused. I went to the Financial Aid office yesterday and one of the officers promised me to e-mail me. But he didn't. So, I had to go talk with him again.
Actually, I did not remember his name, so I explained my situation and his appearance to the officer.

He showed up with weird smile and told me he already sent me an E-mail. Liar!!! You never sent me e-mail!

Anyway, he gave an extension on the payment due day. This means I do not have to pay my fee until March 16th. Lucky me

So I am gonna request the certification of the enrollment to the Register and send it to Japan-Florida Institute on next Tuesday. I guess this is all I have to do at this time. I got relieved because my biggest concern turned out to be OK so far.

All right, the first week was over! I realized I will be busier than last semester for sure. Besides, I feel strong helpless against my speaking skills... It's gonna be almost 9 months since I came to the United States. Maybe, I should have studied more to improve it. I need to be more strict about my daily life and English study in this semester.

I have three days off in a row in this weekend, so I should make better use of my time to prepare for next week's classes and plan a daily menu. It must help me get off to a good start. I realized again that my English ability, especially writing and speaking skills are not strong enough to communicate with American. I felt kind of being depressed because I could never say anything in classes.

From today on, I am gonna put my review of composition class which I took last semester on this blog little by little. I guess doing this takes so much of the time and energy, but it is not only worth while spending so much time on this, but I also believe that time must be good investments for my future.

Ok, gonna take a nap and start studying again! I will do everything to improve my English in this semester, I swear!!!.

Oh, I wanna go pee!! bye!

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I went to the Care and Prevention class and I now am typing at the library.
I got the letter from Japan-Florida institute, and it said that I got 6-credit hour’s tuition exemption!! Yeah!!!
There are many problems though.... I am no idea what steps I should take or whom I shold ask to. I mean I do not know how to proceed the process of this tuition exemption.
So, yesterday, I went to Register office and talked with Tony,the Dean of Register. He was so kind and helped me a lot (Thanks Tony!!). He advised me to go talk to Andy Thompson at the Financial Office. As he advised me, I went there and talked with officer. He also was kind and gave me some tips about my process. And he promised me to e-mail me today.

BUT, it does not come yet,,,I am gettinng nervous...I am going to wait a little bit more, and check e-mail again.
If he does not e-mail me by 4 o'clock, I will try to walk in his office. I hope everything is going to work out.

Today, Michi, working in the wine industry, e-mailed me and it said that she went 6 liquor shops and 11 restaurants for sales (total 17!). I was amazed to hear that. She said it is her new record since she got that job. I do not know how hard it was and how busy she is gonna be, ha-ha. But, anyway, Good job Michi, and keep doing well I am sure that Your smile will surely make customers feel happy.

Expression review

By contrast,
He is talkative and funny,, whereas his father, by contrast, is solemn and quiet

at the same time, 一方では、その一方で、その一方
Meanwhile in Egypt, 一方エジプトでは、

In contrast、 対照的に
conversely 反対に、
on the contrary、 反対に、
on the other hand, 他方
on the one hand, 一方、一方では、
on the one hand, but at the same time~~
By comparison 比較して、比べると~~~

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I have set the alarm clock over the last few days, but I've nevertheless overslept for the fourth straight day. I used to wake up with it without any problems, so I do not know what is happening on me...
Is this just coming from my carelessness? Or something is happening in my body? Am I still having jet lag?? Any others?? I am totally no idea. But I am sure something wrong in my body....I guess this might be dut to jet lag.

Anyway, I need to change my lifestyle, or I am gonna be sick or get something health problems.

There are many things I have to do in each day. I do not have enough time to spend writing this blog or in the bed....yeah, I know.
Anyway, I must manage to solve this problem with a strong will. That's because, regardless of what the cause may be, whether or not I get things off to a good start depends on myself. I will do it!

All right, I am gonna back to the study for Prevention and Care for athletic injuries. I will take advantage of acquired skills which I have gained not only in the United States but in Japanso far.

