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Class has been cancelled!!
Anatomy class has been cancelled!! Lucky me!
Due to this cancellation, the number of chapters which was going to be on next exam got short. (Is this sentence OK?)Yeah!!. Because it was going to cover more than hundred pages, even though it's got shorter, it's still big deal for me though. (Do you know more natural to express here??)

Anyway, I was really glad to hear that!!

Today is the last day of February. Times went by so fast just like the light. I guess I need to put value even on just one second.

There is only 3 month left to study at USF. It's not so long till I move to another state. I wish I could study more, but I've got no choice but to go Arkansas to get closer to my objective. Anyway, the only thing I can do just now is that to use my time for improving all skills which will be needed in the grad school. (OK?)

I will do my best on(in) March too!!

※school のスペルに注意。なぜかいつもタイプミスする!
※February のスペルに注意。同上。

(please bring something for me?)
you can say,
(SOY milk) wo mottekite kudasai.
Or you can just say,
SOY MILK mottekite. it is informal between friends. you can use both!!


Is there any cake left over from yesterday?
Pick out what you want and I'll take the rest
There is only a little left, so I'll have some more.
If that's where you want to go, that's fine with me
The test this time covers a lot
Was this area supposed to be on the test?
We'll do a review of what's going to be on the testWhen you have a wide range of friends, you have a lot of events to go to
Don't think in a narrow way

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just finished!
I just came back from the class.
I took an exam for Prevention and Care for athletic injuries.

All in all, I guess I could answer most questions, but there were a few vogue questions which didn't make sense for me. Is that I felt so due to just my ignorance? Or the questions were not appropriate??
Anyway, I guess I gotta review for that part. There were many new terms I have never seen on the exam.

While I am gonna review them, I will take tons of new terms root in my brain (Is natural to say??)

Besides, internship stuff are getting in full swing. I need more and more knowledge to catch up with Mike and to get one step closer to my objectives.

First, I am thinking to start making notes so that I can keep records or look up more details about each patient's disorders or conditions lately.(is OK?)

Oh, I wanna eat Michi's cooking. It's been a while since I ate hers last. Her cooking is just like a pro. I wish they suddenly came up on my table now!! ぶた

When you answer the phone, you can say "MOSHIMOSHI" just like "hello" in English. Try next time. Don't be shy for using this. It's absolutely natural to say so.

new expression

That is pretty hardcore
He doesn't seem to be in full swing yet.
get one step closer to one's long-cherished dream of
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Red Sox's spring training!
I went to Fort Myers to see Red Sox's Spring Training with Katsu.
We spent a great time. Unfortunantely, I don't have enough time to write details because another exam is coming soon!!
Actually, it's tomorrow...

I would like to write about many details like what I saw and what I felt about that spring training later.

One thing I want to mention on this posting is Fort Myers was not so far. I mean the place where Red Sox are doing the practice was much close to Tampa than I thought. My friend told me it was(is??) supposed to take more than three hours at least to go there, but in reality, it took only 2 hours from our apartment by his car.

I just thought living in Tampa has great opportunities to see many teams which are taking place spring trainig othre than Red Sox in Florida state. I will take advantage of living here and will go to see many famous players!!

Oh, before doing that, I gotta start preparing for an exam right now!!



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can't wait
I am going to Fort Myers to see Red Sox's spring training. This year, more than five Japanese professional players have come to play in MLB.
One of them is DAISUKE, the best player in Japan. He and another Japanese player are taking part in spring training at Fort Myers this year. I am sure they are all world-class baseball players and are gonna do well even in MLB, the best baseball league in the world. Their skills and sprits are evident in the fact that Japan got the first prize in WBC (world baseball classic)(Is this sentence natural?)
So, me and Katsu are going there to see them.

I just can't wait!!
I guess I should take my gloves just in case I can get his autograph.

I guess so.
you can use anytime, it's very natural to say when you kinda agree with something.

【名】 実践本
【形】 実践の、実地に参加しての、参加型の

hands-on expertise
hands-on learning opportunities
hands-on mobile-phone
hands-on training

on-the-job training は、「働きながら仕事のやり方を学ぶ」ということで似た意味だが、ニュアンスが違う。
get a hands-on experience
in a hands-on form

get hands-on practice

hands-on exam実技試験


The cowboy pulled the rope taut around the cow's feet. カウボーイはロープを引っ張って、牛の足の周りにぴんと巻き付けた
pull the rope taut

Put your hands on one knee. No, both hands on just one knee. Either one is fine
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SOAP notes
Today is our 15 months anniversary since I started dating with Michi. Thank you for everthing. I must appreciate her consideration for everything. She even sent me some presents for me sometimes and these stuff have really helped me. So does this time.(OK?) Again, thank Michi.

By the way, Have you guys ever heard the term, SOAP? This term doesn't seem to be familiar to most people. In SOAP notes, each letter represents Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, respectively, and making SOAP notes is the most basic stuff for clinicians when patients are coming in. It's like a medical record.

When making these notes, we talk with patients to gather a lot of information from them because each patient is the only person who knows his/her actual symptoms. We should diagnosis based on his/her compliment. However it often occurs that even patients don't notice the change in their shapes. In these cases, Subjective assessment does't work out any more and other assessments are gonna be needed.

