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I thought over it
When I look back in February, I have moments of reflection.
I should've focus more on FOI study. To do so, I should've kept studying school stuff everyday, not just before exams. (Does make sense? Is natural?) I thought I had done well, but I was wrong because it surely is true that there were tons of tons of time I had wasted watching TV, or just sleeping on the desk.

To get closer to my goals for which I set at the beginning of February, I need to change my spoiled mind. Don't just say "I got tired or there is no time to study today". Just do it.
By doing so, I am sure my knowledge and skills would improve more than I got in February.(Is OK??)

※Does it make sense the sentence "I deeply thought over my life style in the last month "??
Does "Think over" means something you are regretting??

HONE WO YOMIMASU= to read the book.

try this!

because のスペル
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Goals in March



P and Care







新しい障害をもった患者に会うごとに、新しい障害について学んでいく。その都度教書またはAAOS, style, sport injury clinicなどから文献を探して読む。次に質問されたときには答えれるように。








I am sorry I put this posting in Japanese!
New Japanese is here. you can use that

=key. ex) room key etc.....

For once
For once he was telling the truth. 今回だけは
It was sunny today for once. 今日は珍しく

Be quiet for once. たまには静かにしてよ。「いつも騒々しい」という含み。
Try looking on the bright side for once. そんな悪い方、悪い方にばかり考えてちゃ駄目だよ

Put your bags underneath the seat
He is a good guy underneath. 彼は根はいいやつなんだ。
She was very sad underneath
clean underneath a bed
pain underneath the patella
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Class has been cancelled!!
Anatomy class has been cancelled!! Lucky me!
Due to this cancellation, the number of chapters which was going to be on next exam got short. (Is this sentence OK?)Yeah!!. Because it was going to cover more than hundred pages, even though it's got shorter, it's still big deal for me though. (Do you know more natural to express here??)

Anyway, I was really glad to hear that!!

Today is the last day of February. Times went by so fast just like the light. I guess I need to put value even on just one second.

There is only 3 month left to study at USF. It's not so long till I move to another state. I wish I could study more, but I've got no choice but to go Arkansas to get closer to my objective. Anyway, the only thing I can do just now is that to use my time for improving all skills which will be needed in the grad school. (OK?)

I will do my best on(in) March too!!

※school のスペルに注意。なぜかいつもタイプミスする!
※February のスペルに注意。同上。

(please bring something for me?)
you can say,
(SOY milk) wo mottekite kudasai.
Or you can just say,
SOY MILK mottekite. it is informal between friends. you can use both!!


Is there any cake left over from yesterday?
Pick out what you want and I'll take the rest
There is only a little left, so I'll have some more.
If that's where you want to go, that's fine with me
The test this time covers a lot
Was this area supposed to be on the test?
We'll do a review of what's going to be on the testWhen you have a wide range of friends, you have a lot of events to go to
Don't think in a narrow way

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just finished!
I just came back from the class.
I took an exam for Prevention and Care for athletic injuries.

All in all, I guess I could answer most questions, but there were a few vogue questions which didn't make sense for me. Is that I felt so due to just my ignorance? Or the questions were not appropriate??
Anyway, I guess I gotta review for that part. There were many new terms I have never seen on the exam.

While I am gonna review them, I will take tons of new terms root in my brain (Is natural to say??)

Besides, internship stuff are getting in full swing. I need more and more knowledge to catch up with Mike and to get one step closer to my objectives.

First, I am thinking to start making notes so that I can keep records or look up more details about each patient's disorders or conditions lately.(is OK?)

Oh, I wanna eat Michi's cooking. It's been a while since I ate hers last. Her cooking is just like a pro. I wish they suddenly came up on my table now!! ぶた

When you answer the phone, you can say "MOSHIMOSHI" just like "hello" in English. Try next time. Don't be shy for using this. It's absolutely natural to say so.

new expression

That is pretty hardcore
He doesn't seem to be in full swing yet.
get one step closer to one's long-cherished dream of
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SOAP notes
Today is our 15 months anniversary since I started dating with Michi. Thank you for everthing. I must appreciate her consideration for everything. She even sent me some presents for me sometimes and these stuff have really helped me. So does this time.(OK?) Again, thank Michi.

