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Today is my big sister's, YUKO's 25th birthday. Happy birthday YUKO. She is gonna get married in this April, so this birth day the last birth day as a single.

I hope I can go back Japan and attend the wedding party. Actually, however, I am afraid I might have an exam on the very day of wedding...I hope not...
Speaking of the weddings, today is also important day for my senior teammate of baseball team which I belonged to when I was College student in Japan. His nickname is NI-YAN and is the best baseball player I've ever seen. Actually, he got married with his partner today.

Unfortunately, I could not make it because of classes here, but I am sure he is gonna make good family with her new partner.

Ok, my sore throat is getting wrose..I was going to go the library all the day today, but I changed my mind. I am going in the morning and take a nap in the evening... I believe weekend is supposed to exist even for international students to take a rest!! It sure is.

You guys! In the meantime, enjoy all the excitement!!

※you are gonna convince his parents not him to change to another school("him" in this sentence is OK??)

おめでとうございます(omedetougozaimasu)→more formal
they both are very common to say regardless of age, sex, position... try it!!

new expression
you are taking other job
why would you think that??
stick it out
Just stick it out and you will be able to succeed at this job. 最後まで何とか持ちこたえれば、この仕事は成功しますよ。
stick it out to the end
Stick it out.

we made it through
it's on the slide(滑り台)
raise your arm as far as you can
we better hurry
this is sticky sun flower!
it's fixed!
we're not turning big...
I am gonna take you to a cance party
I will be out of here in no time
At this rate, our landfills will be filled up in no time.
You can get back into shape in no time.
Your father will be back on his feet in no time

I have no ear for music
She's tone-deaf
have a tine ear

He doesn't know that he has no ear for music...

I have no sense of direction
I am bad at directions

Are we ever now?
Now we are even?
that's makes it even between us!
no fair!

I am torn between going or not going
I'm wondering whether or not I should go.
Have half a mind to go...
It was obvious he was bluffing
hey, you are bluffing, aren't you?? はったり

send-off party
you might be interested in this, but....
you are gonna convince his parents not him to change to another school
he lied to us
what a coincidence
hey look at that!
we've been expecting you
see, my prediction came true. (予想的中)
do you remenber things about me
Iam soaked in my sweat(汗でびしょびしょ)
is sorrounded by the pacific
just skip to the very last page
they learn from each other
you may know him,
I gotta be in tip-top shape
Did you make all of this? Looks so yummy!" "Help yourself. I made too much."
Let me see. Yeah. This looks yummy!

I gotta stay in tip-top shape!
tip-top condition
on the tip-top of the mountain
tip-top results
tip-top condition

in good form

my computer isn't working right..something wrong..
I couldn't be better.
My computer is behaving well recently.

it looks ordinary egg, but,,,

it could be either side..
what if you had...
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