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Got an extension on the tuition payment
Finally, I was relieved to hear Financial Aid office gave me an extension on the payment due day. Today was due day for the tuition payment for spring semester. Although I got the tuition exemption from Japan-Florida Institute, they didn’t give me any detailed explanations. That's why I got confused. I went to the Financial Aid office yesterday and one of the officers promised me to e-mail me. But he didn't. So, I had to go talk with him again.
Actually, I did not remember his name, so I explained my situation and his appearance to the officer.

He showed up with weird smile and told me he already sent me an E-mail. Liar!!! You never sent me e-mail!

Anyway, he gave an extension on the payment due day. This means I do not have to pay my fee until March 16th. Lucky me

So I am gonna request the certification of the enrollment to the Register and send it to Japan-Florida Institute on next Tuesday. I guess this is all I have to do at this time. I got relieved because my biggest concern turned out to be OK so far.

All right, the first week was over! I realized I will be busier than last semester for sure. Besides, I feel strong helpless against my speaking skills... It's gonna be almost 9 months since I came to the United States. Maybe, I should have studied more to improve it. I need to be more strict about my daily life and English study in this semester.

I have three days off in a row in this weekend, so I should make better use of my time to prepare for next week's classes and plan a daily menu. It must help me get off to a good start. I realized again that my English ability, especially writing and speaking skills are not strong enough to communicate with American. I felt kind of being depressed because I could never say anything in classes.

From today on, I am gonna put my review of composition class which I took last semester on this blog little by little. I guess doing this takes so much of the time and energy, but it is not only worth while spending so much time on this, but I also believe that time must be good investments for my future.

Ok, gonna take a nap and start studying again! I will do everything to improve my English in this semester, I swear!!!.

Oh, I wanna go pee!! bye!

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