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I went to the friend's house yesterday, and played poker first time.(played poker for the first time←correct expression)
It was much harder and more complicated than I had thought.
I learned a lot of new technical words such as Call, Check, Raise, and so on... It was really new for me.
Moreover, in the game, I have to be sensitive in many things. First, needless to say, I have to remember all rules.
Secondly, I have to look at all opponents at the same time and to read what they think and what they are trying to do. The hardest thing is to conceal what I think in my face. As a matter of fact, I am really not good at these stuffs.(this stuff) I could not keep the poker face even just a few seconds. (I tried to pretend to have good cards even when I didn't, but I failed.) One of my friends who were sitting on the other side of table and who won the game told me that he could tell exactly what I had thought so easily. Ha-ha. I don't know why, but it's true.

The last thing I have to do is to win. This is all the matter actually in the games. Yes, of course, I lost....
All in all, it was fun and good experience for me. I could have really enjoyed more only if I had won. Ha-ha, that’s not gonna happen.

I am not sure if I have an enough time to hang out with these guys for the rest of this semester because of many college stuff, but I want to do so as much as possible. (I will start Observation hours which is one of the admission requirements for the glad school in a week. I go to the hopstital and work with no salary...I also concern that all classes might be getting much harder than it is now. They all are just introductory portion yet...)

I'll beat the pants off you guys in poker next time!!
Oh, my eyes are getting heavy.... I am just going to take a 1 hour nap, and call my girlfriends after napping. I will wake her up!!!! Hey, Get Up!!!

Review old expressions!


I can't believe that you would ally yourself with someone like him. 彼のような人とあなたが手を組むなんて。
Turkey is a key U.S. ally. アメリカ合衆国の重要な同盟国である
allied to
《be ~》~と同類である、~と同族である、~に関連がある
・ Cats are allied to liones. 猫とライオンは同族である。
allied banks
allied city
allied enterprises

if only
・ If only I were more gifted! 私にもっと才能があればなあ。
・ Oh, if only Bob were here. ボブがここにいてくれさえすればいいのだが。
・ Oh, if only it were that simple. そんなに簡単ならいいんだけど。
・ Oh, if only she hadn't changed her will. 彼女の気が変わらなければいいんだけど。
If only I could turn back the clock to one year ago.
If only I could turn back the hands of time.

I just wanted to send everyone a reminder about the assignment that is due in two weeks. The video that I have been claimed until that date, so you will have to rent it or read the book on your own
make sure not to wait until the last minute, because the video stores may have checked their copies out to other students by then.

little by little, ちょっとずつ。少しずつ
I am getting used to it.

I'll be fine on my own.
I'm now raising two kids on my own.
I learned to do something on my own.
Let me try this on my own for a while.
I study a lot on my own, but I find I forget quickly because I may not have the chance to use it.

raise one's child by oneself
repair one's car by oneself
okay by oneself
《be ~》独りで大丈夫

in itself それ自体では
The story of the film is in itself nothing new. その映画のストーリー自体は何ら目新しいものではない
That in itself is not peculiar,"

He did this for himself. 彼は自分のためにこうした

Please peel this banana for me since my hands hurt. 私は手にけがをしているので、バナナの皮をむいてくれませんか。

sacrifice one's time to help
sacrifice one's weekends for work
尊い命を犠牲にして達成される ;《be ~》
achieved at the sacrifices of precious lives
sacrifice comfort for style
He was promoted in his company at the sacrifice of his private time
work hard at the cost of one's health

Melanie: How are things, Kevin?
Melanie: Kevin、調子はどう?

Kevin: So-so. I had another fight with Naomi.
Kevin: まあまあ。Naomiとまたケンカしたんだ。

Melanie: Oh no. About what?
Melanie: そんな。何について?

Kevin: I'm out of town a lot because of my work. She's annoyed because we don't see each other much anymore.
Kevin: 僕が仕事で留守にすることが多くてね。それで前みたいに頻繁に会えないもんだから、彼女は怒ってるんだ。

Melanie: Don't worry, it'll blow over.
Melanie: 心配しないで、そのうち収まるわよ。

Kevin: I wouldn't bet on it. She's very annoyed.
Kevin: それはどうかな。すっごく怒ってるからな。

to be out of town : 留守にする、町を離れる
一時的に旅行に出かけるとか、出張で出かける、というときに使う言葉です。今週末は旅行でいないよ、というようなときにぴったりですね。オフィスでの電話対応でも活躍するイディオムです。ちなみに“to be in town”は「ちょっと遊びに来る」という意味になります。
“I'm sorry, Mr. Smith isn't available. He's out of town for the next week.”

to blow over : 丸く収まる

I wouldn't bet on it. / Don't bet on it. :それはどうかな
この表現の意味は“It isn't likely to happen.”「それは起こりそうにない」ということです。“bet on”は「~に賭ける」という意味ですね。ギャンブラーは、本当に勝てるものにしか賭けない、つまり、起こりえることにしか賭けないよ、というところから、このような表現になりました。

Emma: What are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?
Emma: 母の日に、どんなプレゼントをお母さんに贈るつもり?

