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Happy New Year and happy birth day my mom!!!

I am in Japan and just have been starting to keep daily journals. (Actually I wrote this article on January 12th from Tampa. I wanted to put the first journal on the day January first. Ha-ha. I know no one care about it.
That day, I spent the whole day with Ken and his family. Actually I was sick, so-called NORO-UIRUSU in Japan. It was really hard time for me. I vomited many times and suffered from severe diarrhea at Hide's house. To tell the truth, I passed this serious disease to Yoshihisa and yuu, my best friends in Japan. In addition to this bad news, after I came back to the United States, ken told me that his mom and big brother caught a sick...It obviously came from my illness. I passed it to them. What a fucking man I am. Not only I went to friend’s house on the last day of 2006 and first day of the New Year’s when every family is supposed to relax with their family and talked in family on both days. I am like a (). Ha-ha.

I have to say sorry to all friends who got my sick. Several days after new years, Michi also got a sick. His symptoms are different from mine, but it might have given her mine. Oh, that's not enough even I say 'I am sorry' 100 times.

I experienced a lot of new things in 2006. The biggest things happened to me is coming to the United States of course. I am 100% sure that coming to the United States made me strong and gave me a wonderful experiences.

I want to thank to everyone whom I met here in the United States, my family, my friends in Japan, and my girl friends, Michi.

I hope everyone is gonna spend a great day in their own field.
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