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Gonna buy a car
Tomorrow, my friend, Josh takes me to buy a car.
Recently, I have been looking for cars which seem best for me online or in some Magazines and I got some good cars fit on me.
Actually, I don't care its types, color, or even shape as long al it runs well and the gas is good (Of course I do care about the price. Actually the price is all the matter). Oh, the only thing I am thinking of is that I am gonna definitely buy Japanese car. I don't trust American car. Ha-ha.

Hope we could find best car for me tomorrow.
Of course, the cheaper, the better.

When I was in Japan, actually I drove my old car all the time and drove out from the bottom of Japan all the way to the northeast part of it. I love driving and going to see many natural beauty or sightseeing points. I guess my best hobby is traveling to many places where I have never been with my best friends in (ON?) my car
Of course, I am safe driver.

I am torn which insurance company I am gonna use. I guess I should ask my friends for help figure out which are best for me.

I can't wait buying that anyway!!

So, since I am gonna use going out to buy that stuff, I have to use my time efficiently not to fail in the exam. ("Fail" is OK?)

There is tons of stuff to finish by this weekend. I will start right now!!

in the meantime そう(こう)しているうちに、そのうち(に)

He was thinking over question 1 and in the meantime [meanwhile], passed the time limit. 彼は第一問を考えているうちに、制限時間を過ぎてしまった
その間 その間だけ、一時的に、当面{の間、今のところ(は)、とりあえず、ひとまずは、差し当たり、それまでは、それまでの間

In the meantime, oil imports from the Middle East keep rising and the Chinese economy keeps growing.
In the meantime, I'll stay here and wait for your phone call.

I don't touch alcohol.
never touch alcohol

tell someone not to touch alcohol
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