In subjective area, we are gonna ask patients how they actually feel. For instance, I can ask them

How do they feel since last visits?
How is their symptom today? How are you today?
Do you have any tender or sore? Did you do something special?
Do they have any difficulty in their daily living such as bed mobility, chair transfer, or up or down stairs? Is getting better or getting worse since last time or yesterday?
When do they feel pain? Specific motion? Specific posture? Specific time? Specific whether?
Is there anyway they can decrease pain or uncomfortable.

And we are gonna write their complients or their notices briefly. Since we have to take care of many patients at the same time and can't use much time for just one patient, we have to listen their stories carefully and take notes in a short time.
I guess this is one of the important skill which we shold have when working at a clinic.

In objective, we are gonna evaluate their conditions through the objective perspective and put on SOAP notes what we actually saw or measured objectively.
For example, when the patient improves his ROM (range of motion) or time how long he can maintain his balance on one leg, we are gonna write down about them.
Or we can also put if patients have any problems during doing certain exercises. Like if he tends to shift his weight to right leg, we can write down about that. We shouldn't just guess their conditions or shouldn't put patient's subjective compliments.

In assessment, we are gonna put the reason why they'd changed their conditions or what their actual problems are. If they are doing a certain exercise with problems, we should put in this part we should write down what cause prevent them from doing right exercise. Specifically like objective part, when person tends to shift his weight toward right side, we consider that because his left leg might have weakness comparing the other leg. So in this blank, we are gonna write "his left leg might have weakness"

In the last part, plan part, we are gonna put what kind of treatments or which exercises we are gonna provide to the patients. Like the last example, if person has weakness in his left leg, we are gonna focus on to improve his left leg strength or try to make balance of both leg.
And we are gonna put actual the name and way of exercises in this part.

I tried making this process by myself today. This was my first time actually talking with patient and get information from them.
I got nervous, but thanks to her kind personality, I managed to make them and Mike gave me OK sign from long distance.

I felt good, but at the same time, I also felt helpless in my conversation skill. But I will prepare more for making SOAP notes next time.

I am gonna get right down to this challenge!(Is natural?)

洗う(ARAU) to wash something.
I am gonna wash my hands.
(watashi wa te(hands) wo arau). more proper to say ARAIMASU.
try this!!

※please correct the my wrong. I guess there are many weired expression in this blog. I got confused actually. I would really appreciate it if you can check this blog. thanks. and if you have any japanese question, please feel free to ask me.
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Anatomy and Kinesiology
I felt some helplessness in my knowledge of Anatomy and kinesiology. I had thought I knew more than I actually knew.(???) However, every time Mike gave me questions about human body and kinesiology (human movement), I got stuck for an answer (natural?)and couldn't answer him right away.

I should be able to organize the information which I had in my mind and to output them more quickly than I am doing now. This skill is absolutely critical for an athletic trainer when athletes fell down with injuries.
Because, in a sense, it is not too much to say that whether athletes is gonna live or die depends on whether athletic trainer does right judgment or not. Because when athletes got severe injuries such as head trauma, they might die even they appear fine at that time.

I will study anatomy so that I can answer everything which Mike asks me!

Dear katie
(I got confused in many points on this blog. Plese check and tell me where you feel weired and doesn't make sense.)


I am in hurry

try this!
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I got ready for all documents listed in application requirement and just drop all stuff in the mailbox(is this sentence OK. I got kinds confused..)
Mike, my supervisor, wrote recommendation letter and certification letter of observation hours for me this morning. It made my application done.

So, All that is left is just waiting result. To be honest with you, I feel kinda nervous, but I know there is no use concerning whether I am gonna be accepted or not. That's because, as for the rest, it's all up to them. (is this paragragh is OK? I feel kinds wired about these sentences)I guess I should be just relax and wait patiently to accept with easy.(Is this sentence OK???)(to say "without haste" is natural to say instead of patiently?)

I am busy(Watashi wa isogashii desu)
I am not busy today(Kyou(today) ha isogashiku nai)
try this!

new expression
without haste 気長に
at easy.

put someone's heart at ease
・ Put your mind at ease. 安心してください。
・ Counseling helped put [set] her mind at ease [rest]
with one's mind at ease
I feel more at ease with you than with him.

The best thing about David is the way he makes everyone feel at ease. デビッドの一番いい点は、みんなを和ませてくれるところです。
・ I feel more at ease with you than with him

If you watch every bite he takes, he'll feel uncomfortable

recognize the symptoms of butterflies in the stomach
I don't feel comfortable being here
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things piled up ahead of me
Mike, my supervisor, gave me tons of assignments for next week.
To tell the truth, I am barely coming up with school stuff, and there is no room I can afford another concern... (Is OK?)