By the way, Have you guys ever heard the term, SOAP? This term doesn't seem to be familiar to most people. In SOAP notes, each letter represents Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, respectively, and making SOAP notes is the most basic stuff for clinicians when patients are coming in. It's like a medical record.

When making these notes, we talk with patients to gather a lot of information from them because each patient is the only person who knows his/her actual symptoms. We should diagnosis based on his/her compliment. However it often occurs that even patients don't notice the change in their shapes. In these cases, Subjective assessment does't work out any more and other assessments are gonna be needed.

In subjective area, we are gonna ask patients how they actually feel. For instance, I can ask them

How do they feel since last visits?
How is their symptom today? How are you today?
Do you have any tender or sore? Did you do something special?
Do they have any difficulty in their daily living such as bed mobility, chair transfer, or up or down stairs? Is getting better or getting worse since last time or yesterday?
When do they feel pain? Specific motion? Specific posture? Specific time? Specific whether?
Is there anyway they can decrease pain or uncomfortable.

And we are gonna write their complients or their notices briefly. Since we have to take care of many patients at the same time and can't use much time for just one patient, we have to listen their stories carefully and take notes in a short time.
I guess this is one of the important skill which we shold have when working at a clinic.

In objective, we are gonna evaluate their conditions through the objective perspective and put on SOAP notes what we actually saw or measured objectively.
For example, when the patient improves his ROM (range of motion) or time how long he can maintain his balance on one leg, we are gonna write down about them.
Or we can also put if patients have any problems during doing certain exercises. Like if he tends to shift his weight to right leg, we can write down about that. We shouldn't just guess their conditions or shouldn't put patient's subjective compliments.

In assessment, we are gonna put the reason why they'd changed their conditions or what their actual problems are. If they are doing a certain exercise with problems, we should put in this part we should write down what cause prevent them from doing right exercise. Specifically like objective part, when person tends to shift his weight toward right side, we consider that because his left leg might have weakness comparing the other leg. So in this blank, we are gonna write "his left leg might have weakness"

In the last part, plan part, we are gonna put what kind of treatments or which exercises we are gonna provide to the patients. Like the last example, if person has weakness in his left leg, we are gonna focus on to improve his left leg strength or try to make balance of both leg.
And we are gonna put actual the name and way of exercises in this part.

I tried making this process by myself today. This was my first time actually talking with patient and get information from them.
I got nervous, but thanks to her kind personality, I managed to make them and Mike gave me OK sign from long distance.

I felt good, but at the same time, I also felt helpless in my conversation skill. But I will prepare more for making SOAP notes next time.

I am gonna get right down to this challenge!(Is natural?)

洗う(ARAU) to wash something.
I am gonna wash my hands.
(watashi wa te(hands) wo arau). more proper to say ARAIMASU.
try this!!

※please correct the my wrong. I guess there are many weired expression in this blog. I got confused actually. I would really appreciate it if you can check this blog. thanks. and if you have any japanese question, please feel free to ask me.
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things piled up ahead of me
Mike, my supervisor, gave me tons of assignments for next week.
To tell the truth, I am barely coming up with school stuff, and there is no room I can afford another concern... (Is OK?)

But, here is a deal. My biggest objective is to be an athletic trainer and what I am studying at clinic is exactly what I have wanted to study ever since I decided to be a trainer. I know it is important to get high grade on (in?) school classes because it has something to do with scholar ship and financial aid even after I get into the grad school. Of course it also is obvious getting high grade means getting more knowledge about these subjects. However, I don't think it is good thing to think about class grades too much. Rather than these stuff, getting clinical experience at FOI surely gives me some ideas of how to follow the path to the excellent athetic trainer.(Is OK)

Yes, all Physical Therapists and ATCs working there will be my living teachers. I will keep my eyes on everthing it is going(it is running?) there and absorb the knowledge and skills as much as possible to be better trainer than who I am today by the last day of my clinical training.(Is this sentence OK??)

Ok, I will start with that clinic stuff first.

