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Anatomy & physiology exam
I took an exam for Anatomy and Physiology II today. I've been working hard on this exam for 3 days and I stayed up late to prepare for the exam (I stayed up until 3am in this morning...) I was almost getting crazy... ha-ha. This exam was multiple-choice questions, so we could check own score right after we finished it.
I have two exams today, and I got 29 out of 30 and 10 out of 10! (Perfect score!). I made it!

I believe good score this time was due to the hard work. Actually those scores motivate me to study even harder for the next goal. I will!

I was relieved when figured out that I got those scores because it would not be too much to say that whether or not I can get into the grad school depends on the total grade of this semester. I must need to get all A's. I hope I hope I can keep this motivation like this recent (is OK?) 3 days in the whole semester. (Maybe not....)

By the way, it was rain for the first time in at least 20 days. Also, it was kind of windy day. It was lucky for me, because I'd taken the umbrella with me. Some of my friends got soaked (are there more proper expression?) when they were rushing all the way up to their cars.
I hope any of them is not gonna catch a cold.

After my class, I met my friend, Veronica for the first time in 3 months. I gave her souvenir form Japan and had a small talk. She told me she is trying to go the glad school in Japan and now she is looking for it. Then I understood why she looked so tired. She added she has been studying so hard to make her grade greater and to meet the criteria for the admission of Japan's glad school.
I hope there is something I can help her.
Anyway, I was glad that she liked my present.

Even I finished the first exam, I have a lot of things to do..I know all I can do is working little by little. I wish I could memorize all new words and calculate in an instant like the hard disc of my laptop. Give me your brain!
Well, it seems I need some naps; hopefully I will do some more studies.
Tomorrow, I have a taping class which I've been waiting for. I am gonna read the text beforehand so that I can follow professor's high speed talking. He speaks really fast. Don' be rush sir!!!

Oh, I have to fill out my application. It's pain in the ass!

Japanese!元気(げんき)→(genki?) How are you?
疲れています(つかれています)→(tukarete-imasu) I am tired.
寒い(さむいです)→samuidesu. I feel cold or I am cold..

New expression

Do you have a class after this
don't let me decide 私に決めさせないでよ
throw up 吐く
big player 大事な役割を果たす物、人に使う
I felt like I've been left behind..
without hesitating.
small talk 世間話
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