But, here is a deal. My biggest objective is to be an athletic trainer and what I am studying at clinic is exactly what I have wanted to study ever since I decided to be a trainer. I know it is important to get high grade on (in?) school classes because it has something to do with scholar ship and financial aid even after I get into the grad school. Of course it also is obvious getting high grade means getting more knowledge about these subjects. However, I don't think it is good thing to think about class grades too much. Rather than these stuff, getting clinical experience at FOI surely gives me some ideas of how to follow the path to the excellent athetic trainer.(Is OK)

Yes, all Physical Therapists and ATCs working there will be my living teachers. I will keep my eyes on everthing it is going(it is running?) there and absorb the knowledge and skills as much as possible to be better trainer than who I am today by the last day of my clinical training.(Is this sentence OK??)

Ok, I will start with that clinic stuff first.

KIRU(wear something)
HUKU(clothes) WO KIRU (I am gonna wear my clothes. or I am gonna put my clothes on)

try this!!
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I did it!
I just finished online exam on Nutrition and I got perfect score on it! 50 out of 50. I couldn't be better!! Actually, it was so easy and everyone should get perfect score.

Another good thing is that I got e-mail from admission office of the grad school and it said my application status got ready for evaluation. I worries whether I will be accepted or not, but I know there is no use thinking what depends on them.(is it OK?)
The bad thing is that I still have a lot of stuff to do today..
I will take a little nap and start with Clinic staff. I am studying about shoulder anatomy and function.
they are really fun. The more I have a interest about it, I could memolized more than other stuff.(Is this sentence OK?)

Actually, I am the one who need the rehabilitaiton in shoulder. I got hurt long time ago and it still sometimes hurt me. It even bothers me in daily living when lift up something heavy over the head or keep my arms raised.

I am thinking to use myself as a patint to see how my rehabilitaion plan is gonna work out. I hope my shoulder get back to pre-injury level so that I can play a catch without any reserve(Is ok to say "without any reserve"?). To do so, I have to think about my rehab plan carefully so that even I can apply for other future patients.(OK?)

It's a been while since I started to feel pain when I throw the ball at full power.
I hope that day comes!!! I will!

みる(watch something) MIRU
look at something MIRU

We don't have any difference between to look at and watch something . We treat them as almost same terms. try this!

And please check my writing. if you see any problems with my writing other than where I put question mark. thanks always.

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No time!!
I have no time to write today's blog.

So, I will put just a small thing I did on Sunday.
Korian friends, Suu and Rim made a dinner for me.(for some Japanese friends). It was really good. It's much better than I thought. ha-ha. Actually, I had not expected because I am not good at spicy food; I knew most Korian guys like spicy favor and I had though they are also one of them.

Anyway, we had really good time with surrounded by delicous dishes.(is "surronded by "OK?)
I hope we can make some Japanese-style dishes for them next time in return for today.

I have another exam tomorrow and gotta start right now!!
I am gonna stick in the library all night!!



glasses (MEGANE)
MEGANE WO KAKERU(I am gonna put my glasses on)
※kakeru means kinda "wear something" but we have some different pattern of saying "wearing" like put on and wear in United States.
Ask me anytime!!
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wanna cook

Since my apartment has the cafeteria instead of not having kitchens in each room, I haven't cooked recently. When I was in college student in Japan, I used to cook almost everyweek. But, I guess I almost forget how to cook. To keep my hand in cooking (is proper expression??), I guess I need to practice sometimes in the very least. But in fact, there is no place I can cook.

To tell the truth, I got tired of eating the same meals there. I really want something new. That is one of main reasons that I have start feeling that I wanna make some plates for myself. Besides, when I cook for myself, I can season as however I want(Is OK?). At the same time, to be honest with you, Since I am the only one who eats those dishes, I often tend to be loose(“insensitive” is better???) about seasoning on my dishes….. that way is called “Cooking of Man” in Japan.
I wish there is someone who could eat with me!!

Since I live alone, it must be useful experience to learn how to cook using stuff which I could get only in the United States. Speaking of foods, is there something I couldn’t get in Japan??
I guess I can get everything in Japan what I could get here. I realized how great environmental I was in.

I know it's my biggest objective to learn about Sport Medicine and English itself, but living in foreign country and obtaining the experience through a daily life is surely giving me some idea for my life.(surely giving me is OK?)

押す(OSU) push something
引く(HIKU)pull something

IF you wanna know how to use those in daily living, feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks your comments everyday!!

New expression

I am begging you!
Ever since~~~

you're compelled to compelled to
《be ~》~せざるを得ない、やむを得ず~する

You'll be compelled to pay the whole bill.
half-compelled to
I feel compelled to accept this offer because the pay is so good.
compelled to wonder 《be ~》~と思わざるを得ない
compelled to accept
《be ~》~を受け入れざるを得ない、~に泣き寝入りする
compelled to admit to the charges due to torture
《be ~》拷問によって無理やり罪を認めさせられる
compelled to cancel the plan
《be ~》その計画を中止せざるを得ない

I think you are compelled to...

you' re embrassing me.
We apologize sincerely for.
You feel the same way about me 同じように思ってる

you know how you feel about me
you are kicking me in the can
you drive me home
who is stopping you??
It's obvious that they don't love each other

This is the first valentine day since we broke up.
It's not big deal for me.
I rather not go out

I hope this medicine will kick in soon. この薬がすぐに効くことを願っている。
・ The tax deductions signed into law today won't kick in until next March. 今日決まった減税案は来年の3月にならないと効力が出ない。

thank you, but I don't touch alcohol
FYI; for your information
BYOB bring your own booze(bottle)
would you mind repeating what you said??
Is that so??
What a suprise!! May I open it here??