Best regards

New expression

over the last few days.
(ここ数日間。未来の場合は、within the few days. within the several days, or in the next few days)

take advantage of
take advantage of a blind point of law
take advantage of infrared communication
赤外線通信{せきがいせん つうしん}を利用{りよう}する
take advantage of networks of UN organizations
国連機関{こくれん きかん}のネットワークを生かす
take advantage of people's weaknesses

off to a ~ start〔慣用句である off to a ~ start は good(良い)などの形容詞を入れ、「幸先の良いスタートを切る」という意味で使われることが多い。しかし、ominous start(不吉なスタート)、bumpy start(不穏なスタート)のように否定的な形容詞を入れて使うこともできる〕
get off on the wrong foot
get things off to a good start

despite= In spite of=(even though SV, or Although SV)


manage to (何とか)~する
He managed to read the entire book in one day
manage to arrive at the airport just in time
manage to defend oneself from
manage to control oneself
I can manage to keep things going until you get back.
manage to hold on for the victory

barely なんとか(ぎりぎりの意味合いが強い)
We have barely enough bread for breakfast.

I will get there somehow(なんとかして、なんらかの方法で)

make it through ~をうまくやり遂げる、~を何とかやっていく、うまく通り抜ける、何とか~を切り抜ける[乗り越える]

make it through the day なんとか一日をやりすごす
make it through all right thanks to
I have to make it through this month with this money.
You can make it through.
How am I going to make it through the meeting [class]? 《会議(授業)の前にまだ資料などの準備ができていない場合に》どうしたら会議[授業]をうまく切り抜けられるだろうか。

I will make it through this semester by trying hard(studying hard)


a good-luck Charm for the well-being of one's family.家内安全のお守
lucky charm for safe driving

How much of

How much of a budget do we have?
How much of your success in business has been international?
How much of the information do you understand?

How much of a discount does this card give?

gap between rich people and poor people
gap between supply and demand
gap between theory and practice
gap between the industries
業種{ぎょうしゅ}による格差{かくさ}、業界格差{ぎょうかい かくさ}
regional gaps of health care service
医療保健{いりょう ほけん}サービスの地域格差{ちいき かくさ}

fill income gaps between
~間の所得格差{しょとく かくさ}を埋める
expand economic gaps among nations
国家間{こっか かん}の経済格差{けいざい かくさ}を広げる

narrow economic disparities // remedy the gaps in economic vigor
correct supply-demand imbalances

Disparity→ 相違。不均衡、格差。
Disparity in age 年齢の不釣り合い
Disparity in wealth
Disparity in income levels
pay disparity between men and women
男女間{だんじょ かん}の賃金格差{ちんぎん かくさ}
disparity of income between the rich and poor
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The bad feeling proved.....
My bad feeling proved right.

As I mentioned previous dairy, I met the professor who teaches us Statistics. He is Saudi Arabian and is not native speaker. He has a thick accent (He speaks with wired, distinctive accent) and it was hard for me to listen to his English perfectly. I tried to hear carefully, but I missed his word many times.
I probably need to use recorder in order to keep up with the class and get high score on the exam. Using this device is first challenge for me, but I think it is good for me. I got it at Bookstore yesterday, so I am going to study hard with the help of this device. I hope this device is going to work out for me. (I have never used it yet....)

There are 5 exams during the semester, and the lowest one will be dropped. So if I am going to be well on first four exams, I do not have to take final. I am gonna make effort to achieve that so that I can be with Michiko during the final week.
I talked to Michi on the internet today and I made her crying. What I am supposed to do... I know it's all my faults, but I could not do anything for her. What the horrible person I am.

Ok, I am gonna take a nap for a while, and then restart to review of today's classes and prepare for the tomorrow's classes. Tomorrow's class is the most difficult for me.

It is a Care and Prevention for athletic injuries. It includes verbal communication with other students and professor. I know this skill is needed to success in the United States for any jobs, but it sounds hard for me. Is it still too early for me to take these types of course? No I don't think so, I can get over this high wall if I do the best. On the exams, I even have to describe orally how to prevent a certain types of injuries or have to evaluate the injuries of classmates.
I am afraid that classmates are gonna avoid making the team with me because my English is not strong. Oh I am getting nervous....I wish everyone is kind to me. haha.
Anyway I believe this challenge will bring me some progress in English and knowledge needed for Athletic trainer.

Good night!

Oh, I forgot to attend today's Anatomy class....I was supposed to attend this time. What the hell am I doing in front of PC... It completely slipped my mind that I had another class today after Statistics... But it's too late. It is already 3:25... I was supposed to be in the class room at 2pm. I will never do such a fool thing again!! Damn it!

New Expression
(expressions related the cooking)

I can do plain cooking.
microwave oven is useful for cooking.
Do you cook? Yes, I do the cooking.
fatty food.
I's like to eat meat dishes
The food there is bad.

