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I have set the alarm clock over the last few days, but I've nevertheless overslept for the fourth straight day. I used to wake up with it without any problems, so I do not know what is happening on me...
Is this just coming from my carelessness? Or something is happening in my body? Am I still having jet lag?? Any others?? I am totally no idea. But I am sure something wrong in my body....I guess this might be dut to jet lag.

Anyway, I need to change my lifestyle, or I am gonna be sick or get something health problems.

There are many things I have to do in each day. I do not have enough time to spend writing this blog or in the bed....yeah, I know.
Anyway, I must manage to solve this problem with a strong will. That's because, regardless of what the cause may be, whether or not I get things off to a good start depends on myself. I will do it!

All right, I am gonna back to the study for Prevention and Care for athletic injuries. I will take advantage of acquired skills which I have gained not only in the United States but in Japanso far.

Best regards

New expression

over the last few days.
(ここ数日間。未来の場合は、within the few days. within the several days, or in the next few days)

take advantage of
take advantage of a blind point of law
take advantage of infrared communication
赤外線通信{せきがいせん つうしん}を利用{りよう}する
take advantage of networks of UN organizations
国連機関{こくれん きかん}のネットワークを生かす
take advantage of people's weaknesses

off to a ~ start〔慣用句である off to a ~ start は good(良い)などの形容詞を入れ、「幸先の良いスタートを切る」という意味で使われることが多い。しかし、ominous start(不吉なスタート)、bumpy start(不穏なスタート)のように否定的な形容詞を入れて使うこともできる〕
get off on the wrong foot
get things off to a good start

despite= In spite of=(even though SV, or Although SV)


manage to (何とか)~する
He managed to read the entire book in one day
manage to arrive at the airport just in time
manage to defend oneself from
manage to control oneself
I can manage to keep things going until you get back.
manage to hold on for the victory

barely なんとか(ぎりぎりの意味合いが強い)
We have barely enough bread for breakfast.

I will get there somehow(なんとかして、なんらかの方法で)

make it through ~をうまくやり遂げる、~を何とかやっていく、うまく通り抜ける、何とか~を切り抜ける[乗り越える]

make it through the day なんとか一日をやりすごす
make it through all right thanks to
I have to make it through this month with this money.
You can make it through.
How am I going to make it through the meeting [class]? 《会議(授業)の前にまだ資料などの準備ができていない場合に》どうしたら会議[授業]をうまく切り抜けられるだろうか。

I will make it through this semester by trying hard(studying hard)


a good-luck Charm for the well-being of one's family.家内安全のお守
lucky charm for safe driving

How much of

How much of a budget do we have?
How much of your success in business has been international?
How much of the information do you understand?

How much of a discount does this card give?

gap between rich people and poor people
gap between supply and demand
gap between theory and practice
gap between the industries
業種{ぎょうしゅ}による格差{かくさ}、業界格差{ぎょうかい かくさ}
regional gaps of health care service
医療保健{いりょう ほけん}サービスの地域格差{ちいき かくさ}

fill income gaps between
~間の所得格差{しょとく かくさ}を埋める
expand economic gaps among nations
国家間{こっか かん}の経済格差{けいざい かくさ}を広げる

narrow economic disparities // remedy the gaps in economic vigor
correct supply-demand imbalances

Disparity→ 相違。不均衡、格差。
Disparity in age 年齢の不釣り合い
Disparity in wealth
Disparity in income levels
pay disparity between men and women
男女間{だんじょ かん}の賃金格差{ちんぎん かくさ}
disparity of income between the rich and poor
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The bad feeling proved.....
My bad feeling proved right.

As I mentioned previous dairy, I met the professor who teaches us Statistics. He is Saudi Arabian and is not native speaker. He has a thick accent (He speaks with wired, distinctive accent) and it was hard for me to listen to his English perfectly. I tried to hear carefully, but I missed his word many times.
I probably need to use recorder in order to keep up with the class and get high score on the exam. Using this device is first challenge for me, but I think it is good for me. I got it at Bookstore yesterday, so I am going to study hard with the help of this device. I hope this device is going to work out for me. (I have never used it yet....)

There are 5 exams during the semester, and the lowest one will be dropped. So if I am going to be well on first four exams, I do not have to take final. I am gonna make effort to achieve that so that I can be with Michiko during the final week.
I talked to Michi on the internet today and I made her crying. What I am supposed to do... I know it's all my faults, but I could not do anything for her. What the horrible person I am.

Ok, I am gonna take a nap for a while, and then restart to review of today's classes and prepare for the tomorrow's classes. Tomorrow's class is the most difficult for me.

It is a Care and Prevention for athletic injuries. It includes verbal communication with other students and professor. I know this skill is needed to success in the United States for any jobs, but it sounds hard for me. Is it still too early for me to take these types of course? No I don't think so, I can get over this high wall if I do the best. On the exams, I even have to describe orally how to prevent a certain types of injuries or have to evaluate the injuries of classmates.
I am afraid that classmates are gonna avoid making the team with me because my English is not strong. Oh I am getting nervous....I wish everyone is kind to me. haha.
Anyway I believe this challenge will bring me some progress in English and knowledge needed for Athletic trainer.

Good night!

Oh, I forgot to attend today's Anatomy class....I was supposed to attend this time. What the hell am I doing in front of PC... It completely slipped my mind that I had another class today after Statistics... But it's too late. It is already 3:25... I was supposed to be in the class room at 2pm. I will never do such a fool thing again!! Damn it!

New Expression
(expressions related the cooking)

I can do plain cooking.
microwave oven is useful for cooking.
Do you cook? Yes, I do the cooking.
fatty food.
I's like to eat meat dishes
The food there is bad.

How do you cook this trout? Can you fry it?
simmer until the sauce has thickened.
boil up () at high heat.at low heat(=gently) 煮る
boil until it gets soft(dissolved).
boil over medium heat

grill a fish(網などで焼く)
toast a bread(パンを焼く)
grill meat(steak)肉を焼く
grilled fish (meat)焼き魚
grilled chiken 焼き鳥

FRY (up)
fry until it starts to soften and brown 柔らかくなり焦げ目がつくまで~を炒める
fry on both sides until lightly colored
We fry the beef first. Fry it until it becomes golden(brown)
cook chopped onions over a low flame

steam 蒸す
steam meat
steam clams

fry up some chicken 揚げる
fry () in oil until it get soft (golden)

cut one's finger with a kitchen knife
chopped onion // minced onion タマネギのみじん切り
shredded carrot にんじんのみじん切り
chop ~with a knife でみじん切りにする

cut in cubes 角切りにする
Cut carrots into 2-inch-long julienne strips. 千切りにする
cut [slice] ~ into julienne←千切り(strips)←how to pronounce it?
I'll cut this into thin strips

Asian flavor
flavor of wine  ワインの風味
distinct flavor 独特の風味 it has a distinct flavor

This tastes terrible.
Heat it in microwave
add seasoning 調味料 (what is the difference between seasoning and spice??)adjust seasoning to taste
I think the seasoning is a little different from usual 続きを読む
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