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Gonna buy a car
Tomorrow, my friend, Josh takes me to buy a car.
Recently, I have been looking for cars which seem best for me online or in some Magazines and I got some good cars fit on me.
Actually, I don't care its types, color, or even shape as long al it runs well and the gas is good (Of course I do care about the price. Actually the price is all the matter). Oh, the only thing I am thinking of is that I am gonna definitely buy Japanese car. I don't trust American car. Ha-ha.

Hope we could find best car for me tomorrow.
Of course, the cheaper, the better.

When I was in Japan, actually I drove my old car all the time and drove out from the bottom of Japan all the way to the northeast part of it. I love driving and going to see many natural beauty or sightseeing points. I guess my best hobby is traveling to many places where I have never been with my best friends in (ON?) my car
Of course, I am safe driver.

I am torn which insurance company I am gonna use. I guess I should ask my friends for help figure out which are best for me.

I can't wait buying that anyway!!

So, since I am gonna use going out to buy that stuff, I have to use my time efficiently not to fail in the exam. ("Fail" is OK?)

There is tons of stuff to finish by this weekend. I will start right now!!

in the meantime そう(こう)しているうちに、そのうち(に)

He was thinking over question 1 and in the meantime [meanwhile], passed the time limit. 彼は第一問を考えているうちに、制限時間を過ぎてしまった
その間 その間だけ、一時的に、当面{の間、今のところ(は)、とりあえず、ひとまずは、差し当たり、それまでは、それまでの間

In the meantime, oil imports from the Middle East keep rising and the Chinese economy keeps growing.
In the meantime, I'll stay here and wait for your phone call.

I don't touch alcohol.
never touch alcohol

tell someone not to touch alcohol
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problem boy
My apartment has a computer room and there are three desktops and a printer. The printer is actually a super problem boy.
It usually works smoothly, but once he get into bad mood, it doesn't work at all. Sometimes when I put a "Print" button, he stops suddenly with a weired sound. That sound looks(seems?) as if he is laughing at me. Why, you!!!

Since last semester, I got in trouble many times due to him.
Hope officer of The edge fixes him. Otherwise I might get in trouble again...

教えてください(oshietekudasai) tell me something

Since there is no way to get XX anymore, we have no choice but to choose alternatives. XXを入手する方法がもうないとなると、代わりのものを選ぶしかありません

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Am I getting better??
I went to register to make sure whether they already sent my transcript to the grad school which I want to get into.

That ("that" is OK??) is because a staff at the admission of the grad school sent me an e-mail and it said they haven't received my transcript yet. I requested them two weeks ago, so I wondered why it has not been there.

And I figured out why it hadn’t reached there. That was because I had some holds, which means there were some problems with my school registration statue and it had prevented register officers from preceding my request stuff forward.(Is OK?)

I had two holds to override immediately. One was in International Admission and the other was the Casher stuff.

I went to check my statue there and they told me they need official TOEFL score. Actually, I already passed the criteria needed to get into Undergraduate level. But Problem was that I hadn't requested ETS(Institute taking care of TOEFL exam) to send an official score to the admission of USF. Since I had known that there was not enough time to wait until ETS send the official score because that procedure typically takes more than two weeks and it will be already after deadline of application for grad school(IS ok? " it will already after the deadline of application" and other parts?).

So I asked them if they could override my hold(is natural to say "though I didn't expect anything" here?), and fortunately they did. Thanks!!!

The other thing I have to take care of was casher stuff. This problem was simple. I had a hold here just because that I had not paid my tuition by the time I went to Casher office to check my statue. Actually, I had been waiting until my scholarship was coming into an account for my balance.(OK? I got confused) .

After finishing these problems, they finally promised me to put the transcript in the mailbox in the early morning tomorrow.

At the same time, through today's events, I realized some growing feeling about my English(is natural to say "growing feeling"? sence of growing?). It means that if I was old self, I wouldn't have solved these problem that fast (this quick??). It must have taken more time going around many places or asking people for help. Actually, I could communicate smoothly with all person who I met today without any problem. I guess I might be getting better in speaking.

I feel good for some reason. Ha-ha.
I will sleep a lot today to regain my energy to study!!

Good night!!

I am sorry I have tons of questions on this blog and last one.(other than sentences which I highlighted. SOOOOOO many...)
Ha-ha. If you don't have time, don't worry. Please correct my writing only when you have time. Thanks always.

元気?(GENKI) how are you?
元気にしてた?(GENKI-ni shiteta?) How have you been.
久しぶり(HISASHIBURI) long time no see!

try this!!

New expression

We apologize, but the server that holds your account information is temporarily unavailable. This delay is not due to a problem with your account. You may notice that other users can sign in and get their mail, but this is because their accounts are on different servers.
We are working as quickly as possible to end this delay, so please check as often as you wish to see if you can sign in. If you keep seeing this message, it means the server is still unavailable. We appreciate your patience, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

get a feel for
get a feel of how ~ normally is
get a feel of the place

get a feeling
get a feeling for someone's personality (人)の性格を感じ取る
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got tired
I god tired....
I stayed up late last night to prepare for today's exam. Despite that, I got bad score. The exam was kind of challenging, but, rather than difficulty level of the exam, acutually, I should've started preparing for today's exam earlier(IS this sentence ok??). yeah, that's it.