How do you cook this trout? Can you fry it?
simmer until the sauce has thickened.
boil up () at high heat.at low heat(=gently) 煮る
boil until it gets soft(dissolved).
boil over medium heat

grill a fish(網などで焼く)
toast a bread(パンを焼く)
grill meat(steak)肉を焼く
grilled fish (meat)焼き魚
grilled chiken 焼き鳥

FRY (up)
fry until it starts to soften and brown 柔らかくなり焦げ目がつくまで~を炒める
fry on both sides until lightly colored
We fry the beef first. Fry it until it becomes golden(brown)
cook chopped onions over a low flame

steam 蒸す
steam meat
steam clams

fry up some chicken 揚げる
fry () in oil until it get soft (golden)

cut one's finger with a kitchen knife
chopped onion // minced onion タマネギのみじん切り
shredded carrot にんじんのみじん切り
chop ~with a knife でみじん切りにする

cut in cubes 角切りにする
Cut carrots into 2-inch-long julienne strips. 千切りにする
cut [slice] ~ into julienne←千切り(strips)←how to pronounce it?
I'll cut this into thin strips

Asian flavor
flavor of wine  ワインの風味
distinct flavor 独特の風味 it has a distinct flavor

This tastes terrible.
Heat it in microwave
add seasoning 調味料 (what is the difference between seasoning and spice??)adjust seasoning to taste
I think the seasoning is a little different from usual 続きを読む
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Don't be breakfast skipper!!
See? As I swore to get up in the early morning,I did!
I was relieved that I did not oversleep. As the proverb goes,(says or runs), "The early bird catches the worm" I am gonna study Statisitics after eating breakfast.

I usually have bowl of sugary cereal with milk and two egg whites. And Drinks Orenge juice and milk or Grape juice for breakfast. It means that I am trying to have at least two cups of beverage every morning to stay healthy(keep myself healthy).

By the way, there are similar sayings(proverbs) in English and Japanese. Actually, I know only a few (even in Japanese), but from now, I am gonna learn day by day little by little, and get much knowledge in the future.

All right, I am going to have a hasty breakfast. Oh-Im getting starving because I skipped (missed) the dinner yesterday. Somehow I slept until 9 O'clock and missed it...
I will never say "Damn, I slept until the last minute this morning, so I couldn't get breakfast"

Here is one thing, I don't wanna be breakfast skipper!! I know it's not good for my health. This meansif breakfast diet is inadequate, there might be some bad influences on me in the daytime.

As I am writing, time is wasting away...
Let's pig out(dig in←less improper, plite)!!


New expression

never start doing things till the last minuteぎりぎりまで
at the very last minute
It's going to be closeぎりぎりだな(時間、予算など。クロウスと発音する)
The pupil arrived barely in time for class.
Almost to the limit/to the utmost limit

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Let's start!
Finally, I made up my mind to keep a diary and made this blog site, and I just have been starting to keep a daily journals.
This challenge focus on to improve my English and to leave and follow my footprints.

OK, my resolution is to put my dairy here everyday(hopefully!)
I am not sure I am gonna do everyday

From now on, I'll do my utmost to make my objectives successful, and I hope that I can make progress in English writing day by day.

I know no one check this page, so I will put here whatever I want to write about. I might put nasty stuffs I am getting in exiting mood!!


Oh, I didn't realize it was so late. What the hell am I doing such a late night・・・ I was going to study Statistics...haha. Ok, I will do from next morning. I am sure I will do it from tomorrow morning!!
By the way, I have not seen Statistics professor yet, so I am looking foward to seeing him tommorow. But I am having worries that he is not native-speaker but Saudi Arabian. He speaks clear English? If not so, I want to change this course to another because my priority is to listen to Natural English as much as possible to get English ear(I am not sure if English Ear is collect expression, but it does make sense for me. So it's OK.haha)

Anyway, I'm going to catch some Z's (I am going to take a fer hour's nap) Good night!

best regards


it would be helpful if you would let me know a specific date that you need the letter
I really appreciate it
I'm sincerely grateful for all your kind help.
I'm thankful for all your help.
I will be grateful if you can introduce me to them
It would be nice if you could book a room for under $150
I would appreciate if you can call me by the end of this week
I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you are doing so
would appreciate it if you could write back within the next couple of days

I apologize for bothering you, but...


