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Super bowl!!
I played tennis with some Japanese friends at Masashi's apartment. Since I have been out of shape for a while, it was great time to get my muscle to stimulate (OK?) and I felt really good during playing tennis! But, I am sure I will get sore tomorrow.... I can feel it! My legs seem like crying. Ha-ha. Plus, I got a tan a lot because I didn't put sunscreen on my body before stepping out of my apartment. My face started tingling (burning is better??) with sunburn (OK?).

I should have put sunscreen... Damn! My face, especially around my eyes is still hurting even after taking shower...

By the way, we threw the Super Bowl party at Lou’s friend’s house. It was great time. But, before the game was over, we could guess which team was gonna win because Cicago Bears was behind by more than ten points in the last quater(is good? I am no idea how to express here...), so we didn't really get excited as I expected. Anyway, this super bowl was the first time for me.
Oh, speaking of super bowl, many CMs were made just for this super bowl, and they were so funny!! I’ve heard that many companies spent their tons of money in just 15 seconds CMs. (OK?) It probably was around 200~300 million dollars just for 15 seconds. Can you believe it?? I just don’t get it why they spend that money just for a short time. I guess they probably know super bowl has that value to spend over a million dollar in its commercials. (Super bowl is worth spending over a million dollars in its commercials?? Which is better??)

I hope I can see it next year with friends.

OK, I am gonna study until the sun rises in the tomorrow morning to make up for today's absence of study (OK?) I know it's hard but actually I am really used to staying up late all night. I probably can do so as long as my best friend, Mr. Coffee keeps waking me up.
I am counting on you, lovely black coffee!!

Let's start with Statistics. It's coming up.

Have Fun!→Tanosindene!
tanosimu means to enjoy. it is natural to say tanosindene to your friends like me. Try next time!! and thanks for your comment on my last blogs. I always thank to you.

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