I have another exam next week on Nutrition. It covers four chapters and I have to read,at least, more than 100 hundred pages and answere more than 350 practice questions by then. I am gonna start preparing tomorrow as not to make the same mistake. I swear!

I think I misused my time for this time(OK?) for everything such as hoptital stuff and classes. I should plan more precisely beforehands. I guess there must be better way I could be doing with my time because we all are given 24 hours per day equally. There is no way I would waste these precious time. (I have no confidence in this paragraph,, could you check it?)

I believe my experience studying in United States, will give me some new ideas and allow me to grow in many ways. Just step forward without looking back as a wise saying "things past cann't be recalled".(is natural?)

Anyway, I should use my time in the most productive way possible.



お願いします(please), ONEGAISHIMA-(you can hold out)SU
try this!

I didn't think I was gonna get a reply from you this quick(so quickly も ok)こんなに
I didn't expect you so soon
I didn't expect to hear your voice so soon. こんなにはやく
Sorry to get you up so early, but this is rather important こんなにはやく
I never saw a guy unwind that fast.

get back to one's old self
struggle to be one's old self
feel like one's old self
put off one's old self
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Coming up!
Anatomy exam is coming up tomorrow!
I have studied nothing!!!
I am in terrible pinch!!!(OK?)(is more natural to say "boo-boo" or "deep shit"?)

I know I don't have much time left(left is OK?). So I have to get it together in time. There is no time to waste even a little bit! (OK?)

Just do it!!
Give me one more day for preparing!

お腹がいっぱい(I am full)Onaka(stomoch) ga(object marker) ippai(full)
お腹がすいた(I am hungry)Onaka(stomoch) ga suita(hungry)

nex expression
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lazy Sunday
I stayed in my room all day today.
I felt something getting out of shape, but I really had a good time talking with Michi.

We are going to Disney World on so-called GOLDEN WEEK in Japan.
Thank you Michi for considering many things. I can't wait to see her and go there.

Before those pleasure stuff (is natural to say this?), I gotta finish up all assignments and tasks to do during this semester. By the way, I got perfect score on Statistics exam I had taken on last Wednesday. Yeah!! If other subjects go on like this, I guess my final grade is gonna be great!
I hope so.

Ok, I will stick in the library to day until it close. I made up my mind!! I won't come back until then!!!

I have been looking recently for a cheap, used car, but I still haven’t got any useful information. I need it as soon as possible to go around spring training of MLB teams(go around is proper expression?). There are many teams which are doing spring camp in Florida State. Moreover I could see Japanese famous players who came to play in MLB.

In the frist place, since I really love to drive, I just can’t wait until I get my new baddy. Someone! Give me information!!

put on shoes, (Kutsu wo haku)haku means put something on
take off shoes(kutsu wo nugu)nugu means take something off

try this!!

New expression
We have only one eraser, so we'll have to use it by turns.
in sequential order
in descending order

He tried to hold down his nausea.
Other symptoms may include fever, headache and nausea.
acute nausea

bunch of people
try a bunch of different things

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To tell the truth,,,,there is nothing to write about today..
TO strech a point, tons of tons of assignments piled up before me....(is OK?). I guess those who are so-called "an able man" would do these assignment without any problems.(is OK???) I really want to be smart and be called "an able man". I know that's not gonna happen.

by the way, fortunatelly, my shape is getting better. Running nose and sore throat have stopped. It's relief.

By the way by the way, The dirty(smelly??) air seems to be stuck in my room...(does make sense?)I need to open the window for a while and do the replacement of air. (Can I just say "I need to open the window to have fresh air come into my room?")

New Japanese!

"Otanjou-bi omedetou" means "happy birthday," right?
that's abusolutely correct! you are smart!
do you have something to learn. ask me anything

止まる(to stop)TOMARU
My car stopped(watashi no(my) kuruma(car) ha tomatta(past tense))
やめる (to stop ○○ing) YAMERU
stop smoking
tabako wo yameru

they are kind of similar words, but their meaning are different.

new expression
you are stuck-up and mean

it is just plain bread
plain color 単色の、あっさりした色の
plain field
plain living

you are missing the point!
have you tasted that meal??
why would you say that??(thatがポイント。そんなこと)
how about tuesday after school??
come up with a weird idea
think up the strategy to increase the sales
think up an excuse
think up an idea
Now his ruse has failed

I was kind of thinking the same thing.
take over the job of

something different would be good

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Today is my big sister's, YUKO's 25th birthday. Happy birthday YUKO. She is gonna get married in this April, so this birth day the last birth day as a single.

I hope I can go back Japan and attend the wedding party. Actually, however, I am afraid I might have an exam on the very day of wedding...I hope not...
Speaking of the weddings, today is also important day for my senior teammate of baseball team which I belonged to when I was College student in Japan. His nickname is NI-YAN and is the best baseball player I've ever seen. Actually, he got married with his partner today.