I have perfect confidence in my ability= I can perfectly confide in my ability.
Idonot have the confidence to win against that team
not confident when it comes to quality(名詞)品質の事となると自信がない
I am unsure about my spelling(スペルに自信がない)
I'm not confident of my speaking ability(自分の会話能力に自信がない)
He doesn't seem to have very much self-esteem. // He is lacking self-esteem.
I was certain of being elected as chairman.(選ばれる自信はあった)
in a confident voice(自信に満ちた声で)
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in the fog of a jet-lagged mind
In the fog of a jet-lagged mind, I just have been starting to keep daily journals from today...but I am tooooo sleepy..

Even I tried to minimize jet lag as much as possible by staying up late last night in Japan, but It didn't seem to work out for me.
I am still feel some jet lag, so I am going to take a nap and write about my resolution for this semester on tomorrow's journals.
I mean I am gonna start putting dairy on here from tomorrow formally..haha.

see ya.

best regards

Special thanks to michi. I appreciate a lot to you that you gave me a great time during I was in Tokyo. Hope we can see each other as soon as possible and hope you have a great time on your work with your co-worker. You are the person whom I want to be like. I know our sex is different, but anyway, it's true. I will make every effort in order that you don't have to complain about why I am here to study English and Sport medicine.

Thank you.

New expression

Suit=look nice

This hat suits you nicely.
Black suits you well!
this tie doesn't go with this suit.
the cap looks wonderful on you.
you look good in black!
That fits you well.
I'm surprised that you look so good in black! You look more adult than usual, so my heart is pounding.
That dress looks nice on you.
What do you think is the best color that will suit for me?
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To my important person
Thank you for everything you have done and are doing to me.
I really appreciate that you are waiting at least 3 years for me. I am still a student and I can't give you expensive presents, or even cannot treat her to dinners. She, what is more, took me out for dinner to many places. It seems to be natural that normal couples are gonna break up when either of two decided to go study abroad for 3 years. But you gave me a chance. I am sure that you are the person whom I really care, and I believe we can be together even all the way to when we get older. I know that there are a lot of barriers between you and me and many problems are expected to be happened to us, but I promise I will keep to make a best effort not to break up with you and to make you happy as much as possible.

I am certain that I will study hard and make a progress in both the academic and personal strengths so that you are gonna see me as a great boyfriend.
Again thank you for your dedicated help and understanding.

Best regards
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my past essays part3
This essay below are written about Australia.
It is about Ayers rock. Actually I have never been to the Ayers rock, but I managed to make up this story. My friends who checked this eaasy called me "super lier!!"

