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Clinical training at FOI
This may be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.....

I had an interview at FOI (Florida Orthopedic Institute), and after the interview, I worked under the Certified Athletic Trainer, Mike, for the first time. As I expected, he was nice guy.

After he introduced me to his co-workers, he started to explain how that clinic goes (runs? or any better expression??) But actually, I could hardly understand what he was saying. He used a lot of technical terms, and spoke so first. So actually I got so tired now since I had to concentrate on what he was talking.

But it was a great time for me. I studied a lot. He showed me how to take care of the patients and how to read the medical record. He said they are severely short-handed (OK? or they don't get enough hands???) and need more stuff. I really wanted to help them but I couldn't. I am not certified yet...

Anyway, I realized that working here will be a great experience for me. But, at the same time, I got much more stuff to do....I mean I have to learn not only movement of human body and anatomical stuff, but I also absorb how to read medical records and how to do tons of exercise... I am getting nervous because I am not sure that I could make it through this semester... As I posted yesterday, striking a good balance between school-work and clinical training seems to be a key to succeed in the semester. (OK?) I am sure that, once I get through this challenge, some improvement will appear on me though(Is OK?).

I will work there three days a week and each day has 3-4 hour(OK??)
It's gonna be hard to adapt in new environment, but I will be fine because they all were nice.
Oh, I have to memorize their names though....I am not good at this at all. To tell the truth, I have a fucking short time memory....

New Japanese
分かったー(わかったー)→wakatta-(you have to hold out the very last work"ta").→OK. or I Understand
履く(はく)→haku→ to put on something.
EX) I will put on my shoes.

New expression

Pinch it and pull apart
Pull away

All the way down to the end of carpet
Try not do like that.
Do I have to do one of each leg??
On the unstable surfaces
Lock out your left knee.
Put on the table right there
stick around with me(私について回りな)
Start from 10 and see how you feel
Another 10?
roll on right side.
go around your ankles
keep knee soft
push equal
kind of bend your knee
keep contact to my patient
back and forth
star training
I have short time memory
Is it close enough for you?
3 minute forth, and 3 minutes backward
Kind of relax
Just pushing
Start with 5
Push back
Make sure your posture is correct
Keep eyes on you
Pushing out
Make sure your body is straight
Squeeze and push out
Like that?
Don't push hard
lean forward
hold 5 seconds
back and forth(前後に)
lean your body in
Don't force it
Hold up 4 seconds
grab and pull straight back
make sure your shoulder stay down and relax
No more no less
make sure you ice afterward

I must be dreaming. Could somebody please pinch me? 私は夢を見ているのに違いない。誰か私をつねってくれない?
I pinched my nose with my fingers to avoid the stench.

She leaned out of the window to get a better view
lean against a wall
lean against the back of a chair
lean forward
lean backward

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