Unfortunately, I could not make it because of classes here, but I am sure he is gonna make good family with her new partner.

Ok, my sore throat is getting wrose..I was going to go the library all the day today, but I changed my mind. I am going in the morning and take a nap in the evening... I believe weekend is supposed to exist even for international students to take a rest!! It sure is.

You guys! In the meantime, enjoy all the excitement!!

※you are gonna convince his parents not him to change to another school("him" in this sentence is OK??)

おめでとうございます(omedetougozaimasu)→more formal
they both are very common to say regardless of age, sex, position... try it!!

new expression
you are taking other job
why would you think that??
stick it out
Just stick it out and you will be able to succeed at this job. 最後まで何とか持ちこたえれば、この仕事は成功しますよ。
stick it out to the end
Stick it out.

we made it through
it's on the slide(滑り台)
raise your arm as far as you can
we better hurry
this is sticky sun flower!
it's fixed!
we're not turning big...
I am gonna take you to a cance party
I will be out of here in no time
At this rate, our landfills will be filled up in no time.
You can get back into shape in no time.
Your father will be back on his feet in no time

I have no ear for music
She's tone-deaf
have a tine ear

He doesn't know that he has no ear for music...

I have no sense of direction
I am bad at directions

Are we ever now?
Now we are even?
that's makes it even between us!
no fair!

I am torn between going or not going
I'm wondering whether or not I should go.
Have half a mind to go...
It was obvious he was bluffing
hey, you are bluffing, aren't you?? はったり

send-off party
you might be interested in this, but....
you are gonna convince his parents not him to change to another school
he lied to us
what a coincidence
hey look at that!
we've been expecting you
see, my prediction came true. (予想的中)
do you remenber things about me
Iam soaked in my sweat(汗でびしょびしょ)
is sorrounded by the pacific
just skip to the very last page
they learn from each other
you may know him,
I gotta be in tip-top shape
Did you make all of this? Looks so yummy!" "Help yourself. I made too much."
Let me see. Yeah. This looks yummy!

I gotta stay in tip-top shape!
tip-top condition
on the tip-top of the mountain
tip-top results
tip-top condition

in good form

my computer isn't working right..something wrong..
I couldn't be better.
My computer is behaving well recently.

it looks ordinary egg, but,,,

it could be either side..
what if you had...
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seem to get・・・
I seem to catch a cold... Since yesterday, I have had running nose and sore throat.
Could these symptoms be a predictor of something bad??(OK? is "May better?")

I have an apatite enough to eat breakfast for now, but I don't know whether this will be better or worse...

Anyway, there seems to be no room to take a rest until this Sunday. I gotta go Fire department today to make sure if I can take a lecture to become a certified CPR and First Aids for adult. I need to become certified because being a certified of CPR and First Aids before I submit application documents are one of the requirements for the grad school.

There are tons of things to do ahead of me... (Ahead of me is good here??)
I will get through for sure!

※Is it natural to say "would you please take us for a ride home

寝る(to sleep)Neru.
起きる(to get up)OKiru.

Watashi wa NEMASU. OYASUMI(good night)
Watashi ha OKIMASU. OHAYOU(good morning)

you can use like above!!
if you have a quesition feel free to ask me!

new expression
that's because you are taking other jobs.
Why would you think that??
That's not that easy そんなに)
No!! oh, no means YES!
what if come to my office
offer me a job as a designer
Do you care for a ride?
ask for a ride home

It seems like you want to take me for a ride.

it's on the slide
to heave to lift
raise your arm as far as you can
we better hurry
this is sticky sun flower
It's fixed
sing forte?
we are not turning big?
I am gonna take yuo to the dance party
I will be out of here in no time
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Not so bad
I had an exam on Statistics today. I felt it was easy and I should get more than 95 out of 100. Is this because simply the exam was easy or I did well?? Nobady knows. But most classmates should get higher than ninty percent.
Anyway, I was relieved that my biggest concern in this week was done with good feeling(how to express here. Is there another good expression?).

But I still have a lot of things to do...But, now, I am feeling good and, if other things go on at this rate, I will get some progress both in English and knowledge of Athletic Training.

I am goona take a little nap and restart studying.
I am thinking to stuck in the library tonight until it close.
Besides, Mike gave me tons of Homeworks for tomorrow's clinical training.
I guess there are no room for me to sleep(time is better??) tonight....

I hope so!


today, I put noun! you can use those stuff with other verbs which you've already got. Try it!!

New expression

unless you take care of you in proper way.
give you back to pre-injury level in quick amount of time.

you gotta take an extra time to get back in shape again?
hte chance to get hurt is higher because you got out shape and you waste more time.

There are a lot of different things you can do to stay in shape.

Just a wild guess.
I thought everything is going pretty well.
I believe in you
you're half way there already.