The Bellybutton of the Earth

“Nobody can express the beauty of that landscape” (Ohashi). How true that observation was! At the top of the Ayers rock, my friend, Masaru and I—who are both usually talkative—stood amazed and watched the sun setting on the skyline. We said nothing. That landscape burned into my mind, and, even now, it remains vivid within me. In this essay, I want to introduce my journey to the Ayers rock, which gave us the most unforgettable memory.
Three years ago, Masaru and I went on a “no money trip” to the Australia (No money trip means that we cut costs as much as possible by sleeping outside, hitchhiking, and eating cheap food). Doing so, of course, might not work for some people, because sleeping outside or hitchhiking in a foreign country is dangerous. I know that staying at a luxurious hotel or eating a sumptuous dish also can make a trip great. But for people like us, people having no money, a no money trip is the best way to enjoy or to study the culture of a foreign country while traveling. We have gone to many places to see the beauty of nature and to visit local residents. So, as always, we planned to go to Australia with little money. However, at that time, we did not know how special the trip to Australia would turn out to be for us.
Right after we arrived at the airport, we started to obtain information about the Ayers rock. We have another rule for our adventure. We never obtain information until we arrive. This means that we do not make reservation any hotel or restaurant; we believe this rule makes our trips more thrilling. So, according to that rule, we gathered some information at the airport, and then visited local residents who are called Aborigine. In central Australia, we saw another world, which we had never seen before. We experienced their ritual ceremonies, their traditional dance, and their eating habits. These were all precious experiences, which we would never had if we had tried to plan a trip like that. Those experiences were what exactly we had wanted to do. Next day, however, we experienced a further more wonderful moment at the top of the Ayers rock. Since then, the top of the Ayers Rock have been the unique and best place for me.
Ayers rock (also known by its Aboriginal name Uluru) is a huge rock formation in central Australia, in the Northern Territory. According to geological facts, it is the second-largest monolith in the world (after Mount Augustus, also in Australia), more than 986 ft high and 5 miles around (Anne, Kerle). The huge rock are also said that there are no similar monoliths in the vicinity; Ayers rock isn’t a part of a prehistoric glacial moraine. Instead, it is the tip of a rock layer tilted 90 degrees by violent geologic activity some 300 million years ago and extending thousand of feet into the earth. We climbed all the way to the top of the huge rock. (Shea Leff)
We headed to this big rock, which are also called the bellybutton of the earth. After reaching the base of the Ayers rock, we started to climb a big egg-shaped rock. Looking up the huge monolith from the right below, I felt it was red wall. Who would imagine that huge, huge monolith exists in our world. The power of nature; we felt we were only small existence in front of the nature. While climbing, fighting with a piled fatigue for long journey, we noticed that the sunset turned the whole sky a pink hue. After we reached the top of the rock, we noticed that a 360 view of vast, red horizon are stretched before us. It was too beautiful for words, and I felt as if the landscape extended to infinite. Thinking at the earth level, Ayers rock maybe tiny rock, but, for us, that huge rock gave us vast, and incredible landscape stretched below our eyes. After reaching the top of the Ayers Rock where we saw the vast landscape, that place turned out to be the most unique and intriguing places.
Seeing red miracle view, we talked a lot about our future sitting on side by side. At that time, of course even now, we have similar dreams: working in the sporting world. I am not sure how many hours we spent there, but it is true that I felt the time we spent there went by so slowly. On the way to go back to the airport from seeing the belly of the earth, we decided to come there again when we make each dream a reality.
Nowadays, many artificial buildings have been built all over the world, and many natural places have been turned into a tourist site. Of course some of these sites are still beautiful as well. But for me, the landscape that we saw at the top of the Ayers rock is the most beautiful in the world. The feeling that we experienced, the time that we spent, and the landscape that we saw will stay in my mind forever.
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my past essay part2
Here is another article I wrote in fall 2006.
Why I put that here is to review my article by myself in the future.

This article is written about environmental problem. I focused on global warming and wrote 1500 words.

Save the Blue Planet!