KIRU(wear something)
HUKU(clothes) WO KIRU (I am gonna wear my clothes. or I am gonna put my clothes on)

try this!!
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wanna cook

Since my apartment has the cafeteria instead of not having kitchens in each room, I haven't cooked recently. When I was in college student in Japan, I used to cook almost everyweek. But, I guess I almost forget how to cook. To keep my hand in cooking (is proper expression??), I guess I need to practice sometimes in the very least. But in fact, there is no place I can cook.

To tell the truth, I got tired of eating the same meals there. I really want something new. That is one of main reasons that I have start feeling that I wanna make some plates for myself. Besides, when I cook for myself, I can season as however I want(Is OK?). At the same time, to be honest with you, Since I am the only one who eats those dishes, I often tend to be loose(“insensitive” is better???) about seasoning on my dishes….. that way is called “Cooking of Man” in Japan.
I wish there is someone who could eat with me!!

Since I live alone, it must be useful experience to learn how to cook using stuff which I could get only in the United States. Speaking of foods, is there something I couldn’t get in Japan??
I guess I can get everything in Japan what I could get here. I realized how great environmental I was in.

I know it's my biggest objective to learn about Sport Medicine and English itself, but living in foreign country and obtaining the experience through a daily life is surely giving me some idea for my life.(surely giving me is OK?)

押す(OSU) push something
引く(HIKU)pull something

IF you wanna know how to use those in daily living, feel free to ask me anytime. Thanks your comments everyday!!

New expression

I am begging you!
Ever since~~~

you're compelled to compelled to
《be ~》~せざるを得ない、やむを得ず~する

You'll be compelled to pay the whole bill.
half-compelled to
I feel compelled to accept this offer because the pay is so good.
compelled to wonder 《be ~》~と思わざるを得ない
compelled to accept
《be ~》~を受け入れざるを得ない、~に泣き寝入りする
compelled to admit to the charges due to torture
《be ~》拷問によって無理やり罪を認めさせられる
compelled to cancel the plan
《be ~》その計画を中止せざるを得ない

I think you are compelled to...

you' re embrassing me.
We apologize sincerely for.
You feel the same way about me 同じように思ってる

you know how you feel about me
you are kicking me in the can
you drive me home
who is stopping you??
It's obvious that they don't love each other

This is the first valentine day since we broke up.
It's not big deal for me.
I rather not go out

I hope this medicine will kick in soon. この薬がすぐに効くことを願っている。
・ The tax deductions signed into law today won't kick in until next March. 今日決まった減税案は来年の3月にならないと効力が出ない。

thank you, but I don't touch alcohol
FYI; for your information
BYOB bring your own booze(bottle)
would you mind repeating what you said??
Is that so??
What a suprise!! May I open it here??

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Gonna buy a car
Tomorrow, my friend, Josh takes me to buy a car.
Recently, I have been looking for cars which seem best for me online or in some Magazines and I got some good cars fit on me.
Actually, I don't care its types, color, or even shape as long al it runs well and the gas is good (Of course I do care about the price. Actually the price is all the matter). Oh, the only thing I am thinking of is that I am gonna definitely buy Japanese car. I don't trust American car. Ha-ha.

Hope we could find best car for me tomorrow.
Of course, the cheaper, the better.

When I was in Japan, actually I drove my old car all the time and drove out from the bottom of Japan all the way to the northeast part of it. I love driving and going to see many natural beauty or sightseeing points. I guess my best hobby is traveling to many places where I have never been with my best friends in (ON?) my car
Of course, I am safe driver.

I am torn which insurance company I am gonna use. I guess I should ask my friends for help figure out which are best for me.

I can't wait buying that anyway!!

So, since I am gonna use going out to buy that stuff, I have to use my time efficiently not to fail in the exam. ("Fail" is OK?)

There is tons of stuff to finish by this weekend. I will start right now!!

in the meantime そう(こう)しているうちに、そのうち(に)

He was thinking over question 1 and in the meantime [meanwhile], passed the time limit. 彼は第一問を考えているうちに、制限時間を過ぎてしまった
その間 その間だけ、一時的に、当面{の間、今のところ(は)、とりあえず、ひとまずは、差し当たり、それまでは、それまでの間

In the meantime, oil imports from the Middle East keep rising and the Chinese economy keeps growing.
In the meantime, I'll stay here and wait for your phone call.

I don't touch alcohol.
never touch alcohol

tell someone not to touch alcohol
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