Joe: I’m just going to give her some flowers, as usual.
Joe: いつものごとく、何か花をあげようと思ってるよ。

Emma: You’re not going to get her a present?
Emma: プレゼントは無し?

Joe: I always give her flowers. What are you getting for your mom?
Joe: 僕はいつも花なんだ。君は何をあげるつもりなの?

Emma: I’m taking her out to an expensive restaurant.
Emma: 高級レストランに連れて行くわ。

Joe: Hey, I like the sound of that. Maybe I’ll do the same.
Joe: へえ、それいいなあ。僕も同じにしようかな。

to take someone out : 連れて行く、連れ出す
誰かを外に連れて行く、ということです。夜に、というニュアンスが含まれます。例えば、ディナーを食べに、映画や演劇を見に、クラブに踊りに、というようなときに使います。一緒に行く、というよりは、すでに決めてある場所に相手を連れて行く、という意味が強いです。 もちろん、デートの時にも使えます。
to like the sound of [something] : [  ]は良さそうだ
今聞いたアイディアや考えが「良い」と思ったことを表します。ニュアンスとしては“[ ]の響きがいいね”という感じです。
to do the same : 同じことをする
これは “to do the same thing as [person],”「[ ]と同じことをする」を省略したものです。人の表現や行動を次の人が真似をする、ということです。
Waiter: “Would you like to order a drink?” (飲み物をご注文されますか?)
Joe: “I’ll have an orange juice, please.” (オレンジジュースを貰います。)

Gary: Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?
Gary: すみません、ここ誰か座ってます?

Sonja: No, go ahead.
Sonja: いいえ、どうぞ。

Gary: Thanks. You look familiar. Are you in my history class on Tuesdays?
Gary: ありがとう。どこかで見かけた気がするなあ。火曜日の歴史のクラスとってない?

Sonja: The class at 3:15 pm? Yeah. How're you finding it?
Sonja: 3時15分からのクラス? とってるわ。あのクラスどう思う?

Gary: Not bad. My history and politics classes are more interesting. What other classes are you taking?
Gary: 悪くはないよ。歴史と政治学っていうクラスのほうがもっと面白いかな。他にはどんな授業をとってるの?

Sonja: I'm taking biology and geography.
Sonja: 生物学と地理学よ。

Gary: Sounds interesting. What's geography like?
Gary: おもしろそうだね。地理学ってどんなの?

Sonja: I like it. It really makes you look at things in a different way.
Sonja: 私は好きよ。物事をいろいろな異なる角度から見ることができるから。

Go ahead. : どうぞ
Go ahead. は、相手にある行動(上記の会話では「座る」ことですね)をしてもいいですよ、という許可を与えることを意味します。または、お先にどうぞ、という意味でもよく使われます。
You look familiar. / You seem familiar. : どこかで見たことがある、会ったことがある
“This pen looks familiar...” (このペン見たことあるなあ・・・)
“Isn't this mine?” (これ私のだよね?)
How are you finding [thing]? : [ ]をどう思っている? [ ]はどうですか?
Not bad. : 悪くない
後ろのbadが強くなる場合は、対象とされている物事が良い、もしくは  思っていた以上に良いということを表します。(意味合いとしては、相手はもともとその物事をあまり良いようには思っていなかったということにもなります)

Sounds interesting. : 面白そうだ
to look at things in a different way / to look at things in a new way : 物事を違った見方でとらえる/物事を新しい角度で見る

カジュアル編 Vol.41

Lily: So I hear you and Ron are talking about moving to England.
Lily: ねえ、あなたとRonがイギリスへの引っ越しを話してるって聞いたわ。

Alice: Actually we've been planning that for a while.
I think he's starting to get cold feet, though.
Alice: 実はね、しばらくその計画をしていたの。

Lily: Really? Why?
Lily: そうなの?なんで?

Alice: He's worried about whether he can get a job there. And he's really into his Japanese studies at the moment, so he wants to stay here and get some qualifications.
Alice: 向こうで職があるかないか、心配してるわ。それに今、日本語の勉強にとてもはまっているのよね、だからここに留まって、なにかしらの資格が取りたいんだって。

Lily: Hmm. I guess he needs to make up his mind what he wants to do.
Lily: ふーん。彼は何がしたいのか決心する必要があるわね。

to get cold feet : おじけづく
to be into [something] : [ ]にハマる
「韓国ドラマに夢中です」と言いたいときは "I am really into Korean TV dramas."ですね。
at the moment : ちょうど今、今のところ
to make up one's mind : 決心する
他には"make a decision"と言い換えることもできます。「彼女にプロポーズしようと決心した」は"I made up my mind to ask my girlfriend to marry me." です。

(Goba websiteより引用)
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