Have you ever considered how much we depend on Mother Earth? You probably would say “Yes,” as would I. But, in reality, most of us underestimate how much our lives depend on Mother Earth and how important it is. The air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, and the trees we are see from the window of our house are components of our planet. They are essential to our life. If we lose just one of these components, our lives will be in danger. Even though we all know that this will happen someday, and though we know what we must do to save our planet, somehow we are just not careful enough. As a result, we are facing many problems such as global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, and air pollution. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these changes of earth environment, occurring all over the world, are warnings to us about the future. In this essay, I will focus on global warming, one of the primary problems occurring these days, and I will discuss what the global warming is, which human activities affect global warming, and what we can do about this problem.
According to one research, surface temperatures on our earth have increased 0.5-1.0 Fahrenheit in the last one hundred years, with accelerated warming in the last 50 years. This warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities (McMichael). It appears to be a small increase, but, for earth, it is a crucial change; if the surface temperature increases constantly, then the polar ice caps melt quickly, and the sea-level rises. As a result of this, large areas of lower lands will disappear into the sea. Also, it is said that if global warming increases, arid countries will lose their moisture, and their already sparse vegetation will disappear. As you can see from these facts, these problems directly affects our lives.
Most of us know about these problems occurring on earth, but I believe that people still underestimate how much this tiny increase threatens human life. For in such a short period as human life span, great Earth seems not to be damaged much by a little activity of human beings. However, the reality is that it has noticeably suffered. Even though earth’s deterioration is almost invisible in our life time, once it reaches certain points, our earth’s deterioration will head for an irreversible crisis in the near future. Therefore, we should take responsibility not only to save the earth’s future, but even to guarantee our posterity’s life.
But why has global warming occurred? What is the primary cause of global warming? Again, human activities are mainly related to this warming. Human activities related to industrial activities and family-level activities have changed the chemical composition of the atmosphere by creating greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide (Hansen). For example, using natural gas and oil, including gasoline for automobile engines, raises the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Especially in the U.S.A, it could clearly be said that emission of automobile engine occupies a large proportion of global warming, which is due to human activities. Lately, new technology has been created that enables cars to run on electric energy instead of on gasoline. This innovation would be beneficial to the earth’s environment, but these types of cars have not been popular in the U.S., due to a lack of publicity and the costs of buying a new car.
Also, it is the fact that many factories produce industrial gases which do not occur naturally, but contribute significantly to enhance emission of greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas naturally plays an important role in preserving earth’s condition, in that it allows incoming solar radiation to pass through the Earth's atmosphere, but prevents outgoing infrared radiation from escaping into space. In other words, this process occurs naturally, keeping the Earth's temperature below a certain degree. In general, this effect is called the “greenhouse effect”. Without it, current life on this planet could not sustain its function.
However, once the rate of greenhouse gas in earth’s atmosphere reaches a certain point, it will cause surface temperature to increase to an abnormal length. Also, this increasing greenhouse gas by human activities has caused climate change. Abnormal weather phenomena such as El Niño are occurring all over the world these days; they warn of the earth’s approaching crisis. It is clear from these warnings that climate change will affect human health in many ways—mostly adversely.
So what can we do to save our blue planet? You might come up with one important agreement, which is related to global warming: the Kyoto protocol. This protocol is a global agreement, negotiated in 1997 in Japan, by which industrialized nations have agreed to make substantial reductions in their emissions of greenhouse gases by 2012. Now, more than 160 countries have taken part in the agreement (Kyoto Protocol).
Since then, many countries have ratified the Protocol and have tried to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gas. As a matter of fact, however, the U.S, which has emitted the largest amount of greenhouse gases in the world, has withdrawn from the protocol. Senator Byrd stated as its reason, “the Senate will not ratify the Protocol unless rapidly developing countries such as China are included in its requirements to reduce greenhouse gases” (Kyoto Protocol). Also, the current Bush Administration has rejected this protocol, saying that it would be harmful for the country's economy. I know, of course, that it is important to think about relationships with other countries, about economic strength, and about building a stable social infrastructure. But I also think that a government should pay more attention to the factors which affect its citizens’ lives directly.
On the other hand, there must be something that we can do without relying on government. The most efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas is for each of us to think seriously about saving Mother Earth, on a day-to-day basis. One research shows that “heating and cooling your house can be a major energy drain, typically accounting for about 45 percent of a household's total energy use.”(What you). It means lowering heat by just a few degrees in the winter and setting your air conditioner a couple of degrees higher in the summer. This can add up to real energy savings. As in the above example, you can significantly cut energy use by setting the water temperature lower degrees in your house or office. You can also cut the consumption of wasted energy by installing efficient low-flow shower heads or washing clothes in cold water, rather than hot. Besides, it has been suggested that if 100,000 people who currently don't recycle began to do so, they would collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 42,000 tons a year. As an added benefit, recycling reduces pollution and saves natural resources, including precious trees that absorbs CO2 (Owens).
As you can see, all of these things not only contribute to save earth, but they are simple things that we can do in our normal lives. They may seem to have little influence on earth’s overall environment, but the steps that every single person takes in his or her daily life really will be the key to saving our earth.
In this high-tech era, it is impossible to live without the very technology which could cause the earth to deteriorate; focusing on reducing our technology would not be beneficial to us. Of course, it is important to think about how we can reduce detrimental effects. I can say that the government should pay more attention on this global warming and take concrete measures immediately. However, the most important point is what we do in our daily lives. Taking single steps to save the earth may seem to be of little consequence, but it is actually the key to saving our beautiful, unique planet and to guaranteeing our posterity’s safety. Now, let’s start from small steps!
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my past eaasys part1
I am gonna put my essay which I wrote in last semester to review by myself.
This blog are not only for reviewing my footprints, but it also means to study writing skills by myself.

I wrote this essay below in composition class. I made up stories partially. Of course, most parts of the story were true, but some weren’t. ha-ha.