I doubt it.
give it a shot!
It's like you are bubbli-head
two dancer in the 60th

I'm one of those people
That's not I meant
(What if)
I don't wanna feel left out
This is brand-new
Let me see
Don't they know I am busy
No but I'll keep looking
This song reminds me of childhood
I was out all night looking for him
Any problem can be solved with a little hard work
just taking these flyers(ちらし)
feel thing empty
I know you are back here
I blew it. I really blew it!
on that very spot(まさにあそこで!)
did you raise the praice again??
I will glad to lend some money at 300% interest
Why do I have to carry the heavy end??
I have to refold(たたみ直す)
fold up tatamu

How could you??
Not as funny as that
I don't even want to know
I think getting my appatite back

why don't we thorw the party for her?
how many days you guys lived apart?
Since you started dating?
you're not afraid of anything. I am scared

in every way
with dipping source
you grounded me
somehthing favorite food
I hope it's cold enough for you.
that was close
this is best thing you'd done ever for him
not so fast
you never will unless you give her a chance
let's start with being friend
that pants used to be very tight
I got my waist down 6 inches
I lost 5 inches off my hip
just set on it & twist your body.
low-impact training
I could not ever fit in this pant
I can feel it in abdominal
this is perfect way to slim down
Iam stuking in the house?
I am glod to be accepted in your program
I'd look after you!
I came all the way from Japan
It was sucha horner that you came
keep it down, please
Iam praying for you
I am very dissapointed in you two
if you convince her!
are you with me?
you ruined my life
I am in charge of

you don't want to be hit by car!
you don't wanna mess with him
if someone could tell me, I would really appreciate it
did he tell us anything specific to know??
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I got sore
I got sore as I expected...
On the way to Nutrition class in the morning, I felt sore on my both legs when I was riding a bicylce out of the saddle(does "out of the saddle" make sense?). I guess it's a sign of getting old. I used never to get sore like this when I was in high school!

Tomorrow is Statistics first exam. I hope I can make it through with a good score. Just do it!

By the way, I seem to have lost my recorder. How am I supposed to do in a class without recorder...And where have you gone!? I need you!

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FOI reaport 2
I just came back from FOI.
I learned about cranial nerves which are related to brain in the human brain.
When an athlete got head trauma, athletic trainers have to check appearance of the trauma and do (put?) many kinds of physical tests on athletes such as an eye movement or smelling or hearing ability so that we can figure out which nerves actually might be hurt.

There are tons of other stuff to memorize, but it was fun!!
I will put copy of the text about cranial nerves on the wall of my room so as to check many times whenever I have spare time. Mike said that he is gonna give me short quiz on(for) these nerves on Thursday.
By the way, I touched patients today to put ice on his knee. This is the first time for me to touch on real patients in the hospital. So I got excited secretly and I thought that first touch must be my first step as an athletic trainer.

By the way, as I wrote yesterday, Statistics exam is coming up. I've got to study.

Since I don't think that I have enough time to study equally for all of the subjects, I guess I have to set priorities of which tasks that lying ahead of me(natural?) should be prioritized (Is this sentence OK?).

Ok, I will be stuck in the library all night today. (OK?)
I am afraid of sleeping on the desk(in the chiar?)...
I hope not!!

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Super bowl!!
I played tennis with some Japanese friends at Masashi's apartment. Since I have been out of shape for a while, it was great time to get my muscle to stimulate (OK?) and I felt really good during playing tennis! But, I am sure I will get sore tomorrow.... I can feel it! My legs seem like crying. Ha-ha. Plus, I got a tan a lot because I didn't put sunscreen on my body before stepping out of my apartment. My face started tingling (burning is better??) with sunburn (OK?).

I should have put sunscreen... Damn! My face, especially around my eyes is still hurting even after taking shower...

By the way, we threw the Super Bowl party at Lou’s friend’s house. It was great time. But, before the game was over, we could guess which team was gonna win because Cicago Bears was behind by more than ten points in the last quater(is good? I am no idea how to express here...), so we didn't really get excited as I expected. Anyway, this super bowl was the first time for me.
Oh, speaking of super bowl, many CMs were made just for this super bowl, and they were so funny!! I’ve heard that many companies spent their tons of money in just 15 seconds CMs. (OK?) It probably was around 200~300 million dollars just for 15 seconds. Can you believe it?? I just don’t get it why they spend that money just for a short time. I guess they probably know super bowl has that value to spend over a million dollar in its commercials. (Super bowl is worth spending over a million dollars in its commercials?? Which is better??)

I hope I can see it next year with friends.

OK, I am gonna study until the sun rises in the tomorrow morning to make up for today's absence of study (OK?) I know it's hard but actually I am really used to staying up late all night. I probably can do so as long as my best friend, Mr. Coffee keeps waking me up.
I am counting on you, lovely black coffee!!

Let's start with Statistics. It's coming up.

Have Fun!→Tanosindene!
tanosimu means to enjoy. it is natural to say tanosindene to your friends like me. Try next time!! and thanks for your comment on my last blogs. I always thank to you.

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I've overslept!
I've overslept!! Damn!!
I now feel great though! I just thought that it's sometimes good doing nothing but to sleep on weekend. (OK?) Ha-ha. Thanks to this unexpected oversleep, I got(recover?) my energy back to study.

By the way, I will have a Super bowl party(thanks Katie for teaching me the meaning of Bowl!) tomorrow at friend's house. Since I seem not to have enough time to study tomorrow due to the party, I gotta study hard today to make up tomorrow's portion (is this sentence OK?).

