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I did it!
I just finished online exam on Nutrition and I got perfect score on it! 50 out of 50. I couldn't be better!! Actually, it was so easy and everyone should get perfect score.

Another good thing is that I got e-mail from admission office of the grad school and it said my application status got ready for evaluation. I worries whether I will be accepted or not, but I know there is no use thinking what depends on them.(is it OK?)
The bad thing is that I still have a lot of stuff to do today..
I will take a little nap and start with Clinic staff. I am studying about shoulder anatomy and function.
they are really fun. The more I have a interest about it, I could memolized more than other stuff.(Is this sentence OK?)

Actually, I am the one who need the rehabilitaiton in shoulder. I got hurt long time ago and it still sometimes hurt me. It even bothers me in daily living when lift up something heavy over the head or keep my arms raised.

I am thinking to use myself as a patint to see how my rehabilitaion plan is gonna work out. I hope my shoulder get back to pre-injury level so that I can play a catch without any reserve(Is ok to say "without any reserve"?). To do so, I have to think about my rehab plan carefully so that even I can apply for other future patients.(OK?)

It's a been while since I started to feel pain when I throw the ball at full power.
I hope that day comes!!! I will!

みる(watch something) MIRU
look at something MIRU

We don't have any difference between to look at and watch something . We treat them as almost same terms. try this!

And please check my writing. if you see any problems with my writing other than where I put question mark. thanks always.

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