The Miracle of Red Tasuki

At that moment, tears rolled down my cheeks by themselves, and I and my teammates exploded in joy with our fists outstretched to the heaven. One day eight years ago, I attended the national long-distance road relay competition with my teammates, and we experienced one miracle. The existence of tasuki and my friends gave me the miracle, this I will never experience such a miracle ever again in the future. I want to introduce my wonderful memory, which tasuki gave me, with my classmates.
I guess only a few people know about tasuki and about how important it is for long-distance relay runners. Tasuki is Japan’s name of the sash of cloth which long-distance road relay runners wear across their chests while they run. In road relay, we pass the sash from the first runner all the way to the anchor, the last runner. It was only a sash of cloth, but, for me, it had a special meaning. Furthermore, I am certain my experience, through that tasuki, will stay in my mind and will be my guideline for my entire life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it gave me the idea of how I should walk throughout my life.
In my junior high school, I belonged to the track team as a long-distance runner, and we practiced almost everyday at the school ground for an annual national competition. The competition had been held every year on December among the 40 teams, all of which survived regional preliminaries held throughout Japan. We had won the regional eliminations 13 years in a row. Until our final year, however, my school had been beaten 25 years in a row by just one school that was famous all over the country. When I look back now, in our final year, we practiced with desperation for our earnest desire to beat that team.
But, our ace runner, Kenji, injured his lower back just one month before the competition. “No. What are we are going to do? What should we do?”(Tanaka). one of my teammates muttered in truncated sentences.
I remember that all who heard about his injury looked down with disappointment. His influence on our team was so strong; it would not be an exaggeration to say that our chance to beat that team depended on his condition. Next day, we started to practice without him as usual. But I felt lost because he was not only our ace runner, but he also had been my best friend in junior high school. Even our coach looked disappointed. After that, I, who was vice captain at that time, headed up the team instead of him who was our captain. We practiced everyday for our last competition, but, at that time, I guess nobody thought that we would beat that team. In that worst situation, tasuki saved us and gave us a strong bond of solidarity.
One weekend, we went to practice as usual and saw someone was running on the school grounds. “Who is he?” one of my friends said. It was Kenji. We all ran up to him with joy because we all thought he recovered from his injury. But we realized we were wrong. He was running with crying. He stopped and told us he could not make it for the competition because of the pain. We realized that he cried not for joy that he could run, but for regret not being able to participate in the competition.
During our practice, he sat in the center of the school ground and saw us in silence. After the practice, we usually had a meeting. He was in our meeting circle. Suddenly he began to speak. I will never forget his words:
I am so sorry but I can not make it in time for the last competition. But I believe “we” will win the game. Remenber? How much we practiced? How far we have run together since becoming teammates? Which teams have better teamwork than us? Of course I regret a lot. But, it is too late to think. I will support you guys as much as I can. (Kenji)
After saying so, he gave us the red tasuki, the sash. On tasuki, there were all of our names embroidered with yellow color.
On race day, we had a meeting as usual. After our coach’s advice, he told us that we would win, and asked us to go in and win for Kenji (Kenji). The first runner wore the tasuki, and finally the race began with the whistle. I was the anchorman instead of our captain, Kenji, and I waited until tasuki came to my points. Wonder of wonder, our team came first to my points. I noticed how the previous runners did their best when I took over our tasuki from the former runner and began to run. I felt the weight of it. I felt as if not only former runner’s sweat was in tasuki, but Kenji’s feeling and all teammate’s desires were in our tasuki. I ran all the way to the goal wearing my teammate’s feeling in order not to be overtaken by other runners. Finally, I raced to the finish line where my best friends and all other teammates were waiting me. After I reached the finish line, we exploded in joy shaking our fists in the air. At the same time, I felt the tasuki was losing its weight and it turned back to only a cloth. After Kenji got the cup from the championship organizer, I noticed that tears rolled down his cheeks. At the same time, the audience and other teams burst into applause. Since then, our first victory has been called “the miracle of red tasuki”.
Our red tasuki is still on the wall of our club room. It might be only one red cloth for others. But, for us, it has a special meaning. I am certain that the miracle, the power of friends, and the weight of tasuki that I felt that time will last in my mind forever.
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weekly rental condominium
From 3th on January to 7th, I rent weekly mansion(It means weekly rental condominium). That room was toooooo small, and I never can say it was confortable, but we barely stayed there. I did not know when I chose this rental condominium, but it was near YUSHIMA shrine. As someone knows, it is very famous shrine in Japan. Many students taking entrance exam for college is going to go there to pray for their wish to come true. You know, in Japan, the race to get into the prestigious university is extremely competitive, so most student go to prep schools in addition to their daily classes at their own school.

By the way, we went UENO and enjoyed shopping. I bought some stuffs needed to bring to the United States, and she bought the jersey and hoodie. She looked really nice on those. It perfectly suited on her. I am jerous her, and wanted to say "It's unfair!" ha-ha. We also bought some nibblies and some snacks for wine and sake which mich brought from here office. But I always get drunk so easily, we could not drain even either bottle. I really want to be able to drink a lot like Michi. But I know that is not gonna happen to me.
Anyway, it was a great time with her.
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