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I've been blowing off posting a new. I made up mind mind restarting it just now!!

in the meantime, weekend is almost over... I have three exams in next week. I gotta prepare for them now!!

mae foward
usiro backward
migi right
hidari left

try memorize it!!

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There is only one more exam before the spring break! I can't wait!
Statistics. That exam covers only 5 chapters, so I will be OK for this time since I got a full mark on the last exam which covered 9 chapters. I am just afraid that the professor may ask us kinda unclear questions again. Last time, I got confused on some questions. But this time, we can use a calculator. In Japan, we don't usually use calculator even in math exam and calculate only by our hands. Since I had been calculating without it, being allowed to use it in the exam seems kinda weird to me, but I know it definitely helps me a lot.

By the way, as a matter of facts, since there are tons of stuff to be finish up even in the spring break, I guees I can get a rest on first three days. Hmmm.

I guess I gotta back to study. I hope the coffee works on me being capable to be up all night.(OK??)

※ calculator
※ calculate のつづりに注意
※ covered の 最後のe を忘れない!

New Japanese
rotate something←mawasu
You can use like "Rotate the key" Kagi wo mawasu.

try this!
And if you have time, would you mind correcting my past blogs??
It's March 3,4 and 5th. I know you are busy, so please don't rush, just when you have time.

new expression


not necessarily be the same as ~と必ずしも同じとは限らない
・ The actual sequence will not necessarily be the same as the sequence you see in the book.

It's not necessarily appropriate to suggest that

not necessarily mean that

if not necessarily life-changing
not necessarily correspond to
not necessarily lead to a happy life

not necessarily imply that
not necessarily pay
You're not necessarily wrong.
not necessarily in that order

if not

・ You'd better do it soon, if not right away. 今すぐとは言わないが

if not inconvenient to you

if not all 全部ではないが、一部かもしれないが

if not otherwise specified

if not the best in the world

one of the best, if not the best ナンバーワンかはともかく最高級の
They were born in the same lustrum, if not the same year.
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Anatomy exam
I took an anatomy exam today.
I did well, but there were some questions which I could choose two out of four choice(OK?). Plus, there also were a couple of vogue questions in the true/false parts that either of answers could be correct(????). Is that I felt so just because I couldnot understand English?? or Am I true there were some bad questions??

Anyway, I guess I gotta ask the professor in the next class. I am sure some people who took that exam are gonna complain about the ambiguity of those questions(Is ther better way to express here??)

Before I restart studying, I am gonna take a nap.
I just can't wait a spring break!!

暑い(あつい)ATSUI. It's hot.
kind of hot. ←SUKOSHI ATSUI.
It's very hot TOTEMO ATSUI.
Today is hot. KYOU HA ATSUI.

try this!

new expression
ambiguity of someone's attitude toward
eliminate ambiguity over

be left vague ~の必要性があいまいなまま
with the necessity of ~ remaining ambiguous

vague reform plan
ambiguous ideas

disposal of food waste
disposal of garbage
garbage disposal facilities

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here crucial point's come
An anatomy exam is coming up soon! As usual, I have spent much time reviewing clinic stuff, so I am not ready for the exam yet, but I probally can handle this exam if I have strong will. The important part begins from now. This means that it's important to use my time efficiently so I can get through this week without any problem.
I guess the point where I get sleepy is the moment of truth(Does this sentence make sense??)

Hey, my sweet spring break, wait a little bit for me!


How do you say "important point" in other word?
crucial period //?
crucial point // ?
hard part //?
real part?
the moment of truth?


終わったー(OWATTA-(hold out the last letter))
That means you just finished up something big like your report which you have been working for a week.
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Keep doing!
I stayed in my room all the day today doing nothing. Nothing means studying but without any concentration. What the hell I have been doing... I was supposed to prepare for an exam coming up on the day after tomorrow.

Anyway, I still have time to study. I should be ready for all three exams so that I can enjoy on the spring break without any reserve. I swear!

I am learning a lot at clinic. Today, I tried for the first time taking treatment notes which Mike is always making for each patient so that we can go over patient's changes in their conditions. Some get better so fast, but other recovers from injury very slowly. We have to find out what factors are preventing them from recovering fast and vice versa. By doing this, we can gain new experience about patient's injuries which we have never seen or never understood, and will be able to apply these experience to the future patients who are suffering from same symptoms. I guess, as my experience enlarges, I will be able to understand more about patient’s detailed conditions. I hope that day comes to me soon!!

At the same time, however, working at clinic involved some boring stuff such as laundry, cleaning and bunch of paper works, and sometimes we have hard time to communicate with patients because of their unusual personalities. And I know studying from books or other sources are definitely important to get the knowledge. But spending much time at practical place which sometimes seems to be kind of waste of time are also really important to be a great clinician.

I will study hard to get used to taking SOAP notes and treatment note as well so I can help Mike without other's helps! I know it's gonna take a while.... Keep doing!!

OK I will back to work. See ya!

to wash something.

you can use when saying "I am washing my hands, so wait a sec.. "

or you can just say "te wo arau"
I wrote about "wait a sec" on the last blog, so you can say "ima(now) te wo aratte imasu. sukosi (or chotto) matte!!" when I knock on your door.

try this!!

new expression
give __ knocks on the door
break a door open // force a door open
I knocked on the door, but no one answered.

