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suggestion about two different stuff
I am gonna post some new English expressions which I learned from Japanese comic books, One Piece. And I would like to make a suggestion on (about?) studying English.


If you have any time to read something, to read stuff like comic books written in English, which include conversational English and natural expressions, are very useful for studying practical English. This can apply all Language, maybe. With animations or facial expressions, you can guess what exactly the character intend to say, or you can see which phrases we can use in every situation(is OK?).
In light of the experience I have had, I strongly recommend to read comic books to get a conversational language. Let's try.
But, remember, the most important thing to obtain new knowledge smoothly is to read many times. I mean that studying just one time or twice doesn't mean we get new knowledge. Human being is who forgets things little by little without knowing(Is natural). The key point to gain a new language and to stay in our brain is just repeating the process from studying first time to reviewing many times(OK?). I believe so, and always keep this in my mind. People who somehow forget many things in a short time(who have a shor-term memory?) like me are specifically have to keep reviewing on your own.

I have some comic books and I read them many times again and again whenever I have a time to read them. (Most case it's before going to bed.) This is a good medicine for sleeping also. Ha-ha.
And I am gonna post some important expressions which I learned from the book on this blog so that I can recall these expressions or get the well-established knowledge.

Ok, I am gonna change the subject.
The other thing I want to suggest is about a rest room for male!! (It has totally different contents from comic book's story)
I know the bathrooms in the United States are made for American people. But I want to complain about its size. I mean the size of toilet bowls doesn't suit me! (fit me?? Which is better??)

The height of toilet bowls is kind of high. They should be lower!! Whenever I sit on the toilet bowl, I always have to keep my heels raised all the time during my business. (Is another expression? I did not come up with any other expressions...). I always get tired instead of relaxing! You know, the rest room is supposed to be a relaxing space for everyone. I know I am short, but I am sure there are many American people who are shorter than me. Why? Haven't they tried to complain about that?? If not, I willI am gonna change American culture! Oh, I just heard someone is saying that whether or not we get a more comfortable bathroom rests on my shoulder!
Yes, but in real, I know that is not gonna happen. I know I never complain actually. I guess I just have to sit there with uncomfortable feelings. I am chicken boy

Well,,, other things I want to mention today is here.
I picked up a letter of recommendation from Laura who taught me one class, Personal Wellness, in the last semester. She is so kind and has lovely smile. Actually, I was looking forward to going her class every week. Though she is very busy on her work in this semester, but she accepted my request with pleasure.→(is there more proper expression?)Anyway, I really have to appreciate her concern for my request. Thank you Laura! I am sure I will do my best in order to be accepted from the grad school which I want to get in.
Actually I had been torn between applying for University of Arkansas and for Texas tech University(I had been between two things?? more proper expression?), but I finally made up my mind to apply just for University of Arkansas. I hope everything is goona be all right. I know here I might run into many unexpected problems,,, but I just have to get over all problems so that I can achieve my final goals. It's just two years half to go(OK).

All right, I am gonna back to study.

Oh, before that, I am gonna see Chris and pass some souvenirs from Japan to her. I got some snacks and a small wallet for her, and I hope she likes them. By the way, she told Masami that she might go to Korea in a month because she found a new job there. She also told Masami that she is torn between going there and staying here. (→??which is better? She is in two minds where or not going to there). I am certain that going to Korea is gonna be a great experience for her. I didn't know that she got a new job, but it's very gladsome stuff as long as going and living in Japan or Korea is her dream and I am crossing finger for you! Anyway, congratulation Chris!! we will be behind you all the way.

taberu means to eat
I am gonna eat→ tabemasu
I want to eat Tabetaidesu
"tabemashita" means "I ate"
IF you would say "I am going to eat an apple from now" you can say" Watashiha(I) korekara(from now) ringo(apple) wo(object maker) Tabemasu. You always have to flip subject and object. It'S kind of confusing isn't is?? ha-ha. 続きを読む
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