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The value of the time
Recently, I have been thinking of the importance of the time.
I mean that whether or not the person will achieve own goals or even whether they can spend more valuable life depend on how they use their time in a day.

Just an hour. I know one hour is no more than just sixteen minutes, and it doesn’t seem to have much value to do something big.
But in reality, I am sure many people would miss the chance of achieving something important for them by underestimating the time.

There are some ancient proverbs here.

“Many a mickle makes a muckle” or “The early bird catches the worm”
As they said, if we concentrate more on something for an hour and if they keep doing that way for a long time, I would see the big difference will appear in us(is correct?). For instance, when it come to think about when I practice to read aloud the textbook or to imitate what TV or radio are saying. If I did this practice only for two or three weeks, I am certain that my pronunciation won't be improved. It's waste of the time.
But on the other hand, if I keep this practice for a year, there should be big differences.

I often hear someone is saying "I would have started something earlier". I know the past doesn't come back to us, but that's why I would like to put weight on my "an hour" study.

It's kind of philosophy stuff, but since we all born, the count down for our death have kept doing (OK??), and it never stops. Just most people do not realize the fact, but it is true.
I know it may be exaggerating a little when I talk about the death, but anyway I am going to bear that in my mind at any time (I will keep that)

哲学を勉強します(べんきょうします)Benkyoushimasu. I study philosophy
起きます(おきます)Okimasu. To get up
寝ます Nemasu to go to bed

New expression

Outfit (is this word natural?)
I need to get some outfits for my business trip. 出張用にもっと服買わないといけない。
She decided to buy a new summer outfit for the vacation
Nowadays a lot of old people are wearing fashionable outfits
wear an outfit that would suit one's age

When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than my father
When it comes to computer programming, nobody can beat him
When it comes to get things done, he is totally dependable.

What I study from TV in this week

What’s going on with you lately?
Competition is super tough.
She is regardless of the doctor’s advice.
I won’t be late again
Sixteen boxes to go あと60ドル
Don’t give me that look
May I have some more
A keen eye.
Pass that salt.
Be smooth
It is impossible to be secret
Take off & put on
Tie knot
Flip them
I feel like crying
He got arrested
It has to be more like this
It’s ridiculous
Crack a shell
We came all this way for nothing
It might be
You got points
I understand how you feel
Count from 10 all the way up to 20
Count from 10 all the way down to 0
Was that your plan from the beginning?
It’s cramping
I never knew that
As long as you keep clean,
I will stand by you no matter what
I don’t think it’s working out.
In real life
He was such a nice guy
It’s kind a funny
I will follow father’s footsteps.
I want to make up to you.
You can fire me
I always dreams being professional
That’s wired. It is
They are slightly different place.
Because it looks kind of heavy.
That I thought
Something wired is going on
Something is missing
One by one
I’m touching
Cross out
We are gonna head down
No matter how hard it is.
Squeeze and insert it into
Use condoms every single time.
Over-the-counter remedy
It’s newly available
Unless they wish not having kids(子供はこっちの表現が多い)
This is about all I know
Would you give me a call?
I would appreciate it if you could call me tonight
Oh, sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
Like what??
Like this?
I am in trouble
I am down
You should get a hair cut
Why don’t you come along?
Since you are begging, I will join you. I am on.
Would you mind if I smoked?
Leave it to me=I am gonna handle it.
Are you coming?
Count me on.= I’m in
It looks hard. No it’s nothing!
That would be great
That’s exactly I wanted
Oh, could you?
Are you free today? No I have other business to take care of.
Let’s go drinking
I’d rather not
Unfortunately, it’s not convenient for me today.
What is this line for?
What’s this noise>?
Who does this belong to? Whose is this?
How do you pronounce this word?
It’s blinking.
How’s tomorrow? That’s fine with me!
Are you for or against his idea?
My dad has beer belly.
Gender difference in brain
Integrate the information
They don’t see the color in the same way
The way people talks
Pass through from right to left.
That’s that
I am always nice to her.
I get something to you
What is he trying to say??
More than usual
Are you serious about
I gotta do before you blow it(blow up)
You can say that again.= I’ll say
She has a lot of minds
Don't let me down, Tommy. Please do what you promise to do がっかりさせる
I'm counting on you, so don't let me down
Start counting backward from 100
What comes after this
Since I am superman
I am really having fun.
I only had one boy friend
Now what am I supposed to do
Just leave it alone
I swim 5 events
My life turn around 180 degree
It depend on the person individually
As you guys mentioned,
Think of body as car
Are you saying
It’s standing for 意味している
Don’t worry about it
Just because she is famous. I used her!
I liked everything except only a little thing
Down the earth
Don’t you see? わからないの?
Easy come easy go
It’s gonna take for a while
I was just going to tell her that shoes is gonna untie
I am totally in love with you
Walk more sneaky
I can’t wait!
I just want you to know it’s gonna never happen
Trying to make me jelous
I know you are lying
Do you really care?
Let me understand little deeper
What are you wearing?
You’re so rude 失礼ね
How can you say that?
They seems they couldn’t make it
You just met me.
When I was your age, I used to
It is strict confidence(極秘で)
All position are filled.
You have to read the emotion underneath the words
Are you skipping?
My hand is crapping
She is living legend
I’ll take it(もってってあげるよ)
Is that mean you are==
I don’t care who you are, I only care under your skin
Rest on your shoulder
Just smile, we may get through this
You are peeping
Keep it down 静かに、落ち着け
I will pay for you
My eyes are going pop out!
I am ashamed of you two!!
If you wanna reach me, e-mail is the best way.
It’s gonna be tough for you(辛いでしょう・・)
I get your feeling.
In the middle of night
She is still testing まだ検査を受けています
How’s Bob feeling? ボブの調子はどう?
She has suffered a terrible lost
That will be healing.
Can’t do what? なにができないって?
I am keep telling you that
I never thought of that
That’s spot(そこツボだよー)
I have to get rid of them.
You two look exactly alike
She belongs to you
You can’t keep dogs

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