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my past essays part3
This essay below are written about Australia.
It is about Ayers rock. Actually I have never been to the Ayers rock, but I managed to make up this story. My friends who checked this eaasy called me "super lier!!"

The Bellybutton of the Earth

“Nobody can express the beauty of that landscape” (Ohashi). How true that observation was! At the top of the Ayers rock, my friend, Masaru and I—who are both usually talkative—stood amazed and watched the sun setting on the skyline. We said nothing. That landscape burned into my mind, and, even now, it remains vivid within me. In this essay, I want to introduce my journey to the Ayers rock, which gave us the most unforgettable memory.
Three years ago, Masaru and I went on a “no money trip” to the Australia (No money trip means that we cut costs as much as possible by sleeping outside, hitchhiking, and eating cheap food). Doing so, of course, might not work for some people, because sleeping outside or hitchhiking in a foreign country is dangerous. I know that staying at a luxurious hotel or eating a sumptuous dish also can make a trip great. But for people like us, people having no money, a no money trip is the best way to enjoy or to study the culture of a foreign country while traveling. We have gone to many places to see the beauty of nature and to visit local residents. So, as always, we planned to go to Australia with little money. However, at that time, we did not know how special the trip to Australia would turn out to be for us.
Right after we arrived at the airport, we started to obtain information about the Ayers rock. We have another rule for our adventure. We never obtain information until we arrive. This means that we do not make reservation any hotel or restaurant; we believe this rule makes our trips more thrilling. So, according to that rule, we gathered some information at the airport, and then visited local residents who are called Aborigine. In central Australia, we saw another world, which we had never seen before. We experienced their ritual ceremonies, their traditional dance, and their eating habits. These were all precious experiences, which we would never had if we had tried to plan a trip like that. Those experiences were what exactly we had wanted to do. Next day, however, we experienced a further more wonderful moment at the top of the Ayers rock. Since then, the top of the Ayers Rock have been the unique and best place for me.
Ayers rock (also known by its Aboriginal name Uluru) is a huge rock formation in central Australia, in the Northern Territory. According to geological facts, it is the second-largest monolith in the world (after Mount Augustus, also in Australia), more than 986 ft high and 5 miles around (Anne, Kerle). The huge rock are also said that there are no similar monoliths in the vicinity; Ayers rock isn’t a part of a prehistoric glacial moraine. Instead, it is the tip of a rock layer tilted 90 degrees by violent geologic activity some 300 million years ago and extending thousand of feet into the earth. We climbed all the way to the top of the huge rock. (Shea Leff)
We headed to this big rock, which are also called the bellybutton of the earth. After reaching the base of the Ayers rock, we started to climb a big egg-shaped rock. Looking up the huge monolith from the right below, I felt it was red wall. Who would imagine that huge, huge monolith exists in our world. The power of nature; we felt we were only small existence in front of the nature. While climbing, fighting with a piled fatigue for long journey, we noticed that the sunset turned the whole sky a pink hue. After we reached the top of the rock, we noticed that a 360 view of vast, red horizon are stretched before us. It was too beautiful for words, and I felt as if the landscape extended to infinite. Thinking at the earth level, Ayers rock maybe tiny rock, but, for us, that huge rock gave us vast, and incredible landscape stretched below our eyes. After reaching the top of the Ayers Rock where we saw the vast landscape, that place turned out to be the most unique and intriguing places.
Seeing red miracle view, we talked a lot about our future sitting on side by side. At that time, of course even now, we have similar dreams: working in the sporting world. I am not sure how many hours we spent there, but it is true that I felt the time we spent there went by so slowly. On the way to go back to the airport from seeing the belly of the earth, we decided to come there again when we make each dream a reality.
Nowadays, many artificial buildings have been built all over the world, and many natural places have been turned into a tourist site. Of course some of these sites are still beautiful as well. But for me, the landscape that we saw at the top of the Ayers rock is the most beautiful in the world. The feeling that we experienced, the time that we spent, and the landscape that we saw will stay in my mind forever.
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