Let's start with reviewing yesterday's clinical training. There are a lot of things to absorb from Mike and other staffs. They are fun though! I am really glad to be accepted by that clinic. The environment in which (where?) I am studying now is ideal (optimal?) for me for sure.

All right, coffee is ready.
See ya!


いく(iku) to go
ikimasu(いきます) I am going to go to somewhere.
EX) I am going to go to a cafeteria.
Cafeteria ni(Object marker) ikimasu.

I am fond of playing baseball
a fond hope/belief
I've grown fond of each other.

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Why you, Mr Rain!!
I got wet today. Until I step out my apartment, I didn't know of raining(OK?)
Anyway, I rode my lovely bicycle all the way to FOI with umbrella (got wet a lot again! umbrella didn't work at all....). I hate you, Mr. Rain!! But I spent meaningful time there. After all, I was glad to go there even I got wet.

By the way, Statistics first exam is coming up on next Wednesday.
It covers chapter 1 to 9. It's not bad, but still big deal for me... I need to read all captures. To tell the truth, I haven't started reading as for yet (as for now?)

I am gonna start studying for (with?) review of what I studied at FOI. I think that reviewing is the best way to keep things in my mind.

Plus, I have a party on Sunday. It is called Super ball party.
In the United States, Super ball (NFL's final game) is one of the important events. My friends invited me but I seem to be unable to hang out with them unless I finish all assignments and preparation for exams. So I will study using today and tomorrow so that I can make it. I swear!!

※today, I stopped by the post office before class to put(drop?) my application stuff into (in?) the mailbox. I hope everything is gonna work smoothly(?).

I have another exiting thing tonight♪

thank you(ありがとう)→Arigatou.
Thank you very much(arigatougozaimasu)
as you can see, gozaimasu makes sentence more polite.
if you have questions, just let me know!!

make one's life more meaningful
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FOI report 1 & I got dissapointed in an class
I got up 5am in the morning and watched an online Anatomy-lecture in (onは駄目) my computer. Actually, I took that class last semester, and I downloaded and saved some files which had seemed to be important for me so that I can review them over and over now and in the future (OK?).
And after watching them, I went to the FOI as usual. That was fourth time for me to go there and felt some improvement. I think this is just because I am getting used to that environment.. Anyway, I could barely give some questions about complicated functions of body to Mike. He not only showed me some basic method of treatments, but he also politely(kindly is better)(?) answered my every single, simple question which seemed to be boring for him. Thanks Mike.

Once I was told from my close friends that I have some sort of special luck which not many people don't have. That might be true. Whenever I get into a new environment, I am always being surrounded by nice friends for some reason.

By the way, we have four patients today.
One of them was struggling against "total knee". This means he doesn't have his own left knee anymore(it had been taken away in surgery) and instead of that, he put artificial knee joint into his knee. So, ever since he had a surgery, he have suffered from pains and come in FOI to calm these pain down.
Another one was TOM who once played in NFL. He was big and, even though they had got hurt and retired from (need from?) NFL 9 yeas ago, his body looked pretty strong. Rather (OK?), I impressed his personality. He was so friendly and we talked a lot. He lives in New Tampa, and he added that place is best environment to raise their children. He will come in FOI twice a week. I am looking forward to seeing him again.
I hope that, someday in the near future, I will direcltytreat injured people who are suffered from their own problems. I wish I already have enough skills and experiment to do so for them. I need a certified license first though... Ha-ha...

Anyway, I DID study from Mike and his patients a lot today. Every single word they were using in their conversation would is definitely my living texts. I will absorb as much as possible from FOI by the end of semester!!

I am really glad to choose FOI as my place of observation hours.
To study more efficiently, I need to keep reviewing every time after going there. I swear!!

By the way, I got disappointed in Prevention and Care class (I felt down or got down は depressの時に使う。がっかりしたのにはつかわない). The teacher was really easy-going man and didn't teach us seriously. For students who wanna get A without any study, that sort of teacher was great maybe, but not for me (OK?) He finished in only 15 minutes without any detailed instructions (OK?). Since I had had no choice, I took a lot of tapes from the class. I am going to practice on my own!

Tottekudasai(とってください)→could you pass me (something)?
For example, if you wanna get something to drink, you can say,
"milk wo(object marker) totte-kudasai" (kudasai makes sentence more formal, but you can say just "totte" to me. you don't have to pronounce "me". just ignore it. if you hold out the last word,te, it's gonna be more natural, friendly expression. try this!)

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Objective (Feb)


全くついて行けていない。質問するにも出来ない。基本の解剖学、Manual OF Structural Kinesiologyを整理しながら解剖用語を口に出せる用にするトレーニング。エクササイズの説明も出来るだけ声に出しながら確認。毎日マイクの言った事を聞き取れる限りメモ。記録が取れるような日誌の作成。帰ってから、患者の疾患と状態、エクササイズメニュー、マイクと患者の会話を日誌にまとめる。各患者に対する自分のコメントを毎回日誌に加える。時間の使い方。患者+先生方の名前を覚える。





Manual of Structural Kinesiology の継続

Manual of Structural Kinesiology の継続




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