His purpose in working there is primarily to gain experience
acquire experience
accumulate [acquire, gain] experience in
get practical experience
as one's experience enlarges
before gaining sufficient [enough] experience
develop a strong background in

accumulate considerable experience

apply for a scholarship
apply for a student visa

apply to
apply to a broad range of
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practicing my golf swing!
Today, I met Taka-san who is younger bro of Masahiro. Actually, he is about being professional golf player in Japan. He is gonna challenge a pro-test to be a pro officially in a month.

I told him that I got an used golf set and asked him to show me how to swing properly. You know, I used to play baseball, so I had some confidence in golf swing because the way of swing was much like the way in baseball. But, right after he started coaching me, I realized that was absolutely wrong. Even though, there were some similar points, the way of golf swing was totally different from baseball's, and much more difficult.

And it is said that people who start playing golf without any instruction of proper person would develop the wrong swing and it would prevent people from improving the skill in many ways(is this sentence OK?). On the other hand, people who are taught properly are said to make faster progress. And I've heard that people tend to be the former.

This morning, I felt sore somehow. How come?? I just did less than 50 swings and, when I swing a baseball bat, I've never experienced such type of sore after only 50 swings. I guess that's because I used totally different muscle groups to make proper swings.

Anyway, I was glad that Taka-san showed me a proper golf swing.
By the way, even though he is not a pro yet, his attitude toward keeping his own physical conditions and inquisitive minds for his improving skills are exactly like professional.(OK?) He is just one year older than me, but has got the attitude down pat.(is this natural?) I admire that kind of person like him. I hope he will succeed in the near future! I advised some tips about nutrition stuff and how to keep his body shape in. I hope that advice helps him.

By the way,
I just can't wait playing in the course!!!!

wait a second!
give me a break!
in this case, you can just say "MATTE!"

this word is useful and you can use it in many situations.

Being inquisitive is a good thing.
inquisitive mind

attitude toward

flexible attitude in talks
His confrontational attitude made him unpopular at work.

What kind of attitude is that?

What attitude do you have toward your children?

change one's attitude altogether

take(show or have) a negative attitude about
There is always the question about what is young people's attitude about the future.

attitude toward child-raising
attitude toward gambling activities
attitude toward helping and taking care of the customer
attitude toward one's work

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Finally weekend is coming!!
I can rest my brain and my body for a little bit.
But actually by body are getting out of shape, so I am thinking to work out sometime in this weekend like resistance training or some Circuit training.

I hope my body gets back to high-school day's level. If I do say so myself, I had a good built when I had seriously played baseball.(Is OK?) But after being in college in Japan, especially after start drinking alcohols with my buddies, my body has been in decline (been decreasing? Been on a decline? How do you say here to make more sense??). What a wistful I am! (Natural to say??) I am still 23 and should have more muscular back and arms.

Anyway, since I came to United States that sometimes is called Sports power, I would like to start another new sports like tennis or golf which I can play with small number of people unlike baseball. I love it but it need at least 18 people to take place the game, so it's kind of difficult to take place the game or even just practicing. So I decided to challenge new sports! Tennis would be great. Golf also has attractions(is natural??), but playing it costs a little more than playing tennis. Well, I am hard to choose between the two now. Let's play both and chose after that!

Oh, I know there is no time to think about such a stupid stuff like the kind of sports I have never done yet. I just can try both! ha-ha. Anyway, I will try sometime in the near future. But now, I have to focus more on my assignments which are piled up ahead of me like a mountain....

Hon wo yondeimasu
I am reading a book.

can you see the different from just saying "Hon wo yomimasu" it is present progressive form.
you can use anytime.

have one's attractions どちらも捨て難い
be hard to choose between the two

in decline

If I (do) say so myself
I'm the greatest artist in Japan, if I do say so myself
even if I do say so [it] myself
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I thought over it
When I look back in February, I have moments of reflection.
I should've focus more on FOI study. To do so, I should've kept studying school stuff everyday, not just before exams. (Does make sense? Is natural?) I thought I had done well, but I was wrong because it surely is true that there were tons of tons of time I had wasted watching TV, or just sleeping on the desk.

To get closer to my goals for which I set at the beginning of February, I need to change my spoiled mind. Don't just say "I got tired or there is no time to study today". Just do it.
By doing so, I am sure my knowledge and skills would improve more than I got in February.(Is OK??)

※Does it make sense the sentence "I deeply thought over my life style in the last month "??
Does "Think over" means something you are regretting??

HONE WO YOMIMASU= to read the book.

try this!

because のスペル
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Goals in March



P and Care







新しい障害をもった患者に会うごとに、新しい障害について学んでいく。その都度教書またはAAOS, style, sport injury clinicなどから文献を探して読む。次に質問されたときには答えれるように。








I am sorry I put this posting in Japanese!
New Japanese is here. you can use that

=key. ex) room key etc.....

For once
For once he was telling the truth. 今回だけは
It was sunny today for once. 今日は珍しく

Be quiet for once. たまには静かにしてよ。「いつも騒々しい」という含み。
Try looking on the bright side for once. そんな悪い方、悪い方にばかり考えてちゃ駄目だよ

Put your bags underneath the seat
He is a good guy underneath. 彼は根はいいやつなんだ。
She was very sad underneath
clean underneath a bed
pain underneath the patella
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