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the full
I think I got a full mark on today's statistics exam. Yeah!
It was easy actually... This time's full mark makes my grade three consecutive full marks for me.(OK??) I guess my having been good at math when I was high school students is still alive in me. (OK?)he-he.

There are 5 more exams and 2 papers left. Since I am going back to Japan in two weeks, I gotta finish all stuff by the day I go home and also gotta prepare for final exams. This and the week next must be a busiest week for me. Guess I gotta have a strong willpower to get through this time.

On the blight side, there are many fun things waiting for me after this semester. Until then, I am gonna focus on things just before me such as class exams or clinic assignments.

There are five exams to go!!
Just do it.

OK, I am gonna head to FOI hoping I can learn some new stuff.


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got car problem
I haven't post yet, but I got my car the other day.
I must thank to my parents for allowing me to possess it.

Since my budget was kinda limited, I bought very old car. The total amount of mileage is over 110,000 miles. In Japan, they never sell cars over 9k miles, so I worried some. I was not hoping but I had to expect that my car had some defaults which I should repair during this 2 years.

But I never thought that came yesterday. It was much much much sooner than I expected.

Just 2 weeks after I bought that car, when I was driving, I heard some weird noise and it started jolting when I tried to stop at the light.(jolt is proper for using here?? shaking or chattering is better??)

I though I got a flat tire and also the battery was getting old.
So I had no alternative but to take my car to the repair shop, and one of mechanics figured out it was just a loose tire.

That meant the left front wheel didn't stick properly because of loose bolts. That have made some weird noise and bumpity feeling (is OK bumpily)when I stepped on the brake.

He told me I almost got a serious accident if I kept driving without fixing it, because a loose tire might cause a wheel to fall off. I got scared when I heard that, but anyway I was glad to go there without hesitation. What's a relief!!

I should be careful when I am driving. The experience I got today turned out to be a good lessen for safe driving.


take care of yourself!
when people are sick, you can use this term for saying "take car of yourself"


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what the hell am I doin......
I have been goofing off putting new posting for a month.
Even it is short one, keeping putting new entries everyday is important and was actually the promise to myself.

At this rate, I think my English might improve less than I expected.
I know class and FOI stuff are important, but I actually broke the promise to myself that I had decided to keep a dairy everyday. What the hell am I doing....
I know it seems kinda too late, but I will start again here. That way looks better than doing nothing even after this.

Even when the time is limited, posting a single posting doesn't take so much time. If I use some time before going bed, I should be able to keep it. Complaining about time available is just a ridiculous excuse.

Don't make the same mistake again. Don't complain about time.
Just do it.

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